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Pink pixel flower bullet Momochi Mothcat by MintAnnComicsPink pixel flower bulletGreen pixel flower bullet Paddy Mothcat by MintAnnComicsGreen pixel flower bulletBlue pixel flower bullet Citadel Mothcat by MintAnnComicsBlue pixel flower bulletPurple pixel flower bullet Maybelle Mothcat by MintAnnComicsPurple pixel flower bulletRed pixel flower bullet  See-through Sunset Mothcat by MintAnnComicsRed pixel flower bulletYellow pixel flower bullet Strawberry Shortcake Mothcat by MintAnnComicsYellow pixel flower bullet 
Pink pixel flower bulletEaster Egg Cocoon Smol by weiskGreen pixel flower bullet Egglett Mothkitten by MintAnnComicsYellow pixel flower bullet

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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
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