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Annie MYO: The Wandering Musician

HII SO I MADE ANOTHER ANNIE MYO Their name is Aerys and they are nonbinary :^) their blessing is Silky Wisteria and they are a common
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They look so lovely~ and they have such a cool looking instrument like others said, it looks like a weapon to use, ahah. Just so coolz! I love how you drew them too~

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Dang, I looove the use of pink on their design and especially that cloak, it looks so cool with those added somewhat flamey yellow designs on the tip. That instrument (I think) looks quite badass too, and in a way it sorta resembles a weapon (I may think it is too ahaha) which makes it more awesome. They radiate fierce yet elegant badassery~!

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They seem super elegant and I cant get over how I can totally see them swinging their instrument playing it and just rocking out.

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They are very intersting character indeed.

I would like to create non-binary character. Thinking about how to express it.

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O MI GOD i love them,,, i really really love that hairstyle !! it looks super elegant aaaaaa and that instrument??weapon???? looks really cool 8D