Via Podiensis, Day 10: Transformation Goddess

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At this point, do I even have to point out that the craziest stuff happened today? Does that even have any weight anymore? Well, ok so the craziest... let‘s just get on with it. 

Just to get it out there: I don‘t like K-Pop. I didn‘t even know what that was until fifteen years into my life or so. No, I‘m an oldie. Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, everything Lemmy had been in, even damn Creedence, give me that shit and I‘m happy. 

Blue freaking loves K-Pop. And I don‘t just mean love, she lives K-Pop. I got a glimpse on the music library on her smartphone a couple of days back and there‘s nothing, really nothing but Korean or Japanese girl-groups saved on it. Or the random, sparkly and cute outfits that keep popping up on her: All inspired by music videos of perfectly synchronised dancing asian girls. 

How‘s that important? Because we met someone today. Someone who makes me question if Kate‘s, Blue‘s and my paths had even crossed by accident. 

It was still early in the morning. Because of the afternoon heat, it‘s wise to set forth as early as we‘re comfortable with. French wine lives up to its reputation, so my brain still felt a little fuzzy from the funny night before. To distract from the hangover, I played with my powers a bit, like finger-drawing animals made out of neon lines in the air in front of me, shooting pine cones off from the trees by holding my fingers in the shape of a gun and releasing bright energy-blasts from them or making visual words of certain sounds appear like in a comic-book. Like *splash* when Kate stepped into a puddle. I figured out how Blue does these sparkly effects around her hands and fingers whenever she does something magical, and I have to agree: Although they‘re not necessary in the slightest, the twinkling glitter further emphasises my powers. 

Blue eventually listened to her music. Not with her phone, or let alone headphones. She can simply hear any music she wishes in her head. We knew since she walked ahead and started singing in impeccable Korean. Why she even keeps the music on her phone is one of her many mysteries. 

“So... you and Blue, heh?“ Kate and I hadn‘t yet a chance to talk about that in private. “I just never knew that you‘re... you know, from the other side of the river. Could have told me.“

“I don‘t wanna make this awkward. And the word is lesbian. Listen, you can be snarky about it or just be cool.“

“Hey, no judges present. Did you really think I would roast you over this?“ 

“Chill. I know you‘re cool. And just for info, I even didn‘t know about it until a few days ago.“ 

“Looks like we won‘t be ourselves anymore once we reach Saint-Jean.“ 

“The world won‘t either,“ I said. “But isn‘t that the point?“

Kate laughed. “Guess so. Just that I‘ve initially thought that we‘d get home with more clearance about our future and not with an amazing set of godlike superpowers.“

“Godlike my ass,“ I said. “You call this godlike?“ I threw a red ball of light at a wooden fence which recoloured by impact. “I could do that all day.“

“Don‘t be so humble. You‘re the one who can freaking teleport! I haven‘t made any progress in days.“ Kate was right. I had noticed that my sister really tried her best, but other powers than those I‘ve already described hadn‘t loomed up in her. 

“Now I‘m the one pep-talking you.“ 

“Don‘t. It‘ll come with time. I mean, I can fly. What else could one want?“ 


“Ok, now you‘re just trying to make me jealous.“ 

Blue wouldn‘t stop singing out loud for hours. The pilgrims we passed already looked at us weird. But that didn‘t discourage her to chant and dance down her playlists in languages which sounded like gibberish to us. At a church in the middle of nowhere we rested and Blue cured the blisters on my toes. 

So we sat there leaning on the building, with Blue‘s head laying on my tights. She and I fooled around by playing a very special version of ‘I spy, with my little eye‘. One of us would change the colour of something in our environment, or make something invisible, while the other closed her eye, and she had to find out what it was. Eventually we just pointed at things, releasing exploding fireworks of all sizes out of our fingers. Because I hadn‘t much time writing yesterday evening, I made my journal and a pen hover out my backpack without even looking. But after just a few lines, the ink was dead. 

At that time Blue had transformed into a fennec fox and snuggled herself to sleep in her fur. I didn‘t want to wake her just that she could create me a new pen, so I wiggled my fingers a bit and formed a glowing construct of a pen out of the light around my hand. I didn‘t expect it to work, but I at least gave it a shot. 

And voilà, black ink actually scribbled on the paper. Kate appeared as perplexed as I was. How could simple light produce colour pigments? Questioning superpowers had turned out to be pointless a while ago, so I just went along with it. I didn‘t even use my hand anymore to write. The light-pen flew over the paper and wrote the sentences as I came up with them in my head. Speeds things up considerably. 

When Kate slept in as well, I went away to be on my own for a while. Nothing against their company, but if you‘re constantly among people, even loved ones, a little alone-time doesn‘t hurt. Thus I teleported up and admired the landscape for a while. An ocean of fields laid ahead of us, while the in contrast quite low Aubrac-Mountains faced my back. Similar to lying in a bed, with my hands behind my head, I rested a mile above the ground while starring into the blue sky and occasionally down to the land I had fallen in love with. 

As I was about to take a nap, I heard the fluttering of a bird. Wondering why a bird would fly so high, I opened my eyes and spotted a little sparrow standing on the top of my boot. 

“Well hello there,“ I whispered, trying not to scare it away. 

“Eh...hi“ the sparrow chirped thereon, actually scarring me up. 


“Sorry,“ the bird said, but there was something off with accent. She sounded asian. “And I‘m not exactly Blue. Also sorry for that.“

“Kate? Is that you? How did you-“

“I‘m not your sister, either. I didn‘t want to scare you. Wait a second.“ With its tiny wings, the sparrow fluttered off my foot. Well, if you could actually still call them wings, considering how quickly they had transformed into tiny human arms. A few feathery fluffs dangled to the ground as this little creature stretched. Not just its neck or its arms, her whole body lengthened into a straight feathered broom-stick form. The two little yellow bird feet inflated, virtually popped outwards and adapted features of long and slender human legs, while the stick widened drastically. I think I heard a slimy sound when her shoulders and curves formed, like squishing a pudding. *Plop* and her head literally leaped out of the girly figure. Her neck stretched two feet before she quickly adjusted it to normal proportions, wiggled her body and polished some last details, like adjusting the width of her arms to the rest of her tall and slender figure, rounding the shape of her head a bit or shaking off what little body fat was left on her. Her swift transformation reminded me of those inflatable pool animals, like somebody had blown into that sparrow‘s beak and ballooned it into a gorgeous asian girl. 

“Sorry,“ my new acquaintance kept apologising. “So sorry. Please be calm. Please don‘t fly away.“

“Whatapffff!“ Yep, I actually sputtered something like that out, on which the lanky hazel-haired shapeshifter backed off some feet, like a startled rabbit. “No. No. Nonono. No, that is not happening right now.“ I didn‘t intend to confuse her, yet I did. 

“Sorry! I will leave. I‘m so sor-“. But I already pulled her into a tight hug about a mile above the earth. The girl went stiff like wood. 

“This is the best thing ever!“ I yelled at the top of my voice. “Sure that you‘re not Blue?“

“Eh... sure. I‘m Momo.“ I must have squeaked like a guinea pig. 

“Oh shit, my manners!“ I led go of her and offered my hand. “Bodie Juckle, eh... haha, Jodie Buckle. But you can call me Jodie.“ I wanted to facepalm myself so hard at that moment. 

“Momo Yun. Sorry, I guess I have been... spying on you. I saw you at the campsite yesterday night. And your friend, she was almost naked... and her clothing followed her like another person.“

“Eh... it did?“ 

“Then her catsuit played ball with her... using her head!“

“Eh... ok.“

“You two went into the tent and she put on the catsuit. In reverse. Her head came out of her trousers.“

“Eh... we had wine yesterd-“

“Then she began doing somersaults. Right into the river!“


“And then she spent an hour in front of the tent. Eating the soil. Turning it into chocolate. Until she burped out a cake.“ 

“That‘s enough.“

“Next she started playing guitar. Using her hair as stings. And her belly as drums. And her butt as-“

“Yeah, we were like really really wasted yesterday. I hope you weren‘t traumatised.“

“Actually it was quite amusing,“ Momo said, trying not to laugh. “And fascinating. I have never met someone else with... what do you call it?“


“Yes, powers. I am so glad that I‘m not the only one.“

Just then I realised how improbable our encounter appeared. We haven‘t met a reality warper in our entire life, and now the second one just popped up ten days after we met the first? 

“We just discovered our powers like days ago. Thanks to Blue. We didn‘t even know about anything until we met her. What‘s going on here?“

“Sorry. I should have introduced myself earlier. But I wanted to know if you are... how do you say...“

“Not as batshit crazy as yesterday?“


“Hey, no sweat. The others will love you. Come.“ We descended back down to the church. Obviously she had no issues controlling her flight, too. 

“Yo sleepyheads,“ I called. Kate mumbled something and turned her back to us. The fennec fox scarcely rose its ears. “Ahem. So I just met someone. This is Momo.“

“Sorry for waking you,“ she said, what made Blue lift her pointy head from her plushy tail. Even in those cute brown fox-eyes I could see her shocked astonishment. Like falling victim to a subconscious reflex, the little mammal jumped ten feet into the air and transformed into Blue just before her back hit the ground. Suffering no pain, only utmost surprise and bewilderment, Blue starred at the new girl and pointed at her. 

“Momo Yun!“ she whispered, her voice was only hot air. “Momo Yun. It‘s Momo Yun!“

“What‘s going on?“ Kate let her hair slid from her face and twisted it into two plaits. 

“I am happy to meet you,“ Momo said. She had this cute but kind of stereotypical asian accent in her voice. 

Blue just gaped at her, with open mouth and with her shoulders hunched up to her ears. Then, all of a sudden, she fell to her knees, bended to the ground and kept repeating: “I‘m unworthy! I‘m unworthy!“

“You know her?“ I asked. 

“If I know Momo Yun? Who doesn‘t?“ I looked at Kate, who shrug her shoulders, too. “Guys, Momo Yun is the front singer of Five4Five.“ Again, nothing. “Five4Five? The K-Pop Girlgroup?“

“Never heard of it,“ Kate said, but at least got up to shake Momo‘s hand, who appeared kinda relieved. 

“You will not believe how good it feels that someone does not recognise me for once,“ Momo said. 

“I do I do I do,“ Blue said and didn‘t waste a millisecond more to shake that girl‘s other hand by teleporting right in front of her. Then she began talking in Korean, what Kate and I of course didn‘t understand. But Momo smiled, repeatedly nodded her head as if she would be thanking her and in the end accepted Blue‘s tight hug. 

“Show them what you can do,“ I said as they wouldn‘t stop talking in another language. Momo nodded, stepped back... and another pair of arms sprouted out of her sides!

Blue petrified. “You... Momo Yun is...!“ But she didn‘t come further. Her body melted like ice cream under a hot summer sun. With a quiet splash she liquefied into her blue gooey puddle form and laid there motionless on the grass. 

“Oh my God, I am sorry!“ Momo thereupon melted, too. First her surface became all shimmery, then her body reformed into a pillar and liquefied down into a similar glossy black pool of slime which slithered towards Blue. But even slightly poking the other puddle didn‘t cause a liquid reaction. 

“She‘s one of us?“ Kate asked.

“Gooble Gobble, one of us,“ I said. “Blue must have passed out.“

“She dead?“

“You kidding? The princess of overreacting only overreacted. She‘ll be fine.“ The black puddle wobbled and quickly pilled itself back up into a pillar. The gooey silhouette of a girl developed Momo‘s features faster than my eyes would believe. 

“I did not intend to scare her!“ Momo said, close to tears. “She has fallen asleep.“

Kate laughed. “Don‘t worry about her. You did nothing wrong. She‘s just excited that her idol is a reality-bender among all people.“ 

“But I can not, as you say, bend reality,“ Momo stated. “Only myself.“ And thus her body simply started to extend. Her waist just stretched like five feet up, like chewy candy, with her purple halter-top lengthening with her. It looked like she would tilt backwards when her upper half bended back, but instead her belly added another few feet in length, curved to the right, curled a perfect loop around herself and her head went through the hole in the middle. Returning to approximately our eye level, Momo had literally tied a knot into her waist! “See?“ 

“You can stretch, too?“ There seemed to be a knot in my throat.

Momo smirked. “Gomu Gomu No Giraffe!“ Her torso tipped forwards, her hands touched the grass. Her ass, however, had stayed at the same high, but that didn‘t matter because her limbs started to stretch, becoming thinner as her torso went up, lifting her ass along with it. Momo‘s neck lengthened in a similar fashion, while her belly puffed up like a balloon. With her brown hair, soft face, skin-coloured tone and most importantly her adjusted clothing, the weird creature had more human aspects to it, but unmistakably the shape of a giraffe! 

If I hadn‘t known better, I would have ran for my life! “So you can fly, shapeshift, melt, bend, stretch, are a pop-icon celebrity, front songstress, pilgrim and most significantly: A fan of One Piece!“

“And more so.“ Loosing each human feature, Momo turned into a real giraffe, but not for long. In the next moment the brunette asian girl with the swaying hips, pale skin, purple top and denim shorts smiled at us again. “In all intents and purposes, I am a shapeshifter. All of my powers are based on the alteration of my body.“ 

“So transformation is like your ability-framework?“ Kate asked. “Where are its limits?“ 

Momo shrug her shoulders. “To be honest, I am afraid to find out. But I can do this!“ She turned around but still kept eye contact, so she could witness our amazed stares. A big hump bulged out along her back, threatening to tear her purple top to shreds. Instead the colour turned into turquoise, the bulge added more defined details like zippers, buckles, straps or belts and formed a clear separation between Momo and her brand-new pilgrim backpack! 

“I can shape everything out of my body. All I do is imagine what I want, where I want it to emerge, alter the elemental structure from organic into inorganic, and create it. That is how I got my first guitar.“ Momo‘s hand flattened, slightly thinned and turned into the headstock of an electric guitar. That headstock instantly received a lengthy fingerboard with frets and strings which coiled themselves around the bridge pins on the guitar‘s body which had seemingly materialised in the same second. Thus Momo now had a beautiful Les Paul as a right hand! Finding that unhandy (shame on me for this pun), a real hand sprouted out the headstock, a hand which could grab the neck. “Nothing to it.“ 

You know all those YouTube-reaction videos where random people watch the trailer for a new movie and completely freak out beyond remedy? Yeah, that‘s what happened to Kate and I.  We couldn‘t freaking keep our elation in check, let alone the words we were trying to structure into sentences. For some reason Momo acted rather shy by looking to the ground almost the entire time we worshiped her, but she also smiled. She was flattered. 

“More,“ I ordered. “Show us more!“ 

Momo nodded and lifted one leg. Her foot, together with her shoe, dropped off her ankle like a stone. Keeping her leg angled, the seceded part beneath trembled, became rectangular, acquired a black colour and considerably grew in size and width. A big black box shaped itself in front of the young asian pop-star. By subtly shaking her ankle, a new foot complete with shoe spawned where her leg ended, a foot which stepped on top of the speaker box. By pointing her forefinger down, it turned into a cable which slithered along her leg towards the port, plugging itself in. Stroking with her cable-finger over the jack socket, it too hooked up with the instrument. “Now energy.“ Momo‘s top thereupon chanced from purple into metallic shiny blue. In the first few moments I didn‘t realise it, but then I spotted of what her halter top now basically consisted of: A cloth-shaped seamless solar panel. My jaw dropped because of the creativity alone. From the outside it merely looked like a shimmering attire. 

“Good evening, our beloved fans!“ Momo cheered in an attitude of sudden enthusiasm. She was performing a show for us. “I am Momo Yun and we are Five4Five. Here is your constantly joyful Juhee!“ Her backpack dropped to the ground. Its shoulder straps were sucked into the inside, its other features contorted as well and remoulded its overall form into the undeniable shape of a female hourglass-figure. Slender arms and legs sprouted out from the right places, developing hands, feet, a head with a cute eastern face and a short brownish hairstyle. The turquoise of the backpack had changed into a glittering bodysuit of tiny golden sequins. Her swift transformation from inanimate backpack into gorgeous young dancer completed as she took her position left next to Momo and posed. 

“Applause for the creative mastermind Min-A!“ A single strand of Momo‘s hair lengthened and wriggled like seaweed through the air to her right side. There, each of the strand‘s individual hair developed a life of its own and quickly gained length as well as branches rooting a growing network of thin hairs. Spreading towards the ground, this network thickened rapidly, actually braiding the figure of a second girl completely made out of hazel-brown hair. Though not so long, for this body then adapted colours more suitable for lovely girls like her, namely rosy lips, fair skin, black hair with a double pony-tail, some hidden freckles and an identical sparkling bodysuit, only in silver. Min-A threw a kiss in our direction as Momo‘s strand returned to her shoulder. 

“Boys watch out for the alluring and heart-breaking Ara!“ I thought my eyes fooled me as they saw actual little red hearts arise from Momo‘s skin. First a dozen, then fifty, then around a hundred tangible hearts surfaced from her arms, shoulders, belly, cleavage, hair or back and congregated to a cloud of love next to Juhee. The red hearts merged into an entirely red figure of a third girl, who also got the treatment of an invisible paintbrush. Only her long hair and her distracting bodysuit maintained the strawberry-colour of the countless hearts which had created her. 

“Beware,“ Momo alerted. “The venomous and dangerous mistress herself, the one who will hunt you down for an inappropriate look alone. Ru-Ri!“ Momo‘s mouth opened wide. I couldn‘t decide if I should be intrigued or disgusted what happened next. A little bit of both. Without a caring reaction from Momo‘s side, a snake‘s head left her mouth. It reminded a bit of Alice Cooper as more of the massive reptile came to light and slithered around Momo‘s shoulders. But there simply wasn‘t enough space for an ever growing python on there, so the animal build a bridge to the girl with the silver bodysuit and slithered over her as well. The end of its tail finally glided out, Momo closed her smiling mouth and the big snake crept next to Min-A. There, as a spiral on the ground, the serpent spun around itself faster and faster, soon resembling a black whirlwind in which no one could possibly see anything happening. However, as the little tornado settled, we starred at an alluring and seductive dark-haired girl with stone-cold face and black glittering bodysuit. 

“Heaven,“ I heard a voice from my knees. “I‘m in heaven.“ Blue had managed to pull herself back up into a barely solid aggregate condition. She still dripped from some parts. “Momo Yun is a shapeshifter!“ 

“Sorry if I have scared you,“ our new friend apologised herself. “The snake might have been too much.“

“Are you kidding?“ Blue jumped up and stepped forwards with jelly knees. “You‘ve been my idol ever since I hadn‘t idols! Do the others know of your abilities? The real ones?“ 

Momo smirked, looked to the ground, then back up. “I am sorry to disappoint you, but this are the real ones.“ 

Blue laughed at that. “No no no, I mean the other members of Five4Five. The other girls.“ 

Momo harrumphed. “Well, there never had been other girls, to be honest with you. Nobody knows it, but in truth, they are all me. They are just separate adjuncts of my body. Connected through a single mind. Founding a band as a single girl is almost impossible, so I invented four other personages.“ 

“You mean...“ Blue swallowed. “You mean there never has been a Min-A, a Ru-Ri, a Juhee and an Ara? They‘re all copies of you?“

“At least not as independently thinking or acting selves. They are like body extremities to me, like arms and legs. I can move or control their actions all at the same time. Or better said, my moves or actions, even if I do five completely different things.“ In perfect synchronisation with each other, the four members performed a short group dance, then started to do gymnastics by jumping over backs, turning somersaults, leaping meters into the air, doing handstands, stretching their arms ten feet up to reach the branches of a tree to swing around them or using each other as training devices. “I am still a single body,“ all five of them said at once. “Just split into separate parts.“ With a final training exercise, the girls returned to their original positions right and left to Momo. 

“So Five4Five is... just you?“ Blue asked. 

“Basically yes,“ Momo said with just one voice. “But I am role-playing with their personalities all the time. If I want to be myself, I go as Momo. If I want to be a crazy party girl, I go as Juhee.“ The girl with the short hairstyle in the golden bodysuit cheered, threw her arms up and emitted a shower of shiny confetti over herself. “When I want to appear clever and innovative, I act through the group‘s songwriter and creative brain Min-A.“ The one with the two black ponytails brought forth a thick set of glasses over her eyes while a wooden baton emerged from her palm. “When I am in the mood for a romantic or sensual adventure, I slip into Ara‘s skin.“ The beauty with the strawberry-red hair and bright blue eyes gave Momo a quick peck on her cheek. “And if I get bored of the good-girl attitude, Ru-Ri is known and beloved to act arrogant and contemptuous.“ Cold-face dressed in black didn‘t even care to look up from her phone. Instead she read what she was tweeting: “Exposition time with unworldly people who still don‘t know me. Hashtag sigh.“ 

For about ten minutes, Blue fell into a state of embarrassing submissiveness. It appeared as if she saw Momo as some sort of gift from God, or even God herself. But I don‘t wanna specify this in detail. Would take hours to write. 

Of course Momo agreed to join our pilgrimage, and to not waste any more time, we moved forwards. Blue and Momo‘s quintinity spend most of the way speaking Korean, while Kate established a connection with Ara. I for my part got in various conversations with each of those girls. Although they talked and acted differently, it became pretty obvious that their personalities where merely facades and a fun gimmick of Momo. I noticed that when Ru-Ri, the said-to-be pretentious one, actually smiled and winked at me after insulting my English heritage. 

We told and explained her everything during the course of the day. How we met, why we are walking, about our powers or Blue‘s issue with her rogue emotions. We even talked about how Blue brought an unique fashion trend into the world by altering the past, and about our intentions to change the world for the better. 

“You are responsible for the rubber revolution?“ Momo asked thereupon. 

“Not entirely on purpose,“ Blue tried to explain herself. “It was more an accident than anything else.“ 

But Momo hadn‘t meant that as an accusation. All five bodies of her turned their bodysuits into glittering latex versions of themselves, then shivered with elation. “No no. I want to thank you for it. I could not imagine a life or my career without it.“

“You know what‘s funny?“, Blue asked. “You wore latex during most performances even before I altered reality.“ Probably that‘s the reason why Blue worshipped Five4Five to begin with. 

In Cajarc, Momo absorbed her four other bodies back into herself in order to not occupy more beds in the refugee than necessary. At the collaborative dinner we met other pilgrims again who we got to know about a week ago. Another great aspect of camino: You always meet again, somewhere, somewhen. Alike our powers, nobody could see Momo‘s shapeshifting acts. For example, when she stretched her arm way to the other end of the table to reach for the bread, past everyone‘s nose, nobody cared. A well-aged man even touched her rubbery arm when taking a cheese-plate from the middle, causing no reaction at all. 

When it was time for bed, Momo chose the lower mattress of the bunk bed because she preferred to sleep in her liquid puddle form and didn‘t want to seek down on us. Although forbidden, Blue and I slept above Momo in a single bed. To work around the one-ass, one-bed rule, Blue turned into a soft, silky blanket and tightly hugged my naked body all night long. Further details better stay private. 

Next Day: 

Via Podiensis, Day 11: Minor Renovations Blue slept uneasy today. Transformed as my snuggling blanket, she had wiggled and sweated all night long. I almost couldn‘t sleep. In the morning, when I asked her, she shrug it off as nothing important. Just a nightmare she suffered once in a while, about a darker world full of monsters and menaces. Dangers which couldn‘t be solved with her powers, apparently. That such an excessively positive girl like Blue underwent nightmares was the weirdest of all. 
While Kate‘s powers still didn‘t make any progress, mine seem to outdo themselves with every passing day. I blame the latex catsuit for this. Thanks to Blue, I don‘t have to wash it everyday. It simply remains clean, polished, nice-smelling and tight. By now, wearing comfy latex doesn‘t cause any feelings of shame or awkwardness in me anymore. Around half of the young to middle-aged women we had seen in the last couple of days had worn a piece of the wet shimmering fabric. I have to constantly

Welcome Momo into the mix. She'll be responsible for the transformation-aspect in future chapters. 
Again, please give me critique and/or suggestions. I know my English is flawed here and there, but I'm trying my best. 
What would you like to read in the upcoming chapters? 
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I figured out that Momo was the entire band more or less immediately upon her budding them off. I mean, really, that's the second thing most people would think of to do with her powers. (The first, as with all powers, is sex, or in this case an orgy.)
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It's pretty obvious. But pretty awesome nevertheless. 
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
Now that I've posted it, I'll say that a lot of this reminds me of part 24 of my own series!
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That’s cool!
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saralexxiaHobbyist General Artist
Thought it was a funny coincidence, given her name, and the fact that she creates things from her body. Actually come to think of it, considering she herself mentioned another anime, maybe her name is an intentional nod. Only minor_alterations can say for sure though!
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That’s true.
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No, I don't know that character. I chose Momo's name by looking through my old book shelf. Love that novel. 
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Well it’s a nice coincidence then. Look forward to the next chapters.
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Nice! Keep it up!
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