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Annie MYO: Lucifer

This is my uncommon MYO boy from Yamio's closed species, Annies! He's meant to have a "fallen angel" kind of vibe.
His blessings are White Lion and Osprey, and has a normal round pupil.

I'm so proud of his design! Yami helped me quite a bit with it, but the fact that I managed to do most of the designing by myself makes me so happy. You can even see how much I've improved at art in general is do apparent in this. I've really come a long way from last year. I took a lot of my favorite characters as inspiration to create my ultimate, perfect boy.

I have big plans for this boy, but for now it's a secret! (If you know about it, please keep quiet! I like surprising people) I hope you all like him! 

Species by: :iconyamio:
Design by me
Character belongs to me
Species group :iconanniverse:
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© 2018 - 2021 mintae-chii
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Ryakishou's avatar
omg taeeeee hes so precious ahhh ❤❤
Berryzem's avatar
Dang it, Tae. Stop making me want to draw your Annies! XD It's a pretty cool design! Great job on your art progress ^.^/
Berryzem's avatar
Maybe I will :3c (but Imma srsly finish the other pic first X'D)
Caeldea's avatar
Tae he looks amazing!! And I can’t wait for those big plans to be revealed huehue
you’re evil to make him single forever XD
mintae-chii's avatar
hes not single he belongs to me and thank you huehuehue
condolcezza's avatar
ooh wow, he is gorgeous!
maybe it's just me but I don't see male Annies very often o\ what a handsome guy haha. I especially like how his staff looks, kind of like it has icicles on it. ^u^
mintae-chii's avatar
Yeah! There ARE in fact more girl annies than boy annies ; v ; so I made a boy annie myself! And thank you ahhhh You noticed the details on his staff, makes me happy
HanaoKiku's avatar
Ahhhh I love his design~
//I really want to draw him rn ok Q___Q
Must... restrain....... myself.............
mintae-chii's avatar
draww hiiiiiiim 
HanaoKiku's avatar
YoU'rE nOt HeLpInG
RumbyFishy's avatar
how niceeeee~~!
Ethii's avatar
;-; every time I am reminded of how beautiful he is
mintae-chii's avatar
dsagfagw ethii thank ytou
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