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Tutorial: Lineart Coloring

This is a thankyou to all my watchers. After 3 years being asked to make a tutorial, it's finally here lol. Yeah a bit late and everyone has probably advanced past this tutorial level, but i hope it helps some artists nevertheless.

I don't enjoy lineart so I'm using this recent one [link] and re-coloring it different from the original.

This is my full process of coloring lineart. I don't always use this process, but these were the same steps i used when coloring the original which can be seen here: [link]

It didn't turn out as well as the original, but i rushed it as much as possible cause i just wanted to focus on the process and it's the 2nd time to color the same thing. This took me about 6 hrs straight to fully write up and color so i apologize for spelling, grammar or just not understandable cause i haven't double-checked.

Feel free to ask questions!
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Thanks for the tutorial! This will surely come in handy!
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Hmmm, so do you ever start in greyscale? I understand its easier to control your values that way. I myself have always started in color but found my painting were a bit off. 
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hey, great tutorial! :D I have a small question: what for a canvas do you use usually for your pics? (oh and still another: what's that for a Ps-program)
This is so good!  Thank you.
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Very helpful, thanks for sharing it :)
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Am a new color artist and is really a good tutorial :)
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! It really helped me! Hug 
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Thank you!! I am a dummy! 
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How do you lock a layer?
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thank you for this kind sir
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whoa, it helps .... thank you sir!
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I wish I can do something this awesome someday... 
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The images in the lighting section are very helpful.
Thank you for making this!
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This is great thanks
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I featured your tutorial in my journal today!
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out -
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Great tutorial!
yow this is so cool, very helpful.
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Looks so 3D! Ur awesome! XD
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awesome and helpful! thank you!
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