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Celebrate DeviantArt's 15th Birthday!
As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your home for art. After all, it's the community's 15th birthday, too, and in the past few months, we've been making it our top priority to share with you our plans for the future, celebrate the successes of our past, and look to you for guidance on how best we can serve each of you while entering this new phase of DeviantArt's existence.

As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your
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Steven Universe Stevonnie Print by XxShirokoxX Steven Universe Stevonnie Print :iconxxshirokoxx:XxShirokoxX 13 0 Chibi Hijabers by Pinkalala Chibi Hijabers :iconpinkalala:Pinkalala 54 29 GaySpaceRocks - Collabe with Camellia-Senpai by LollyLink GaySpaceRocks - Collabe with Camellia-Senpai :iconlollylink:LollyLink 24 8
8 Facts Meme
Tagged by S-panje
1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2.Tag 8 other characters
3. List their names next to their avatars

1: Maggie actually really enjoys social occasions, as she likes being around other people. She just usually doesn't say much and gets a bit flustered when people try to talk to her.
2: She used to love going out fishing on little boats when she was younger.  However as she grew old enough to understand the sinking of the Titanic (which set sail from her capital, Belfast) she became deathly afraid of the sea and when at a beach will go absolutely nowhere near it. She also has a fear of snakes because there are none native to the island of Ireland (Saint Patrick supposedly chased all the snakes out of Ireland) and so they are unfamiliar to her.
3: Despite now accepting and participating in modern culture, she enjoys reading classic books and occasionally wearing skirts or dresses due to Arthur's influence.
4: She can bo
:iconaph-northernireland:APH-NorthernIreland 3 5
He was a lawful man
She was a hippie
They fell in love
With sparks so bright
It burnt down the city.
His blue eyes like ocean
Her brown eyes like land,
The feel of the earth,
Her feet in the sand.
His mind swimming
Like fish in the sea
Even the Gods coveted
The love that was meant to be.
His warm hand clasped tightly in hers
The world theirs to take
Whether one hand behind their back
So long as the other was clasped in each other
They were and are each other's best friend,partner and lover.
:iconxjessicajynx:xJessicaJynx 1 0
Hello~ by Sinance Hello~ :iconsinance:Sinance 3 3 Hetalia: Last Pakistan revamp I SWAR ON TUSHT by Shenbug Hetalia: Last Pakistan revamp I SWAR ON TUSHT :iconshenbug:Shenbug 75 29 yama-gucci by Yithus yama-gucci :iconyithus:Yithus 6 3 princess yithus by Yithus princess yithus :iconyithus:Yithus 3 9 new banner for le facebook by Yithus new banner for le facebook :iconyithus:Yithus 4 9 it's-a me! by Yithus it's-a me! :iconyithus:Yithus 6 8 APH : family-friends by Pinkalala APH : family-friends :iconpinkalala:Pinkalala 179 49

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Noragami-San, ep 7
“Annddd- checkmate!” Yelled Kumi, giggling happily. “Wha-w-w-Wha- how?!” Haru stuttered, amazed. She looked at the chessboard in front of her, and she was indeed in checkmate. “I guess my 20 chess trophies have something to do with it~?” Kumi cooed, putting her hands behind her head in a classic anime-position. Today she wore a pair of very light blue shorts, some reddish boots and a lavender and blue-ish colored hoodie-sweater thing? Idk what color it is. Haru wore her usual clothes, still in awe. “R-Really?! Twenty of them?!” She squeaked, her eyes wide. “Hehe- nope! I just moved the pieces in random places on the board.” Kumi admitted, not a hint of a lie in her eyes. Haru didn't believe it. She was beat by someone who had no idea what she was doing.
It was a bad day indeed…
“But- a friend kinda sorta that taught me all the rules.” Kumi stated, looking to the fountain. “A friend…?” Haru q
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 9
Noragami-San, Ep 6
But Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori weren't the only friends the Sayari God had. No, there was one more. “What was her name…?” Haru asked, her feet starting to hurt from walking already. “She’ll tell you.” Sayari responded, walking on. That bastard. She didn’t even look tired. After Haru sighed, that’s when the goddess decided to stop walking. “Wha-” “We’re here now.” She claimed, placing a hand on a large brown gate. She didn’t mind knocking at all, just opening it as though it belonged to her. Inside the large gate, was a garden. A beautiful display of greenery and different blooms, accompanied by a silent and peaceful aptnosphere. Haru looked in awe, and took in the sight. Nearby, the sound of a fountain could be heard. Or, was it a river? Stream? No matter, but the sound added to it’s serene aura. Sayari took a step on to the stone-paved pathway, so Haru did as well.
Noragami doesn’t belong t
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 5
All Dressed Up- by MintB-Kirkland All Dressed Up- :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 5
Noragami-San, ep 5
“Haru-chan!” Sayari called, shaking the young girl who was still in her slumber. The girl groaned. “What is it… Sayari…?” The girl asked, still not fully awake. “Haru-chan! Get up! Since it’s your second day as my regalia-” She started, but then stood up straight and tall, pointing to Haru suddenly. “What do /you/ think we’re gonna do~?” She questioned with a sly smile. “Uhh…” Haru sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes while looking at the goddess sleepily. “Training…?” “WRONG!” Sayari answered quickly, grabbing her regalia’s hand and pulling her out of bed. With a yelp, they both fell on to the floor. “Hey! What was that fo-” “We’re gonna meet my friends!” Sayari cheered, standing up happily. “You have friends…?” Haru grumbled under her breath, standing up slowly. But Sayari didn't hear her. Instead, she grabbed her blu
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 6
Noragami-San, ep. 4.5
“It’s too small,” Sayari warned. “I'm warning you.” “What?” Haru questioned, taking a shirt off of a table. These two were at the mall, shopping for clothes. Though the young regalia at first didn't want to go out of the house with just her default robe on, the goddess coaxed her into doing so. And, by coax, I mean bribe. That’s why after this, they were going out for ice-cream. Regardless, the shirt she picked in actuality wasn’t too small. But, it was really expensive. And… Haru kind of picked up on that. “You just don't want to have to pay for it.” She mumbled, holding other shirts that were slung over her arm. Sayari was constantly checking the price tag of the things her regalia picked, and figured out one character trait so far-
She had very expensive taste.
They both moved to the changing room, and Haru closed the door behind her. Sayari tapped her foot impatiently, waiting outside. “And? So what if I
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 3
Noragami-San, ep 4
Sayari kicked a can harshly along the sidewalk. “That damn God!” She yelled in frustration. She growled silently, and looked around. “Let’s see…” She mumbled, looking for a street sign. She spotted one and her smile arose, until it started raining, heavily. Since her vision was clouded now by the pelting precipitation, her smile lowered to a frown yet again, and she trudged on. ‘Why am I always the one to stand in the rain…?’ She thought selfishly, continuing to walk down the abandoned road. It seemed as though not a soul was on the streets at this hour. Well, it was pretty late. Sayari shoved her hands in her pockets, taking in the freezing cold with open (and wet) arms.
While walking and absolutely hating the world, a small light and faint whisper caught her ear and eye. She stopped walking, and listened carefully. She knew she was not alone. But, panic overtook her. ‘I-I don't have a regalia…’ She thought, hopin
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 6
Noragami-San, ep 3
Hiyori sat on her bed in the dark, only the light of her phone illuminating the room. She stared at Sayari’s contact information on the screen, as though that alone would make the goddess appear. She had been staring at the number for almost 5 minutes now, her thumb hovering right above the “call” button. Hiyori then glanced to the time,and hummed slightly. It was now 9:47 at night, a few minutes before her 10:00 bed time. If she was going to call her, she better do it now. Right as young Hiyori’s thumb traveled down to press the screen, the screen went completely black, signaling the phone’s battery had died. Hiyori sighed, as she meant to charge it earlier, but was too busy texting one of her school friends to remember to. She got out of bed and went to the outlet, plugging in the phone charger, then the phone to the cord. With another silent sigh, Hiyori crawled back into bed, and quietly fell asleep.
In the morning, after getting ready for school and a
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 3
Bedoon (2P!Iran) x Yun-Ho (2P!North Korea) by MintB-Kirkland Bedoon (2P!Iran) x Yun-Ho (2P!North Korea) :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 78 Anni and Tajiki! by MintB-Kirkland Anni and Tajiki! :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 7 Please Stop, You're Scaring Me by MintB-Kirkland Please Stop, You're Scaring Me :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 4 5
My Setting Sun, Ch 1
Afghanistan’s POV.
I remember back then...
I could barely sleep the night before that day. Who on that night could? But there I was then, running the streets with a million thoughts circling in my head and heart. Never before has any other nation felt that many feelings at once. That much, I am very certain of. After all, on what other grand occasion could one feel joy, sadness, contempt, anxiety, panic, nausea, happiness, anger, frustration, and just the over all wish to jump up and down and sing their songs of joy to the one and only?! Well, I could. And I am. Running the streets of my home, Kabul. Running the streets of my passion. Running around in search of a single, green and white kite.
It was indeed my favorite time of the winter, the time for young children to join together in a grand battle of their skills. It always filled me with so much passion and joy, at times even my boss said I should stay home for fear of me passing out! Ha! I took his words lightly, and went an
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 3
READY LIKE 'SKETTY by MintB-Kirkland READY LIKE 'SKETTY :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 6 APH China- Fight! by MintB-Kirkland APH China- Fight! :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 73
In His Arms
‘Where… am I?’ You thought, as you slowly sat up from your laying position. A quick glance around the room suggested you were in a dark and damp basement, nothing but concrete all around, and only a single light illuminating the whole place. “You… are home…” You heard, and your heart sunk a bit.
You didn't know when, or where, but you had heard that voice before. That's how you knew to speak aloud. “Where… is home…?” You then questioned, standing up slowly. “It is where your heart is…” The voice answered, seemingly closer.
“Where… is my heart?” You finally asked, a tear silently knowing to trail down your cheek at that time. You looked at him, as he walked to you. “Your heart… is in my hands…” He replied, and dropped the still beating organ on to the floor. Though when he went to wrap his arms around your cold and limp body…
You woke up. Although eve
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 1 2
Glasses! Iran by MintB-Kirkland Glasses! Iran :iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 2 133
Noragami-San, Ep 2
Hiyori tapped her feet patiently as Yato did the job that was requested of him today, Yukine helping him out. She lost her body right before Yato teleported to the house, so her life cord flickered back and forth while she sat on the man’s living room couch of whom had given Yato the job. Her thoughts couldn't help but travel to the supposed: “Sayari God”, who had made an appearance a week back at Hiyori’s home. She had wished to see her again, but the goddess had not been back. That was probably because Hiyori had no more 5-yen pieces left. Hiyori sighed and leaned back on the couch.
Yato sighed and leaned back on the wall. “All done!” He announced, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. “Finally…” Yukine grumbled, sighing loudly. They both traveled into the living room, where Hiyori and the man were waiting. “You finished already?” The man questioned with a slight smile. He looked to be about in his forties and was very
:iconmintb-kirkland:MintB-Kirkland 3 7


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•Please don't cringe at my art. Especially my old art. I know it's bad.
I'm leaving this up for like.... A few weeks until I delete.

Hey! So, it's true~ I'm switching my account on over to :iconnuclearbleu:

Lol, not like anyone's gonna read this, but hey~

Well, see ya on the flip side.



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