Via Podiensis, Day 12: War

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We have made a mistake.  

It‘s been a few days. I didn‘t think I‘d write again. Couldn‘t get my mind into it. But maybe it will distract me, at least a little. I don‘t know. This all seems stupid now. Why should I write down events which I will never forget anyway? Maybe because I can‘t sleep. Or maybe because I‘m afraid. Probably because I know that we‘re screwed and now my subconsciousness wants to cling to every bit of reality that‘s left, and may that lay in the past. 

Turning a few pages of this journal back puts me back into the fairytale. I read about shapeshifters and pop-bands, drunken nights and magical games, fashion shows and funny pranks. The fact that they are my own words disgusts me. All this time we had spend with shits and giggles we could have done something. We should have known better since the very moment the problem had come up. And because of us, because we didn‘t take it seriously... shit, I don‘t know what happens next. All I know is that we should have seen the writings on the wall. But we chose to ignore everything. We chose to ignore that we were traveling with a time bomb, and in the end, it blew up in everyone‘s face. 

“Look, it‘s a bird!“ It had been a Monday. 

„It‘s a plane!“ We were about to reach Cahors that afternoon, what should mark the half-way point of Via Podiensis. 

I sighed and yelled up: „No, it‘s a completely pathetic failure of a Marvel character!“ Kate dashed down from the sky. Her blue costume blended in perfectly with the blue sky, wouldn‘t it be for the red skirt and the knee-high red boots. 

My sister floated a few feet over the pebbles. „Got a problem? Supergirl is like the most popular superheroine.“ 

It was sad and funny at the same time. „Marvel, Kate, the theme is Marvel.“

“Ok, then she‘s just the most popular Marvel superheroine.“

“Should somebody tell her?“ the Scarlett Witch asked. 

I shook my head no. „She has never read a comic in her life. Only Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue or Glamour.“ 

„Oh sorry that I rather concentrate on the real world instead of cartoons jumping around in colourful costumes.“ 

Momo had stated that she‘d be role-playing a lot. But to what extend we found out on that morning. As soon as we had left the refugee, her four other bodies had literally jumped out of her. Their outfits, however, differed from those glittery bodysuits she had worn the last two days. I for my part recognised her new outfits immediately:

Momo had stained her entire skin bright blue, her hair bright red and her eyes bright yellow. She wore a form-fitting white sleeveless turtleneck dress which ended in a belt made of little skulls, two white gloves and equally white heels. Blue identified her as Mystique from the X-Men comics, too. 

Juhee‘s skin and hair had become slightly browner. She wore a long sleeve red t-shirt under a blue tunic with a lighting bolt printed on it, red leggings, a golden bangle and red long scarf. No question, this was one of my favourite new Marvel heroines: Ms. Marvel, Kamala herself. 

Same with Min-A: Her black hair had stayed, but it was opened now. She was dressed in Jessica Jones‘ wardrobe: Black leather jacket, tight jeans, dark boots, grey hoodie, sunglasses and grey scarf. 

Ara had changed the most drastically: Not only didn‘t she wear anything, her entire skin now glistened like a human-sized diamond, making her glassy body appear like a walking jewel. No doubt behind it: She represented Emma Frost. 

And Ru-Ri had covered herself in a viscous black slimy substance which hugged her fat-free figure like a catsuit. Her gooey outfit oozed as if it was alive around her curves, and sometimes little tendrils extended from her. Despite that her head hadn‘t transformed into a giant jaw with razor-sharp teeth and a serpentine fleshy tongue, the white spider on her chest pretty clearly indicated that she had donned a real-life version of a She-Venom symbiote.

For Kate non of that made any sense. Momo had to explain any single one of her characters, and that she loves to slip into fictional characters‘ skin to behave like them for an afternoon or so. Blue was thrilled by that idea and proposed that we should all dress up as Marvel heroines, instantly creating a red Scarlet Witch costume around her body. Makes sense, considering that she‘s an actual reality-warper. The only superheroine Kate knew turned out to be Supergirl, and despite my high arguing, Blue transformed her outfit into Kara Zor-El‘s iconic getup. 

There was no second thought as who I dressed up as. Sadly the others didn‘t know my character. First, I stroke my fingers through my hair, dyeing it as golden as Kate‘s natural colour. My top chanced from black into yellow, with a little blue star in a white circle appearing on my chest. My jeans stayed, but I asked Blue to create me a pair of woollen arm warmers around my forearm, which I recoloured yellow, black, blue and red. 

„So who‘re you supposed to be?“ Blue asked. And I willed the light around me to make my skin and hair glow. My body flared up in luminous, visually fluid and iridescent shades of purple, blue, yellow and pink. 

„Karolina Dean,“ I told her. „From The Runaways? She has similar powers.“

So we spent the afternoon playing superheroes. Of course there wasn‘t any actual crime to fight, but at least we tried to behave like our alter egos. Thus Juhee would stretch and jump around and call ‘embiggen‘ when she grew as tall as a house and stomped the ground. Momo transformed into various X-Men, and even mimicked us from time to time, only to reveal herself when we noticed, just like Mystique. Or Blue would change the colour of her magic to red and her sparkles into rings and circles around her hands. And I stayed true to the sexuality of my character, hugging and kissing Blue time and time again while glowing brighter whenever she returned the favour. 

Now the first time I noticed that something was off was when Blue wouldn‘t shout ‘Squirrel‘ when one came to cross or path. Most of the time she had swiftly turned into a turquoise squirrel herself and had a race with the rodents. But not this time. Further into the afternoon she stopped smiling. Not saying that her mouth didn‘t smirk, but I can tell a fake smile from a real one, especially when it comes to Blue. We kept cracking jokes, worked off each other, played music and talked about superheroes and stuff, and all this time she had like this wary look on her face. She came to me and held my hand, without saying anything. Her palm sweated. I‘m sure she could have stopped the sweating with a thought, but I don‘t think she was even aware of it. We both fell back a little and I asked what was going on. After I repeated my question, Blue heard my voice. 

“Oh. Eh. It‘s nothing. Just my stomach. Feels funny.“ This was bullshit, of course, and we knew that. I remember the moment when Kate and I first met her. I even wrote it down to double check. Benders don‘t ever get sick. Actually I don‘t even know what a sick stomach feels like. But before I could ask again, Blue put on that smiley-face again, willed her body to glow and transform into a light sphere and dared me to catch her, like fairies playfully swirling through the air. Like in a goddamn dream. 

After that little gimmick, Blue fell behind again. The thought that she needed some time alone appeared plausible, considering that we‘ve been walking together nonstop for weeks already. So I spend some time with Momo. And with Momo I mean Min-A. 

“You have to give her some space,“ she advised me. “Even loving couples do need some distance from time to time.“ 

“I don‘t think that‘s what troubles her,“ I said. “She‘s afraid of being alone. We‘ve had this short... encounter with someone.“ 

“You mean the personification of her loneliness. Yes, she had told me about that. But you have defeated her, right?“ 

“Yeah, we have. But she was only one of five. Four are still running rogue. We‘ll get them eventually. The timing must be right. And we‘ll figure out a plan.“ 

Private eye Jessica Jones sighed and slipped back into her role. „Awesome. We have a teenage girl with godlike powers and uncontrollable emotions. With great power comes great mental illness.“

But Blue wouldn‘t join us again for an hour. Until Cahors appeared behind a hill, I glanced back at her like every minute. She seemed to noticed that, but she turned her head away every time we had eye contact. Only downhill and we would reach the largest town on our camino, Cahors, what marked the half-way point of our journey. Surrounded by the river Lot, which had crossed our way time and time again, the wonderful town appeared much more like a trophy. We‘ve made it to this point. That‘s gonna be worth something. So to celebrate a bit, we sat down on one of my light constructs, namely a bench, and ate for lunch. Blue had to catch up. And when she did, the paleness in her face shocked me. So I asked what was going on, empathically. She said something wasn‘t right. She said something would pull her eyeballs inwards, clog her veins, tie up her lungs and make her feet fall asleep.

“I think-“ she said, paused and eyed the landscape. “I think I need some space. Nothing, eh... personal. I‘m sorry, would you guys just go ahead to the campsite? Don‘t worry, I‘m going to find you.“ 

I looked at Min-A, who nodded. “Course, Blue. Just... if you need me, give a hauler.“ I don‘t know if things would have turned out differently if we had stayed. 

So we respected her wish and let her sit on the bench. We walked down the hill with our eyes fixed on the beauty of Cahors, which had the outer shape of a peninsula, with the river enclosing it from three sites. The view made me feel like we‘ve almost made it. Half done, half to go. Until then, the journey had been the most wonderful and incredible time of my life, without overstating. 

That changed that day. 

The earthquake that followed threw us all to our knees. The accompanying explosive noise made my ears ring. Render crumbled from some house walls. The crickets stopped chirping. A car threatened to drive into a street lamp, but Momo could stretch her arms right in time and catch it, preventing the worst. Deaf and with torn open knee I looked over my shoulder from where the bang had come from, but couldn‘t spot a column of smoke a possible explosion could have caused. A short eye-contact with Kate later I realised that we could scrap all other guesses. We new exactly what it was. 

“Blue,“ my sister whispered and already hovered in the air. “Hurry!“ 

But I couldn‘t afford the minute it would have taken to fly back to the bench. Instead I closed my eyes and pictured the resting place in my mind. Warmth coated me like a blanket over my shoulders. When I rose my lids again, I found myself sitting on the construct of solid light. Only that it didn‘t shine bright yellow anymore, but was black like the voids of space. 

“Jodie, get away from here!“ It was Blue‘s voice, but unlike I‘ve ever heard it. The joyful sweetness had been stripped away. This voice wasn‘t pleasant. It was muffled, panicked and low. “It‘s-“ 

“Listen to your friend.“ Smoke leaked from the bench. Smoke so dense that my view became blocked. A smokey dark hand grabbed my neck and started to choke me. Pushed my Adam‘s apple so deep into my throat that it clicked. “I‘m willing to give you and your wretched little friends one last chance to escape.“ In shock I recognised the woman‘s voice. When the visage of the woman in black materialised sitting on the bench next to me, her judgemental lifeless eyes appeared even more ready to feast on my soul. 

“No,“ I managed to wheeze. “We destroyed-“ Gravel scraped my skin open as I was thrown over the ground. 

“Destroyed me? With a kiss, you think? That‘s just adorable.“ 

“We should just fucking burn her to a crisp!“ Another voice filled with contempt. 

“No!“ Blue had begun to cry. “Leave her out of this!“ 

“I‘m not sure,“ a third but almost gentle voice said. “Wouldn‘t that make only you stronger, Anger?“ 

Sounds of raging flames could be heard. “Fuck, so what? This walking Birthday Party needs to be taught a lesson. It would actually benefit all of us. Just turn on your goddamn minds for ONE. FUCKING. TIME!“ 

The forth voice sounded like a twelve year old who had smoked non-stop for at least three decades. “Ha ha, burn her? Like within seconds? Where‘s the excitement in that? I‘d say we‘ll dig into her brain and make her nightmares come to life.“

“We will do neither.“ My eyes faced the cobblestone but I felt the dominant presence of that fifth person. It was dangerously close to the spot where Blue cried. “Let her stand up. She has been wronged. Nothing of this is her fault. Well, at least yet.“ 

The smokey and scorching hand loosened its grip around my neck, allowing me to lay my eyes on all of Blue‘s demons. All five of them. The one closest, Loneliness, the one whose hand still positioned itself to snatch for my throat again, almost appeared mundane compared to her companions. Blue lay a couple of feet away, with her back pressed on the soil and a boot holding her chest down. That boot was attached to the largest woman I‘ve ever seen. Bald and beefy she rose above my friend without caring to look at either of us. “I‘m sorry about my colleagues‘ manners and their terrible French. You have to excuse our nature.“ Her voice was almost masculine. I pulled my legs up but didn‘t dare to step closer. I would stand no chance. Her legs looked like they could squash Blue like a tomato. “We haven‘t been probably introduced. That flaming hothead over there whose mouth is so fucking spoiled is Anger.“ I couldn‘t make out the colour of her hair, neither could I see her feet. Crackling fire blazed around her legs and burned her long, flickering mane. Her clothes smouldered like glowing coals while smaller flames appeared and extinguished all over her skin. “The one who dresses like Ronald McDonald‘s and Alice Cooper‘s kid is Fear. Our girl down here once saw that one Stephen King film about that clown. Traumatised her. Priceless.“ Blue‘s personified fear rather reminded me of Harley Quinn than Pennywise. The same striped stockings, the same pale skin, the same reddish outfit. But her lips and eyes were pitch black, her red nose appeared to be bleeding and and her hair was voluminous and white like a big dandelion. Someone had slit her throat. Black substance dripped down from the cut. But she just showed her rotten smiling teeth. “Isn‘t she adorable? No, no the price of the most adorable of us goes to Insecurity here.“ A fragile asian girl. She wore the mask and the hair of a Geisha, yet was smaller than me. Her outfit resembled that of a sexualised version of a Japanese  schoolgirl uniform, with ribbons and flowers all over and around her. 

The vigorous woman squeezed Blue more steadfast. Blue‘s eyes begged me to just leave. Not what I had in mind. “And what are you?“ 

That‘s when Kate flew into the play. My sister dashed down, with her legs pointed at the bulky woman, prepared to kick her on the nose. But her target‘s reflexes put a spoke in her wheel. Inches before Kate‘s boot could touch the woman‘s face, her sinewy arm shot up, grabbed her by one ankle and slung her at a tree in a swift movement. I guess I yelled her name, but I honestly don‘t remember. I didn‘t know if the cracking sound had come from the trunk or Kate‘s back. 

“Look who decided to join,“ the big woman scornfully laughed. “It‘s Kate. Why couldn‘t you be here sooner? No way I‘m going to introduce us again.“ My sister rolled herself on her back with pain painted all over her face. When she started to pull herself up, the woman kicked a pile of forest soil on her. “Nah nah, you stay right down there where you are. Same goes for your other friend!“ She looked up and pointed at a little bird on a branch far up. “Don‘t think for a goddamn second that I can‘t see you. If you don‘t come down right now and listen to what I say, I swear to this little blue haired pain in the neck, I‘ll slice open every vain in her body.“ 

Momo seemed to consider her possibilities for a second. But that already put a limit to the woman‘s patience. She stepped with such force on Blue‘s breast that she squealed. Momo had no choice but to fly down and transform into her original appearance. “Please, let her go.“ 

“I guarantee for her wellbeing. Depends on how you cooperate.“ And thus she too laid herself down to Kate and Blue. “Atta girl.“

Now the dominant woman faced me again, with a smile so wide that it almost touched her ears. „Now, Jodie, you asked me what I am. But allow me to tell you all a little story first. A story which I think you all deserve to hear.“ With a gesture she ordered Anger and Fear to hold Blue down in her place. That way she could move more authentic as she shed light into the situation. 

“So once upon a time, there lived a little special girl. Not retarded-special, more like Twilight-Zone special. She could do things other people couldn‘t do. With the exception of her mother, that is. Her mother was so glad to see that her second-born showed similar magical powers than her. What her mother had just learned in pride age, for example how to move objects with her mind, her daughter already mastered as a toddler. And from there on her child‘s powers didn‘t seem to slow down flourishing and expanding. With five the girl could already wish herself to any place she imagined. With six she broke through the limits of her body and could be anything or anyone she wanted. When she became a decade old, nearly everything she wanted simply happened. Yes, you could say that the little girl lived the dream of every little girl out there. If it wasn‘t for her family.“ The woman straightened her leather jacket, looked over her shoulders and enjoyed how Blue struggled to listen. “Yeah, you see, her family had grown as well as her abilities. An older sister who obviously hated her for her privileges and preferred to stay away from home whenever she could. Two younger brothers who feared her because she occasionally turned them into animals whenever they said something bad about her, or for having it easier in life, or plainly for being a freak. Her father left out of fright and never showed up again, further turning the girl‘s family against her. Her mother early on changed her viewpoint and considered her daughter‘s godlike powers as something dangerous and too mighty, forbidding her to use them, in what she would never succeed. You can‘t tie a tiger down its entire life. Even though she would look like the fatso she actually was, she would transform when walking to school and just practice her powers there. Mostly at the expense of her classmates. Normal people couldn‘t see magic, or the effects of it, unless the girl wanted them to. And school became the girl‘s personal dominion. Following her juvenile philosophy, as long as everyone was happy and jolly, none of her doings were of evil nature or unjustifiable. After all, why should it be a bad thing when she just made everyone as joyful as her? It began in secondary school. The girl didn‘t like the Irish school uniforms, so she decided to get rid of all dress codes of her school by just wishing them away. Because of her odd appearance she faced a lot of judgement she read in her classmates‘s minds, so why should it be harmful to make bad or disdainful thoughts they had about her impossible for them. And suddenly everyone admired the girl. Teachers privileged her and obeyed every wish of hers. She could come and go whenever she wanted. She could choose the topics they talked about in class, funner topics. Tests were only a thing when parents inquired. Every day she created food that everyone liked in the cafeteria. Nobody questioned her powers or talked about them outside school. Because their minds weren‘t allowed to. Pupils weren‘t allowed lots of things. They weren‘t allowed to bully or to use violence. If they did, the girl would turn them into something else for an hour or two. They weren‘t allowed to propose actual topics in the curriculum. They weren‘t allowed to exclude others from cliques. Enmity wasn‘t tolerated. Everybody should have a romantic partner. Grades, homework, detention, pressure didn‘t exist anymore. The girl set the rules, the values and the punishment. She had made school into a joyland which put fun above everything else. But that wasn‘t enough, was it?“ 

Blue had stopped crying. She couldn‘t even look at me. The woman noticed that. “After years of keeping her small kingdom a secret to the outside world, the now teenage girl began to blur the line between her school life and her life at home, which became worse as time went on. Her mother knew that she used her powers outside the house and grew more and more suspicious of anything that happened around her. She knew of instances when her child had abused her powers to punish others, or made them forget specific strange happenings. Although she wanted, she couldn‘t trust her sweet little angel anymore. And that made mommy very very sad. Mommy began drinking. More and more frequently. Her sister followed the advise of their father and left. Her brothers didn‘t dare to talk to her anymore, avoiding their sister whenever they could. None of them were happy. And what did the teenage girl do? What she could do best. Change things. And suddenly, her family adored her and her powers. The ran away loved ones returned and sat down every night at the dinner table when the girl brought the most delicious banquettes into existence. Her mother stopped worrying and couldn‘t even consider anymore if her daughter‘s magical acts were bothersome. Of course she was allowed to be thin and attractive at home now. Of course they approved to all the changes she had done at school. And not long after, the line between school and home disappeared completely. The girl had made everyone happy. The way it should be, ISN‘T THAT SO?“ 

“STOP!“ Blue wiggled with her legs but archived nothing. “I didn‘t mean to-“ 

“You know what she did?“ The woman squeezed my arm and pulled me along towards Blue. “You know what she did? Your all-so-perfect-and-joyful girlfriend? When she realised her mind torturing mistakes?“ 

“Let me be,“ I yelled, what she apparently respected. 

“She couldn‘t bear her wrongdoings. She couldn‘t bear the depressions. She couldn‘t bear the fear of judgement, of her family‘s contempt, the fear of further abusing her powers. Couldn‘t bear the anger towards herself and the overall anger towards the world‘s injustice, violence and that she couldn‘t change it. Couldn‘t bear the loneliness in which she suddenly found herself in. Couldn‘t bear her own insecurity of what she should do instead with her godlike powers. You wanted to know what role I play in this little story.“ The woman bended down, grabbed Blue by the neck and lifted her up far above her head. “I am the Guilt that bothered her the most. She couldn‘t endure me any longer. So she took the easy road. In despair she detached the emotions what prevented her to be happy from her mind. That‘s why she‘s always cheerful, you see now? But we refused to go away. Hell, who would? No no, we stayed right at her side to remind her what she had done. Now her family scorned her even more. So the girl decided to run away from home. To a place where she thought she could handle us. I really have to express my thanks here, Jodie, Kate, thanks for distracting her. It was a little shocker there when you kicked Loneliness‘ ass, but we never would have worked together if it hadn‘t been for that. Now I get it, we‘re the ‘bad ones‘ in your fantasy tale. But in the end, there‘s no going back; you still want to destroy us, and there‘s absolutely no goddamn way we‘ll simply allow that to happen. So it‘s either you our us. I‘m willing to leave the three of you out of this. You can just go.“ 

“What are you going to do with her?“ I asked. 

Blue‘s guilt smirked. “Darling. We already did.“ 

The woman moved her hand towards Cahors and snapped her fingers. The city vanished. No house, no road, no car, no litter, no person existed anymore, leaving just a green peninsula surrounded by the river Lot. Everything was simply gone. “Feels good, doesn‘t it girls?“ 

Fear giggled. The clownish girl wove her hand at the forest and made every tree conscious. Thousands hushed voices began to scream in agony and pain, wondering how they came into being and when their suffering would finally end. They seemed to experience constant fear. “Amazing.“

“All this power,“ Anger said and turned the soil into a sea of human skulls. 

Loneliness pointed at the sky and turned the day into night. “No sunlight ever again. Eternal darkness!“ 

“I‘m not sure if earth really needs this many stars.“ It only took a look up and Insecurity made all the stars in the sky disappear, probably ending countless solar systems on a whim. 

Guilt let go of Blue, but my friend kept floating in the air. She faced me again. Me, who stood petrified on skulls and blood and who couldn‘t really grasp what happened. “Have you really never considered with whom you‘re travelling? Of what your friend is really capable of, if it weren‘t for us keeping her potential back? Well, at least now is the moment in which you should realise that. Come on, say it. What is she?“ 

“She‘s all-powerful,“ Kate said with a frighteningly accepting voice. “She‘s omnipotent.“ 

The woman smirked. “Well, that‘s in the past now. Now she‘s nothing.“

Blue was thrown like a flabby puppet to my feet. Her lips bled. She had scratches and pine needles all over her skin. All strength seemed to be sucked away from her. She couldn‘t even roll the side to look up. Bending down I noticed that her muscles were soft and didn‘t seem to respond to her thoughts. 

“What have you done to her?“ 

“Calm. She‘ll be fine. Killing her would kill us, too, so that‘s out of the picture. She just has to get used to being human from head to toe.“ 

“MONSTERS!“ Kate spread her fingers and released a shockwave of kinetic energy at Guilt. The woman was thrown from her legs and fell on Blue‘s arm. A painful cracking sound could be heard. “Come on, let‘s show them!“ My sister flung up into the sky, still wearing her Supergirl costume and shot one ball of energy at the five creatures after the other. Momo stretched her arms and punched two of them on the cheek. She started to duplicate. Or better said had started duplicating herself for several minutes. Leaves, needles, stones, insects and pollen suddenly started to transform into her or her alternate personalities, probably hundreds of them. And all started to hammer down on them. I created daggers of light and kept throwing them. 

The five abominations tolerated that for about half a minute without even flinching. Then Guilt spoke up again. „And just when I thought that it wouldn‘t need to get personal.“ 

Momo‘s replicates suddenly puffed up into dusty air. Fortunately there was still one of her left. But she was unconscious. 

Kate‘s attempt to throw a last shockwave backfired and the wave hit her instead. She motionless fell from the sky like a stone, landed on one leg and broke it. 

“Fun and games with unlimited powers,“ Guilt spoke on. “She had her chance to bring paradise to earth. Now it‘s on us to redesign the world. You see, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was meant to be. Now, leave.“ 

“No,“ Blue whispered. “No.“

“No what? It‘s over. We beat you!“ 

Blue pulled herself up a bit. “But as long as I have a whiff of esteem left, as long as you haven't broken my will, you‘ll never be truly free. You have got to give us a chance. If not, you‘ll be able to do nothing at all.“ 

Guilt starred at her, her eyes filled with contempt. “You still wanna prove yourself, don‘t you? That you reach the end of this way. I see.“ She knelt down and moved her face real close to Blue‘s. “Ten days. No flying, no driving, no zipping, no other shit. If you won‘t reach the border until then, we‘ll make it regret you and humanity for all eternity. But don‘t think for one goddamn second that we won‘t throw anything at you what we got. Should you make it, we‘ll spare humanity. But don‘t think you‘ll get any of your powers back. That‘s over now.“ 

With one final punch she knocked us unconscious. None of us would wake up for a long time. 

Next Day: 

Via Podiensis, Day 13: PrisonersBrightness woke me. I felt the warmth of light swashing over my face. Maybe that was necessary to charge me up again. The flashlight narrowed my pupils. The nurse who held it spoke in hushed tones: “Elle est éveillée.“ Unnoticed of her, I flicked my finger which hung somewhere over the table and switched off the flashlight. Its owner shook it, yet couldn‘t revive it. 
At first I thought I‘d be in Blue‘s tent. After poking around I realised that I laid in that sort of military medical tent I knew from war movies. And indeed, I spotted some soldiers walking in and out. I spotted Kate and Momo as well. They slept on high and uncomfortable looking hospital beds. Around my sister‘s left leg they had applied a thick white cast. 
Heavy footsteps approached. The woman, I thought. She‘s here. Well, she was a woman, but not the one I feared. The general who stopped beside my bed appeared less muscular and less sca

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Great read, poor blue. Hopefully she gets her powers back and kicks their butts!
Vestiphile's avatar
You've given Guilt a great speech here and built Blue a very human scenario.
THIS is the key "important thing" I was talking about between this and your ALMOST OMNIPOTENT project--this is your thesis to deliver to the world mind.

Keep chipping away at it. Very nice job.
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
So do Jodie and Kate still have their powers?

Also those emotions are assholes. Now I really want them all dead.

My hope is that Blue gets her powers back and gives everyone else the same powers she has, so there's no need for stuff like the unpleasant parts of school in the first place. That's the real solution to the problems Blue tried to solve: give people the option to become something that doesn't have any need for the unpleasant things in life, and simply isn't affected by anything unless they want to be.

I've said before that guilt has no place in a person's own mind. But this guilt managed to find a way to become a problem outside of there as well. Bravo. :XD:
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Guilt only has meaning if one has principles, some kind of code, or conscience--and free will.
To be entirely free of guilt means you're free of at least one of those, self-awareness, or that you have ALWAYS adhered perfectly to your code and have never encountered a situation that shades it.

And a person's mind is literally the only place guilt can exist.
You're just going to go march into its natural habitat and exterminate it? :D
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
Well it's my mind; if its only purpose is to make me feel bad for the purpose of making me act differently to my own detriment, I don't want to allow that.
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Typically, given the "code" or "conscience" thing, guilt is what drives you to either fix something or make amends for something.
Usually not a bad thing if the message to the self comes to clarity.

If you've done something bad, it feels bad. Do you think erasing that would make us better people? :devilish:
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
Erasing it might not make us better people, but that's not the priority. If I want to be a better person, I don't need a metaphorical voice in my head telling me to because I'd do it anyway. If I don't want to, then my own mind shouldn't get in the way of whatever it is that's more important to me.
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"Who's in charge--me or my brain?"
-Karl Pilkington
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Spoken like Nietzsche XD
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
You should probably clarify to everyone whether Jodie and Kate still have their powers; not sure whether it was supposed to be more evident in the story or we just aren't supposed to know that yet.
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I... Oh dear. This is bad. This is superbad. This is worse than superbad. This is worse than the movie Superbad. Of course, worst case scenario, Blue is killed (or takes her own life) and nobody gets what they want, which still looks better than a villain victory from where I'm standing.

Let's end on a higher note: they'd only really need to change Kate's chest insignia to get Captain Marvel (the actual Marvel character, not the one now going by Shazam) and it would even have let her do the energy blast thing later without breaking character. Also, funny that one of them used Jessica Jones, whose "costume" is basically just regular streetclothes due to the nature of the character demanding it.
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