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Annie MYO: The Mafia Princess

Bless :iconoma-chi: for giving me her slot you whole angel screeeams
Anyways this baby's name is Luna! She's gonna be the daughter of a mafia boss. She's a common and her blessing is Himalayan Kitten.

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I adore the blues and yellows looking really nice together here in this one. She looks adorable too yet she's a daughter of the Mafia which is really interesting~ Eyes Emoji

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you and your obsession with blue tae x'D
so happy to see more of your girl designs!! she's so cute and simple i love her ;o;
she reminds me of the little girl-next-door that's super innocent and spoilt by her mafia dad kek 
mintae-chii's avatar
EEE THANK YOU ELYYY thats exactly what she's like!!
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aaaaa omg this is such a beautiful design!! ;w;
i really love it, she's just so cute ;w; <333
mintae-chii's avatar
yells thank you!!!! definitely did my best to make her cute and sweet looking
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara ahhh this little baby~!! <333
i love her so much!
you did such an amazing job with her design, tae!
i can not wait for walter to become real TT///A///TT :heart:
mintae-chii's avatar
I also can't wait to make walter real, I'll be doing my best!!
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This cutie, in a mafia?! The Annieverse is getting serious here
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Yep! Her father is a mafia boss, but she doesn't know because he wants to protect her from that sort of life and have her live as a normal, well-educated girl. Her father has killed many people though
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Were the people he killed human or......?
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He might have killed humans before, since he does dislike them, but he's also killed annies from rivaling mafias, and, though it happens somewhat rarely, his own subordinates
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