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Actually this is for the Hijab Competition..but i think it's kinda out from the rule...IDK...but I think I'll just post it b'cause this is my mom's idea... :)
Here the link: fav.me/d9qz2b4
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LOL, this is highly hilarious. Nice work my friend.
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Hooooooh YAAAS... It's nice to see a Brother/sister who is saying stuff like this. Good work brother. Gonna assume you're a bro cuz... (Looks at profile pic) ... That cat looks like... A guy... So... You're a brother I guess?
Anyway, yeah, this is a solid message. Good work indeed.
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Thank you! I really appreciate it..
Hahaha..Actually I'm a sis...Yuuta Togashi (Shy) [V1] 
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Aaahhhh, I see.
Nice to see sisters propagating this stuff~. Keep up the good artwork as well. Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3]
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Sedih je bila tengok kakak-kakak kat luar pakai tudung camni, tak tutup dada. Tapi segan nak pergi tegur, takut dia pulak yang malu. ;_;
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Hahaha..kan..kalau tak fikir pasal malu dia, dah lama tegur >.<
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wauu it really awesome :love: ... i think im know this art..maybe..hehe :giggle:  like malay drama malaysia...( TUNDUKKAN PLAYBOOY ITU ) haha
BTW perfect work :clap: 
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Hahaha....TUNdukkan Playboy itu ye? saya tak tengok pulak,,,..hehehe btw thanks.. ;)
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hhaa ...never mind and welcome 
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Yay! Maya! Thank you!! Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1] 
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Thanks for your idea Sis!:happybounce:  Really appreaciate...:D (Big Grin) The whole story actually was based on my analysis of the current situation and the objective is to make my audience understand easily. From my point of view, it is an informal conversation between brother and sister and we should look it on real life time situation. And according to the Prophet (PBUH) it is sinful for the our male kins not to advise his female daughter or sister if it is concern to the issue of "Aurah". Anyway i am very happy with your opinion...Love I will try my best to be more aware in considering all these issues...CURSE YOU! 
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I like the art and the basic idea , but in my opinion , I think it's better not to take this approach when you want to make such an advice , because it's condescending when you compare women to food , they are not the same! We are humans with our own power of will .. just like men! We are not objects or to be compared to objects!

Imagine the sister trying to give an advice for her brother , would she use the same analogy ? I doubt it ! Also , in Islam you're not responsible for another person's sins , it's our duty as muslims to advise each other , but that's about it!
I recommend qouting Hadith or Qur'an ,instead of using the old fashioned wrapped chocolate analogy. because the words of Qur'an are the most accurate and have better description and better use of words to the situation than anything else.

Good job though , and I really like your art style . I hope my opinion reaches you and may Allah guide us all to the right path :)
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This comic is really nice, but I'd like to argue one point, just my opinion: if that's true about the wrapped candy, then males should wear hijab as well, right? ^^; Body is body no matter what the gender.
Of course, in case you're offended I can only apologise ^^;
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I'm not offended about it,Wink/Razz  because it is true, when we talk about aurah, it's doesn't mean for female only, it's including the male.. A male needs to cover their body starting from waist to knee..but in this case we didn't called it hijab because it's specifically for women. Thank you for your argument, I really appreciate it.Love 
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Haha, I'm happy you're not :) The real life people with whom I discuss it usually say that Allah will curse me for challenging the laws and what not. 
Yeah, but going by those standards, males should cover up completely too, no? Although I understand it's a lot of cultural and religious stuff....haha, it was nice talking to you! Thanks!
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Right ? You have the same mind like me cat thrust  
When I'm wearing full hijab , they always say that I'm a nerd
But I don't care .
Because I'm not doing this for the world ,
But for the afterdead . 
( First time making such a comment Dango-cat )
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Yeah! hahaha good job! We shouldn't care to much about how people look at us but we should care about how Allah look at us...Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1] 
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ehehe I like this!! 
keep it up 
and good luck !
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Heheheh..Thank you! :D
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Lol... Hahahahah! I love this!
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This is amazing, I love the way you show the message. I never thought about it. Its really is amazing!!!
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Hahaha..I'm glad to hear that!...Thank you! :D
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