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Leyona by Raisen-Kun
A little bit of a character update for Leyona. Ivy did, eventually, figure out how to reduce her down to a more "reasonable" size. However... The treatment that returned her figure to normal didn't do anything to fix Leyona's obsession with growth. This is her default figure, now, but she certainly doesn't stay this size any longer than she has to during the day.

Art by :iconraisen-kun:, y'all should throw commissions his way.

:iconraisen-kun: got screwed over after the LAST time he had to do an emergency commission drive, and now has to roll out another one...

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

It was peculiar that a for-hire spy agency that specialized in corporate espionage would be “closed” for Memorial day, let alone two of them. And yet, that was the situation Donna and Acacia were finding themselves in, having an extra day off when neither was really expecting it. So, they’d just done what they usually do for holidays, gotten a hotel room to share, hang out, and relax in. The complication, now, was lunch...

“So… I don’t know anything about this place.” Acacia flipped the business card over in her fingers, confused. “It doesn’t even have an address. You sure this “Big Kaiser” can deliver here?”

“The girl at the bar said they’re a delivery-only place… So I guess they’re local if they can deliver in 30 minutes or your money back?” Donna looked over the menu, shrugging. “Besides, she said the said the pizzas are really filling.” She dialed her phone, sitting back on her huge rump. Catchy ringtone, at least…

“Hello, Big Kaiser’s? Can I get two of your… Beltbuster Specials?” As part of their agency “training”, the girls had received magical enhancements to keep them fit and improve their reaction times. This had the side-effect of cranking their metabolisms to 11. Also their specific curves... “Fifteen minutes? Ok, we’re at-”

The bottom-heavy agent blinked, and looked at her phone, confused. “They hung up on me…”

“Weird… Almost seems like it was a prank, huh?” Acacia sighed, propping her head up on her hands… Pressing her chest against the table.

“I don’t know… They got a menu, phone number, business card, that’s a hell of a lot of effort for a dumb prank…”

“It’s not too big of a concern… We could always just try the Chinese take-out place up the road-”

Acacia was interrupted, and both girls were a little startled, by a sudden knocking at the door. Donna rolled off her butt and went to answer it… Standing outside was a very portly, blonde woman, whose uniform would have almost looked painted on if not for the shirt having rolled back from her stomach. Resting on top of that stomach were two pizza boxes, nearly three feet wide.

“Big Kaiser’s! You ordered two Belt-Busters?”

Donna blinked, flabbergasted. The "Belt-Buster" had a price like a personal pizza at any other place, and yet these looked like they could feed a party, each. What's more, this had only been *minutes* after their call…

"How… Wha…"

Penny, so the woman's nametag said, chuckled. "If you got one of our cards, you could probably guess how, ma'am. Magic."

"...Oh. Right, yeah, that explains it… So, card…?"

"Yep~" That part was at least pretty straightforward, card slider on her phone, big tip. $12 for 100 slices of pizza was absolutely a steal, so an $8 tip was nothing. "Thanks for your business, enjoy~"

Donna had a bit of trouble trying to get the pizzas back into the room, but managed.

"Who was- Oh. Uh… How…?"


"...Ok, I can accept that, but I was more meaning… How are we going to EAT all of this?"

Donna sat the boxes on the table, and turned one to face her roommate.

"Guess one piece at a time, whoever eats the most wins?"

"Wins… What, exactly?"

"Hell if I know, the rules are made up and the points don't matter."

Donna chuckled, and threw her considerable backside up into a chair. The Belt-Buster looked as formidable as its size and name would imply: Every meat, extra cheese, stuffed crust… You could get fat just looking at the thing. But, they hadn’t run into a meal that could defeat them yet…

The two looked to each other as they finished their first slice… The race was on, and the fact that the pizza was absolutely delicious would help that along. The girls tore into the massive pies quickly, trying to match each other slice for slice… Not quite noticing a loud grumbling in their guts, as the alchemically enhanced pizzas got to work. They weren’t “Belt-Busters” just for their size, they were made for those who enjoyed a bit of harmless, temporary weight gain.

They only stopped when they noticed something: Their tattoos were getting burning hot. Only then did they notice that their stomachs had bloated up to the point that they were practically laying on them… And a rumbling that could probably be felt in every room on that floor indicated that wasn’t the only thing happening.

Very shortly, their bellies rapidly began to shrink… And in response, Donna’s backside and Acacia’s breasts started swelling up just as fast. Donna yelped as her stool broke, and Acacia had to grab the table before her breasts dragged her to the floor…

“S-Shit, uh… B-Bad reaction…?” Donna blushed, as her swelling bottom quickly brought her back up to the height of the table…

“Y… Yeah, I… I guess this pizza was enchanted, and… It really didn’t cooperate with our own enchantments. Just uh… A very good thing we were in our casual clothes…” Acacia was practically resting on top of her chest, and sure enough, her t-shirt had rolled up and out of the way to avoid being destroyed by her breasts… “I can’t even imagine what this might have done to our suits…”

The two sighed in relief as their tattoos finally cooled off, and the transfer of fat finally ceased… There wasn’t any way they were going to be getting out of the kitchen at this rate.

Donna, however, got a wicked grin. “Well… We still got half a pizza each to last the rest of the night, don’t we…~?”
Pizza Party of Two - A Serantiques Story
So, Big Kaiser's Pizza makes another appearance, as does another character from a previous story.

The girls involved are:…

Serantiques belongs to :icontwinkieman93:


Nunya Bidness
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