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FFVIII - Mr. Desperado

:iconcescat: as Squall Leonhart
:iconastellecia: as Rinoa Heartilly
:iconk-chan009: as Seifer Almasy
:iconchibifiedkitsunes: as Quistis Trepe
:iconintricatia: as Selphie Tilmitt
:iconmrkittycosplay: as Irvine Kinneas
:iconmint-ice-tea: as Laguna Loire
:iconwakaleo: as Zell Dincht

Photo by :iconshiroin:

Editing by :iconastellecia:


Ahhhh im sorry my laguna is so fail. i dont even wanna show it to the world. *ashamed*. MUST REMAKE!!! ><

Thanks to my lovely team for everyone being epic! You guys are like super awesome~! =D

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RikkuTheBiscuit's avatar
That is an amazing Laguna cosplay !!! I reeeeeally want to cosplay as Laguna ~ did you make your outfit? :D
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
i made the jacket, shirt and belt. the pants were from my Zell's other costume XDDD.

i only took a few days to make the costume. probably the most rushed costume ive ever made haha
RikkuTheBiscuit's avatar
Oh wow really? :O they're soo good <3 I am absolutely useless at sewing but maybe I can persuade my mom to let me use her sewing machine (a few years ago I nearly dropped it and since then she hasn't let me touch it xDD)
Well for something rushed it's pretty amazing!! x33 <3
songstressoflight's avatar
Laguna Loire!! hgkjhgkjf
Loss for words sorry

This is one of the greatest cosplays I've seen
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
Haha thanks. its actually the quickest cosplay ive made ever and actually the one im least happy with XDDD need to remake haha
songstressoflight's avatar
But but it looks so awesome where was this taken? I've never seen any place like that before.
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
it was around the corner of the building the convention hall was hahaha XD. we spent 20 mins on the entire shoot or something like that.
songstressoflight's avatar
Well I still find this picture very great.
It looks very professional.
Kenichi2point0's avatar
Awesome series of FFVIII cosplay!:nod:
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
thanks =D. favorite FF
Slippywonder's avatar
No...actually...your Laguna cosplay is pretty spot on.......if you REALLY want to get technical,all you really need is some blue contacts and a machine gun....maybe a few grenades for shits and giggles.
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
yea overall it is accurate but i could of made it ALOT cleaner.
and i am yes missing the machine gun. oh wellz. next time ill do galbadian armor laguna =D
Slippywonder's avatar
oooo OwO i look forward to those pictures!!
DayMagician's avatar
Amaaaaazing photo! His group is beautiful and everyone has wonderful costumes, loved the picture! *-*
Zazi-chan's avatar
great cosplay :clap:
Astellecia's avatar
chibifiedkitsunes's avatar
omg finally got around to commenting. XD
muz shoot together!!!!!!!!
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
hahaha all good
okays~ but what? this? XD
salamanderFLAME's avatar
Pfff, Rinoa's showing cleavage. XDD
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
Well...thats my daughter-in-law for ya.....XD
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