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FF7 - Status Effects Revisited by chrislea FF7 - Status Effects Revisited :iconchrislea:chrislea 20 22 20121030 hollween by lanyedark 20121030 hollween :iconlanyedark:lanyedark 142 27 Vincent Valentine by NeroArgento Vincent Valentine :iconneroargento:NeroArgento 7 14 Tseng by NeroArgento Tseng :iconneroargento:NeroArgento 7 10 FF7 Advent Calendar 2015 by chrislea FF7 Advent Calendar 2015 :iconchrislea:chrislea 17 99
Shinra Texts 13
Shinra Texts 13
From: Zack
To: Cloud
Z: Do you realize we never stop tasting our own tounges?
C: How about I taste yours for a change then?
Z: that was just smooth af
From: Lucretia
To: Shinra employees
L: Why are women in tampon commercials cuddling with Tampax at pools or  ocean or things like that?!
I want a tampon commercial where the women are fighting zombies or some shit.
And they’re all beat up and bloody and shoving tampons into bullet wounds to stop the bleeding.
And I want one of the ladies to full-on decapitate a zombie with a machete or maybe a scythe.
And then I want her to look directly into the camera with blood running from an open wound on her forehead and say,
“For the fighting spirit.”
Tseng: We are looking forward to seeing your application to the Turks at your earliest convenience, miss Crescent
From: Rude
To: Shinra
Rude: Woulnd't it be cool if tattos just randomly appeard on our skin at key point in our life and we had to figure out what t
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 5 20
If Our Worlds Collide by Yeraa If Our Worlds Collide :iconyeraa:Yeraa 868 45 Chaos by NeroArgento Chaos :iconneroargento:NeroArgento 5 9
Cid's secret
Title: Cid's secret
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: Valenwiiiiind!
Rating: some naughty talking
Summary: Cid has a secret. The girls are determined to find out what
The morning peace in the Highwinds' small kitchenett was disturbed by the scraping sound of chairs being drawn out. Causiously, Cid causiously peered up from behind his morning paperonly to be met by the beaming faces of Avalanche's three women members, all smiling happily at him. Quickly, he dodged behind the paper again.
"This can't possobly be good," he groaned.
"Good morning, Cid." Tifa purred, snapping the paper away from him.
Cid retreated to behind his teacup.
"What?" He argued defencivley. "What ya'all want with me?"
"Oh, nothing much." Aerith said airily. "It's just, you know...some areas of expertice we'd like your oppinion on."
"Ya've broken somethin'?" Cid relaxed like a rabbit that realized all three foxes were full. Maybe this wasn't quite as bad as he'd expected. "Hey, no problem. I can fix whatever it is."
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 81 115
FFVII: Now What?
AN: If you can, I do suggest reading it here:
As that was where I mentally designed it to be posted, there may be some layout issues.
I'm sure there are tons of continuity errors from the canon, sorry about that P= in particular the whole where-who-is-when-meteor-hits thing.
Pairings: Vincent/Cid, Reeve/Tseng
Part  1
"Well, that was unfortunate," he said, and turned around in time to introduce his nose to a fist.
45 minutes ago no one had expected to have desert everywhere about their person, 45 minutes ago the Highwind had been coming over the mountains from the North Corel reservoir, where they'd stopped to top up their water.
Vincent had been sitting with his back to the dusty weapons control panel, his generally accepted spot, with Nanaki sprawled before him, allowing the ex-Turks to pull burrs from his fur while Yuffie sat on the stairs and told Cid the adventures she and Nanaki had had around
:iconsherlockianhamps:SherlockianHamps 3 1
Turk care
Title: Turk care
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: Valenwind, Tseng
Rating: work safe
Summary: Cid finds the wrong Turk in his bedroom
A/N: This was supposed to be for the old Valenwind-luvers 'New' contest, but  I lost it…and now it is found again!
"Well," Cid said quietly to himself, scratching his head. "This is new."
He stared down at the big bed in the master bedroom where a tall, pale, dark-haired man slept like dead, the exhaustion that had drawn his features taut still just slightly softened by sleep.  This in itself wasn't new, not when you were married to an undead Vincent Valentine. What was new, however, was the neatly folded pile of clothes on a nearby chair – dark blue pants, black socks, a black tie and a dark blue suit jacket – and not the least the Wutai features and the slightly smeared mandala on the man in bed. The unbuttoned collar of a white shirt could be seen poking up by Tseng's neck just above the drawn up covers.
He did look remar
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 34 44
Crunch Time
Brainfart before I sleep.
I swear these two are like my favourite personal metaphors or something, could be thought of as a sister deviation to that picture I did a while back.
Crunch Time
Cid Highwind stood his ground.
Wetness and mud striped his trousers from the reeds whipping his legs when he'd been running moments ago.
But now he stood his ground.
His palm was bruised and he tried to loosen his grip, the snaking diamond blade of the weapon was stained green from slicing and battering his way through the sodden grasses.
But that was before.
Now he stood his ground.
Blood ran down the shaft, most of it his, and pooled around his fist, gleamed on the Materia: Contain, Lightning, Fire, Enemy Skill... He reached up his hand and spear, slowly, eyes never leaving his quarry, he wiped the drizzle and sweat from his eyes, leaving a mask of blood in their place.
Opposite him, ankle deep in the swamp water stood the Demon.
Its fur spiked up wetly, its scales gleamed, it was as beautiful and
:iconsherlockianhamps:SherlockianHamps 4 1
Sol Luna by SherlockianHamps Sol Luna :iconsherlockianhamps:SherlockianHamps 43 5
Mature content
Storms to be weathered :iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 12 8
Angeal does not like the Turks by EndofaCentury Angeal does not like the Turks :iconendofacentury:EndofaCentury 344 70 Flowers by NeroArgento Flowers :iconneroargento:NeroArgento 5 5


Probably longer since I was last on here.

But heeelloooooooooooo! Does anyone remember me? I have good news, I'm back 8-)

I've moved house, moved town, and for a short while I have a computer, woot! Also, I'm job hunting, which is not fun, but I'm determined to set my goals for an art career so I'm gonna set myself daily art tasks - see my determined face?? Well it's THERE, I assure you ; )

Which brings me to ART FOR SALE. Enide, I hope you don't mind, but I need the money, so I'm putting this sucker up for sale:

Valenwind Wild West by MintFlavoured
Size: A4
Tools: Markers
Price: £50/$65
It took me a lot of effort and a lot of markers, hence my price. Shipping included.

Anyway, what's new, everybody??
  • Watching: Nothing, I've got no TV now hah.
  • Drinking: Tea


MintFlavoured has started a donation pool!
50 / 500
All points go to contest winners as prizes or the Valenwind Club. 50+ points will earn you a sketch of your choice ; )

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Hey there.:icononionhiplz:
I am passing by to wish you a happy b-day.PartyHave your cake and eat it too:iconamericapartyhardplz::iconfeelingfreeplz::iconlawooplz::iconpresentplz::iconpinklilyplz:
I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.:iconbrightfutureplz:
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