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MISA AMANE by MinoruneTomo

Last Saturday, I went to Non - Art Photo studio with Yui for Cosplay photography of Death Note Misa Amane.



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Birthday by MinoruneTomo

Today is my birthday!!

Thank you for always seeing my photos.:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

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Yui 1 by MinoruneTomo

I shot Yui's portrait on Monday this week.

Yui 2 by MinoruneTomo

Yui 3 by MinoruneTomo

Her costume of this day was not a usual pretty girl, I expressed it coolly.

Yui 4 by MinoruneTomo

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Coco by MinoruneTomo

On Monday this week, I went to Lagunasia with Yui to do Coco's Miguel Rivera cosplay shoot.

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Miguel Rivera (Coco) : yui
Special thanks to LAGUNASIA

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Last Thousand Sunny by MinoruneTomo

Yesterday I went to the last sailing of Thousand Sunny in Lagunasia in Gamagori City, Japan with Yui.

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Model (Nami / ONE PIECE) : Yui
Special thanks to : LAGUNA TEN BOSCH
Used camera : Canon EOS 7D

Nami and Franky
Heisei girl and Showa landscape 1 by MinoruneTomo

I have created a photo album titled Showa Landscape and Heisei Girl 『昭和風景と平成少女』.

I am currently publishing sample photos of that photo collection on this web.

I update the sample photos little by little every day so please check every day.

Heisei girl and Showa landscape 2 by MinoruneTomo
                             Girl's summer vacation by MinoruneTomo

I shot Japanese girls with a beautiful Japanese landscape yesterday.

I created a mini album of photos that I shot at that time.…     Please click 【入室する】

Girl's summer vacation
WCS 2018 by MinoruneTomo

On August 4, I went to WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT 2018 held in Nagoya, Japan with Yui.

Nami 19
Female student dancing by MinoruneTomo

I took a picture of a female student dance team yesterday.

Japanese girls are very good at singing and dancing.:heart:
Karuta1 by MinoruneTomo

Last Saturday I did a cosplay photograph of InuxBoku SS Karuta.

Karuta2 by MinoruneTomo

Karuta Roromiya (InuxBoku SS) : Sora
Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Studio : studio orion

Karuta Roromiya

Karuta Roromiya 2
Deep sea lady by MinoruneTomo

I shot Kurumi 's portrait on June 5.

Deep sea lady
Fashion Portrait June 4 by MinoruneTomo

On Monday this week, I took a portrait for the advertisement of the apparel shop.

Fashion Model : Yui
Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Srecial thanks to : LAGUNASIA
ONE PIECE May 20 by MinoruneTomo

I played a ONE PIECE cosplay photographer on Sunday.

We spent the day with a beautiful blue sky.

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Monkey D. Luffy : Kana
Nami : Yui
Minorune Tomo Official Website 1 by MinoruneTomo

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【Fashion portrait】 / Photozou

photozou1 by MinoruneTomo  photozou2 by MinoruneTomo  photozou3 by MinoruneTomo  photozou4 by MinoruneTomo

【Artistic Cosplay】 / WorldCosplay…

cure1 by MinoruneTomo  cure2 by MinoruneTomo  cure3 by MinoruneTomo  cure4 by MinoruneTomo

【Sexy cosplay】 / DeviantArt


Mature Content

Ikkitousen 2 by MinoruneTomo
  Guardian of fog by MinoruneTomo  Kiki's Delivery Service 6 by MinoruneTomo  Nami takes off 5 by MinoruneTomo
Yui by MinoruneTomo

I took a picture with Yui in flower garden yesterday.:star:
Please do not introduce the photos I posted to DeviantArt on your site without my permission.

Fav and comments to my photos are welcome.
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If such an action seems to continue, I will withdraw from DeviantArt.
Ryomou 1000 by MinoruneTomo

I just passed 1000 DeviantArt watchers!

Thank you all your support on DeviantArt.

I couldn't have done it without you.

I...I love you soooo much! :heart::heart::heart:
Backstage shots by MinoruneTomo

Akiya who checks the photographs taken on this day on the screen of the monitor.
Kicking girl by MinoruneTomo

I shot akiya's kung fu kick at low angle. (*´▽`*)
Hatsune Miku's Valentine's Day by MinoruneTomo

Who is spending Valentine's day with me ?? :heart: