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l + Mint's life + l Part 4 by Mintoria l + Mint's life + l Part 4 by Mintoria
"Now, back to me, when school ended"

Mint: *Trots out of the school house as the bell rings, looking around nervously*
Zali: Mint! *Waves a hoof and trots up to the small filly*
Mint: Oh, hey Zali.
Zali: You look a little nervous... how was you first day?
Mint: It was great! *She lied - it was horrible, she had almost all her classes with Gleam and it was torture*
Zali: That's good!
Gleam: Well well WELL, if it isn't little shit stain and uh... *Looks Zali up and down* Who might you be?
Zali: Excuse you? What did you just call my friend?
Gleam: Oh, are you deaf?
Zali: No, i heard loud and clear, but i'm just a bit confused, i thought that you looked more like a shit stain.
Gleam: *Puts a hoof on her chest with an offended look* Who do you think you are!?
Zali: The pony that's gonna kick your snarky little ass if you don't stay away from my friend!
Gleam: U-Uhh.. *Looks away speechless, and then coughs, trotting away* Didn't wanna waste my time anyway.
Zali: Hmph... Shouldn't leave this school without taking out the trash first.
Mint: Wow, that was amazing!
Zali: Don't mention it. They shouldn't bully you as long as i'm around.. But there might be a little problem,
Mint: Huh?
Zali: This is my last year here so... I won't be able to help you next year.
Mint: *Looks at the ground in sadness*
Zali: But hey, maybe you'll make another friend to protect you.
Mint: M-Maybe.. 
Zali: You should get home before your parents worry.
Mint: Oh, right! See you Zali! *Smiles and waves a hoof as she quickly trots down the side walk to her house*

To be continued..

PART 3:  l + Mint's life + l Part 3 by Mintoria

// Bases by: Pupster0071 //
stormhawklovers1 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Student Artist
Yay mint's got a friend 
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