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Martial Arts in the Sunset

the shape of my self in martial arts posing style during Jeet Kune Do training.
balancing 2 meter over the ground on a 15cm large timber.

Posing: Stefano Kocka (MINORITYmaN)
Photo: Tomasz Niepsuj
Copyright: Tomasz Niepsuj, Stefano Kocka

IMPORTANT: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License. You can download an Use this picture but be so nice and put the info where its comes from ;)
even available on wikimedia:…

if you got links you can post them here, it would be nice have an collection of this pic used in different places and different ways/styles.

regards Stefano ;)


Book Cover: A beginner's guide to the martial arts
Stretch + Strengthen: Want to move with the articulation and finesse of a martial artist?

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Thank you for the pose, I used it for a character of mine :)…
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martial arts creates an incredible sense of camaraderie and pride in yourself and your fellow martial artist
   I Myself study Pentjak silat  
Great to find other people who enjoy martial arts, great pic
It's a good style, very lethal one.
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I used this to make a picture of a Stargate alien here:…

Thanks for the excellent stock! :)
What an amazing piece! 

It really captured exactly the image I had for my "stretch and strengthen" class at Jurmaine Health, Melbourne, Australia.


For me, the tiny detail that makes this picture amazing are the sneakers. Ordinary and mundane, they ground all that incredible beauty and vigor. And by remaining in near-silhouette you're making a universal statement, as if intentionally illustrating Shakespeare's line, "What a work of art is man."

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Thank you for the CC license! The picture is wonderful and I used it on my "workshops" page: [link]

I teach people and businesses the power of information and how to keep it save (Privacy and Internet safety mostly)
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I really love this pose so I used it for some Korra Fanart: [link]

I've been doing Tae Kwon Do for a while, but drawing still holds priority. :)
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Absolutely stunning photograph... o.O
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Great photo! used it here [link]
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Amazing physique, great pose.
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Simply beautiful..... :o
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:) Thank you, and here you go [link] .
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good picture, you do not mind that I used them in my project;)
here is the link to my artwork:
i hope you enjoy
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Thanky for this wonderful reference! I used it here [link]
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Used here ^^ [link]

I originally found it at this link: [link]

Then when looking at dA for more martial art reference, this popped up on the first page... Heh.
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This Is An Amazing Pose And Photo...Jeet Kune Do Looks So Awsome! I Do Combat Tang Soo Do So I Think This Is Pretty AWsOmE
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THis is so cool xD I wish I knew Martial arts but eh tis but a dream XD.
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If I may, I am going to use this pose in an art piece im drawing for one of my characters; is that allright? I will credit the pose to you =)
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no problem ;)
if you can, post a link to see how it looks like =)
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