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Just a hobby artist that loves to share in the joy of painting. Most of my stuff revolves around the WoW universe. The profile above however is a fan art my daughter and I did of Her and Cat, from the Peg and Cat pbs show. Older arts were done with a mouse, newer arts were done with pen pressure and ps.

The beautiful thing about art. Art is limitless, there is no good, or bad art, there is just art in all it's wonderful varieties. It's all about personal perspective, and the ways it's expressed. An artist is only limited by the tools at their disposal, personal goals, and their own imagination. Love art, and it will always love you back through good times and rough ones. <3's
Heart Hands Challenge : Wanja by MinstrelofMyths

1. Upbringing: He doesn’t remember where he was born, he has vague memories of his parents. What he does know is anyone that knew of their names, or what happened to them are no longer amongst the living. He was taken to, and was raised in his youth in Shadowprey village on the coast of Desolace, by a tauren inn keep by the name of Siska. Siska tried her best to give him a well rounded Darkspear life within the mixed community. He was later trained by the shaman Moj'akai, whom became the closest person he had to a father figure.

2. A big hurt: He was coming into his own, becoming a strong fire reaver within Earthen Ring when something so terrible happened to him that it really twisted his growth and progress. Others around him changed, moved on, where as Wanja seemed to be stuck, and lost. He distanced himself from everyone he knew, leaving the Earthen Ring to pursue other things.

3. A longing for the sea : He went from salvage vessel to salvage vessel, as a deckhand. It was just something about the water, the smell, the work, people coming and going never getting closer to him than he wanted them to. He just seemed to love getting lost in all there was to sea life. He craved the life style, it seemed to soothe the fires that raged within him. His shamanic training also seemed to come in handy in a pinch if need be. He buried his past in drink, smoke, and a promiscuous life style. In a series of unfortunate and some ironically fortunate events, he accidentally inherited a frigate, and found himself being a captain on a neutral faction ship for a time.

4. The news of the death of Vol'jin: It renewed his interest in returning to the Earthen Ring. He was absolutely devastated by the loss of his Jin. He had always secretly admired the Jin, and had at one time aspired to be like him. To Wanja it felt as if what was left of his innocence and youth had died with Vol'jin as if it was tied in somehow. It was as if there was no looking back on anything he had value in, his heart raged in fire again seeking a vengeance for everything he had lost. After all the strides forward, it felt like he was ten paces back again, having to start from scratch. He had to do something, if not for himself but for all those on Azeroth that were still like he had been so long ago, full of hope, and promise. He enlisted once more to aid the Earthen Ring, to fight back the Legion. The Earthen Ring assigned him to journey with Moj'akai once more, although, this time as an equal, his old teacher was also assigned to Wanja to help bring balance to Wanja’s emotional state.

5. Not as innocent as he looks, or behaves : He may look an awkward baby face boyo, he may appear to be bashful as he smiles lopsidedly, he may fidget, he may stammer, but it’s just the residue of who he used to be that lingers on air around him. He’s more cynical and jaded than he pretends to be. The truth is there in his flame kissed eyes in a dagger like sharpness.

6. Scar’s, piercings, tattoos:  Scars:  He has scars on his arms from rituals requiring blood letting, that had been cauterize closed. Wanja’s back, and shoulders are marred as if some great beast had got a hold of him. It appears as if his regeneration hadn’t properly healed the wounds smooth, either due to being stunted from over use, or improper care when he had been recovering. Piercings:His tongue is pierced he clicks it often against his teeth out of habit.  His ears he likes to put jewelry in, and other various piercings on his person. Tattoos:  his right shoulder holds a tribal fire totem with a head of red scaled cobra that is surrounded in flames it's tail wraps around his arm, on his back ending on his left collar bone. Air in silvers and greys wisps on his forehead. Earth in earthy tones on his left forearm, and speckles of tribal blue water on his right.

7. Personality: He is emotionally volatile, it comes with what element that influences him the most. He really struggles with this aspect of what makes him, well him. He really wants to be a good person deep down in the core. He wants to be nice, and kind, and to actually be that person everyone sees as the friendly goober. He doesn't want to be taken too seriously, nor, to take others too seriously,  but at the same time that person he used to be is a little out of reach for him. Wanja seethes under the surface quite often. He can be flirty, friendly, and at other times shy, and skittish. It really depends on who he is interacting with, or what mood he’s in to begin with that sparks these things in him to be exposed.

8. Trust issues:  Wanja doesn’t trust easily… Oh, he may pretend he fully does, but he’s waiting for the knife to the back, or to be abandoned at any moment. He doesn’t invest in others, and he doesn’t invest in himself to do the right thing like he used to. He’s trying to change this aspect of himself, but again he struggles, and stumbles a lot.


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