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Bubble Brushes

UPDATE: New version is here: [link]

These are old and you might be more satisfied with the newer ones.

Thought I'd have a try at making some realistic bubble brushes. The brushes themselves are 200px, but I originally made them at a range from 2300-2400px, so they should be quite versatile.

These are meant to be used for underwater scenes, like splashes and bubbles rising to the surface. I recently updated the set to include flipped over brushes that have the lighting on the other side. If you wish to have some other source of lighting, you can rotate the tip of the brush.

Free for any use. You could have easily made these yourself.
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That's okay. Glad they helped.
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I've been playing with them. If I get around to creating something I'll let you know! ;)
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used here: [link]

thanks, just what I needed!
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Thank you. It's nice of you to link back, but you didn't have to.

You made really great use of the brushes. I almost didn't see them in the picture.
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No worries, I didn't know whether or not you wanted a link back, so I did just in case!
Your brushes were exactly what I needed when I counted find any tiny splashes, so thank you!
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