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Speedline Brushes

Includes three brushes without settings and three brushes with presets (you should use the preset brushes if you just wanted to easily make speedlines, the others are there just for people who wanted to make their own brush settings or to use the brushes for something else).

It would be a sin to say I made these all by myself. I was actually following a tutorial that produced nice, fainter speedlines. In case people don't know, speedlines are used throughout comics and manga to produce a dramatic effect and make it look like the camera is rapidly zooming in or moving somwhere.


To use the brushes in your own comics, simply make a path with the pen tool, set the brushes to the desired size/length (by default these are at 2500 pixels for versatility), and stroke the path with the brush. You can go through all three sizes if you want.

For a radial effect, make a circle shape (as a path, not a shape) and stroke it. I like to go that extra step and select a circular marquee out of the middle, feather it and delete it for a fading effect.

Sorry for rambling on but I felt that was something I really needed to explain. There's even a way of making speedlines by playing with the Photoshop filters, but it can get messy sometimes.

See terms of use here: [link]
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I couldn't download. T^T
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Thank you for making this~~~ It's so helpful :iconomgsocuteplz::iconomgsocuteplz::iconomgsocuteplz:
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That's okay. Glad they helped.
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Freaking awesome! thanks~~
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thank you very much, these speedlines are very useful!
thank you! i'll use it for my webtoon~:)
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this is awesome!! thanks!!
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THANK YOU! I was looking all over the net for something like this! I learned how to make these before, but after my pc crashed I forgot how to make em again! Something about a black dot, then blasting them to make them longer!? Anyway saves me lots of time with my comic!

Thanks again!
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That's okay. I think a tutorial for Photoshop speedlines (the technique you're talking about) is somewhere on DA. I remember seeing it a while ago.
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thank you so much! Please watch my profile to see them in action :D
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Ah, thank you for these! They're awesome!
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That's okay. Glad I could help.
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whenever I stroke the path with the brush they only go up and down and not in a radial fashion like you have at the top as an example.

Do please help me out on this one :]
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You need to open the brush dynamics palette (Window > Brushes), click on shape dynamics and set angle jitter to direction. That should fix it.
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awesome it works :]

thanks again.
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Thanks for these. :)
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That's okay. :)
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I'm not sure what you mean by paths and shapes and stroking...could you explain please?
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Paths are simply lines made using the pen tool in Photoshop. That's about as simple as it gets. Paths are used to create vector shapes that can be scaled and edited without quality loss. I've put a link to a tutorial on how to use the brushes in Photoshop in the description. Here are some tutorials that help explain how paths and shapes work in Photoshop.


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