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Minor Seductions (by MrInternetMan) by minor-alterations Minor Seductions (by MrInternetMan) :iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 12 0
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Demonica, Part 6 by minor-alterations
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Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #5 :iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 31 3
Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #4
(TG, TF, melting, mind-control, inanimate, dark)

Alright, you guys are right, I admit, I‘ve crossed a line there last time. That‘s what happens when I‘m in a bad mood. I start acting impulsive and stop taking others‘ feelings into account. It‘s just that whenever I don‘t get my required share of sleep, I‘m crabby because my powers feel a bit rusty. I shouldn‘t had turned that one teacher into a burger just because she bored me. And I‘ve also given Jackie her ugly face back. That might have been overkill there. 
It‘s not like I‘m completely apathetic. The things I do to others in order to change them to my liking, they sometimes do make me feel guilty. Like when I try to sleep in at night and reconsider how I exploited my abilities during the day, there‘s always at least one instance when it hadn‘t been necessary. Today I made some jogger speed u
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 38 10
Demonica Quickie: A Matter Of Style
(Drawings and some paragraphs created by MrInternetMan)
When agent Ruby Walker opened the door to her modest apartment, Demonica already awaited her. The pale demoness with shoulder-long purple hair laid prone on the bed, with a stack of Ruby‘s pornographic magazines spread all over it, most opened and crinkled. Her spread wings hung sluggishly over the edges of the bed, but rose when realizing that her girlfriend had come home. Ruby hung her navy blue FBI jacket over a lone nail in the wall, without averting her gaze at the demon‘s smooth white skin, which gleamed in the orange light of the dusk outside. 
“Oh, eh...“ Ruby found herself stuck in a lack of words. Just a moment ago her mind had been in Work-world, still concentrated on the current case and rechecking the facts and evidence. But now the rug had been pulled out from under her feet. When entering her apartment, she also entered Magic-Wo
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 18 1
Via Podiensis, Day 15: My Turn
Momo‘s arms stretched well over thrice their actual length and took Kate and me by the hand. “We are going to do this together,“ she said and tightened her grip. Her hand felt like flexible, warm clay. My fingers sunk into her palm. “I am going to keep stretching them. Try not to let go.“ 
“Try not to push so hard,“ I said. “We can‘t grow back limbs.“ 
“We are going to see that.“
“What, hey, hold on-“ but I already felt her pushing. Gently, not that harsh, but with regard. Another set of arms sprouted beneath Momo‘s pits, right through her silver latex bodysuit. They as well extended to reach us and palpate our arm muscles. 
“Still tensed. Relax you two. Think about... pudding. Imagine you are made of pudding.“ 
The background story is that today morning, I woke up in a sweaty sleeping bag, with my titties inflated like a pair of birthday-party balloons. Tore right
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 11 6
Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #3
(Mind control, TG, TF, stretching, latex, inanimate, dark)

So school. Should be fun. I haven‘t been in one since fourth grade, when I decided that school sucked and my abilities would get me everything I longed for without sitting for another eight years in some stuffy room listening some jerk talk about numbers and shit. But today I understand the appeal of school. Over a dozen peers jammed together for six hours in one room, with almost nobody else around. Back then, I haven‘t thought about the possibilities at hand. But now where my teenage pheromones had turned me into a sexual locomotive, I‘ve reconsidered the benefits of school. So I decided to give it another try. 
For that, I had to wake up early, what I absolutely detest. Whenever I haven‘t had enough sleep, my non-verbal mind altering orders tend to cause a little headache towards evening. My mind probably needs more rest than yours, so y
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 29 6
Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #2
(Mind-control, TG, TF, stretching, latex, inanimate, dark)

Welcome back. Looks like I‘ve caught your attention. Thank you for following me. Your loyalty will be rewarded. 
There appears to be some misunderstandings, though. I‘ve received personal notes asking about and accusing me of untruths. Let me get three things straight:
1. For three years, I‘m female through and through. I had altered the chemistry of my brain to resemble that of a girl, copied the result of a decade long socialisation a little girl experiences in her childhood and adjusted my hormone levels. Honestly, I‘ve gradually forgotten most of my old life. And that‘s good that way. 
2. Some of you think I‘m evil. That is not true. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with narcissistic personality disorder. Among the symptoms of that disorder are an exaggerated sense of self-importance, a sense of e
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Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #1
(Mind-control, TG, TF, stretching, latex, inanimate, dark)

Every school has a girl like Deborah Turner. The one girl everybody wants to befriend. Boys because they can gaze at her inviting body without secretly shooting pictures of her or stalking her online. Girls because they dream to be just a little like her and hope that some of her fame and fortune rubs off on them. Teachers because her grades act as proof that the school taught the curriculum properly. The one girl in town who influences people wherever she struts. 
That is me. Welcome to my blog. 
As the title might give away, I am not your usual senior hottie. Nor have I always been this attractive, or even female. For obvious reasons I‘ll change all names and locations. This blog can only be viewed on DeviantArt because I don‘t intend it to become too popular and thus alarm the local authorities. Also, I feel like here
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 77 13
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Liquid Metal Lust, Part 9 :iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 14 7


Mature content
Amber pt. 68 :iconjovian16:jovian16 13 7
My Kylothian Girlfriend chpt. 2
After the fateful encounter with an extraterrestrial worm in the woods and taking it back home with him, Dustin soon made to his house where he locked the doors at went to his room with alien in tow. He soon made to his room and then place the alien space pod on top of his dresser while he placed the little green worm on top of one of his pillows that he fluffe up prior. Snuggling into the pillow, Cerlaena began to squeak happily in comfort, thinking that thing's couldn't get any better. Chuckling at the worm's pleasure, Dustin soon went down into the kitchen to grab a snack, picking up an apple that he then slices in two to give to his new guest, despite the fact that he does not know what it eats. Shrugging at the thought, he then makes his way into his room before presenting the apple have to the worm before saying "I'm not sure what you eat, but I hope you would like to have this apple."
Since her kind's omnivorous, Cerlaena nodded at the boy's offering with no objections and soon
:iconxanderthedragon:XandertheDragon 25 12
My Kylothian Girlfriend chpt. 1
Dustin Kiebler was your average 16 year old high school student who is spending some time at home during the summer. Dustin was someone that most people would consider as anti social aside from a few friends who were avid gamers. He works at a local electronic store as part time job while at other times he can be found at the local animal shelter due to his great passion for animals. He can be seen getting to these places on his gas powered bicycle despite the fact that he has to wear a certified helmet due to state law.
Anyway it is a nice summer evening at the Kiebler house. Dustin's parent's are out of town for a two week business trip, leaving Dustin all by himself, but his parents know that their son is a responsible young adult who can take care of himself. Dustin's parents agreed that over the course of their trip they would give their son some extra money to pay for food or gas, due to the fact that he gets paid every two weeks.
Sitting a
:iconxanderthedragon:XandertheDragon 23 5
Mature content
A Trip To The Zoo :iconanonymous-69:anonymous-69 12 6
Mature content
Cleaning Service :iconeelskin:eelskin 13 8
Re: anyone know any tricks to cure boredom?
boredgirl99 said on Fri Jan 17, 2019:
i'm, like, real bored right now, anyone know any good mindless fun or something? :bored:
Here's some cute techniques you can try out, that are pretty fun to mess with. You can play around with your surroundings in different ways,
I saw this first trick in a commercial once; it's pretty cute, and you can also make yourself real hot with it, like a model :D so that's pretty cool.
Anyway, look for a picture of someone you like the look of in a magazine or something. Then, just hold the picture in front of your face for a second. Doesn't take very long at all. As you'll see, this will completely change your entire look, and lasts forever, or at least until you change it again. So make extra sure you have a recent selfie you can use to change yourself back if you try this! By the way, you can also do this to other people. Can be fun to take them by surprise! I also discovered it goes beyond just changing people; I made my room look real pretty wi
:iconsaralexxia:saralexxia 6 70
Model Lineup by MrInternetMan
Mature content
Model Lineup :iconmrinternetman:MrInternetMan 57 4
High Quality Entertainment by MrInternetMan
Mature content
High Quality Entertainment :iconmrinternetman:MrInternetMan 39 2
Mature content
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CGI 3 - Catching Mice :iconqueennyanlathotep:QueenNyanlathotep 7 0
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CGI 1 - In the Court of the Gatgirl Queen by QueenNyanlathotep
Mature content
CGI 1 - In the Court of the Gatgirl Queen :iconqueennyanlathotep:QueenNyanlathotep 12 0
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Inanimate Is Best :iconshadowwolfhiding:ShadowWolfHiding 12 0


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(18+  TF, stretching, melting, slime, forced TF, weird sex, all around craziness)

Mirror17 by minor-alterations

I take back all my initial complains about Vicka having obtained powers. After just three days, I‘m utterly obsessed with her. It hadn‘t been an accident after all. Vicka is a blessing to my world. Her love for me has only intensified and we‘re starting to relate as equals, with a genuine friendship. It‘s weird not having the control over someone so close to me. Sometimes it‘s as frustrating as playing a video game with broken controls. On the other hand, not knowing what she‘s going to do next puts an excitement into our relationship that I didn‘t know I desperately longed for. Something new and adventurous. Yes, this entry is going to be batshit crazy. 

Vicka is supremely creative with how she uses her powers in bed. Her ideas exceed the borders of my imagination. First of all, we will never have to seek a bed anymore. Even though I had absorbed a couple, Vicka wished to make love in a bed worthy of our preeminence and not in a bed for ‘mortals‘, as she calls them now. I don‘t even think that we are immortal. Anyway, in her opinion, the appropriate bed for goddesses like us did not exist. So she filled our living room with her tentacles and first absorbed absolutely anything in there. Then those slimy green serpentine creatures (check out my last post for visuals) sunk down towards the floor and set up a sea of wobbling, intertwining tendrils which filled the entire room to the tiniest crack. They merged and therefore stopped moving. It looked like Vicka‘s wormlike extremities had turned liquid. The swamp we were standing in suddenly hoisted us. The surface became heavenly soft and slippery, but impenetrable. Vicka‘s construct switched colour from dark green to gleaming black and red. Folds and wrinkles were drawn where we knelt. Then I realised what she build out of the fabric of her own body! A room-filling bed made of shimmering latex. Bulges formed into latex pillows. Several thin blankets of floppy rubber flowed over it. The sheet creaked along every of our movements and I noticed that its surface was a little moist. 

Although it made the impression, Vicka had not created a latex bed. It remained to be an extension of her body. Therefore she always had to be in contact with it. Where she touched it, however, was irrelevant. She could move the merging contact point from her pinky to her back to wherever she wanted. So she lied below most of the time. 

“That‘s more like it,“ she said and made her clothing disappear. She had decided to stick with the body of Selena Gomez and that sight would always be one to behold. “Ready when you are.“ 

My days have turned into sexual adventures even more so since I shook things up around here. Sex is basically the only pastime which never gets boring, no matter how often you enjoy it per day. That counts double for me, since I‘ve turned each part of my body into an erogenous zone with five times the heightened sensitivity than your average human genitalia. So yes, no wonder that I‘m a sex addict. Probably the most extreme on earth. I‘m also addicted to alcohol and control. But since that doesn‘t have any negative effects on my supreme body, those addictions are actually something quite gratifying. 

I advised Vicka to alter her skin accordingly as well. “How did you do it?“ she asked. 

“Feel those sensitive nerves in your clitoris? The ones which get stimulated? Just make those spread. Turn all your tactile receptors into endorphin releasing nerves. Not that many, or you‘ll-“. But Vicka already collapsed into a literal lake of liquid latex. The bed liquefied as well, so I sunk beneath the surface. That‘s the thing with high-end pleasure: Once it gets too intense, the mind can‘t keep all other functions running. That causes the body to shut down. In Vicka‘s case, she unintentionally melted because liquid is easily the most relaxed state one could dwell in. When she managed to concentrate despite all excessive sensations to scale back her ability to experience those, Vicka remoulded the bed and herself on it. “Five times as sensitive is the perfect middle,“ I explained. 

After taking some time to get used to her heightened sense of touch, she wondered: “Why do we still have to use our holes when our entire skin is at heart an all around fuckzone?“ 

“We don‘t. I‘m just perverted. And I had you licking and stroking me during sex as well.“ 

Vicka understood and nodded with a grin. “I loved it when you made your skin taste like berries.“ 

“Just for you.“

“Would you lick and stroke my skin to return the favour?“ 

“Oh, I‘ve something far better in mind.“ Touching Vicka‘s naked shoulder, I turned my hand into golden honey. She loves that flavour. The gluey, viscous substance spread in form of a thin and translucent layer over her. It crawled up her breasts and flowed down on the other side to grant them a rich shimmer, with strings of the syrup dropping down on her thighs. The bed beneath us began to vibrate. Vicka jolted, her mouth wide agape and her hands clenching the latex sheet. I could have just as well made the honey gush into her pussy with the same result, what I totally did once my arm fully deliquesced into slimy sweet nectar. Water is too soft on the skin and latex too stiff, so a viscous or slimy consistency provides both the flexibility and a specific pressure to reach ultimate stimulation. I didn‘t need to tell that Vicka. She had experienced it a couple of times before when I had turned into liquid metal and slept in on her. But that had been before her skin became an inside out turned super clit. 

Vicka begged to taste me under howling moans of intense sexual pleasure. So I stretched my neck forwards like taffy and kissed her lips. Before she could close her gap, my head turned into honey and pasted itself onto hers. We actually don‘t need oxygen, so her muffled gasps were more the result of her frantic arousal. With my face shaped like a funnel around her head I penetrated her mouth, nostrils and ears. I straight up forgot that altering her proportions accordingly had become impossible, so I had to squeeze that honey through her tight tunnels. I didn‘t just make her taste me, I forced her to swallow. She widened her gullet to invite me in. Without delay, my entire bulge of a head slid down her neck, stuffing her stretched stomach. Like a current I made it flow up and down, up and down, up and down for I knew exactly how invigorating those stroking movements felt like. 

Then I began to really understand that having a girlfriend with my powers would enrich my life. Vicka‘s own consistency softened. I felt through the honey how everything on and in her tenderised. A blue shade laid itself onto her skin. Her internal organs all merged together until they vanished. She was turning into a single substance as well. And before I could withdraw my head out her gullet, Vicka had transformed into a translucent sapphire blue slime girl. 

“Why should I be the only one who has fun?“ she said with no mouth not jammed. She threw herself over me, throwing my body on the back. Most of my honey still stuck in her, so I flowed back and continued with harsher rubbing. If she can still concentrate to transform, I‘m not trying hard enough. “My turn!“ Thus Vicka‘s body literally shifted upside down. Suddenly I had her crotch in my face with her legs reaching over my head. I had no second to realise where her head had shifted when she already forced hers inside. 

Eventually we reached a point when both of us just liquefied into golden and blue goop. No clue how she was able to keep the bed firm and soft. She even hollowed out a hole in the mattress and filled it with liquid latex with which we could merge. The permanent intensity of our orgasms shot squirts to the ceiling until it cracked. Merging thrills like a frenzy from another world. There is no you, there is no she. We turn into mere concepts of ourselves. Our molecules dance around another, embrace another, pleasure another. Absolutely no separation but that of our minds. Sometimes extended arms, featureless heads or bursting breasts reached up from the sloshing pool in which our substances wobbled and spun around. But they instantly collapsed back down. We couldn‘t focus enough to build body parts. Even the bed went softer with every minute and melted like ice cream. Eventually both of us passed out and slept for hours as a mixed paint pool of blue, black and gold.

But the sex is just one, if not a mayor aspect why Vicka is amazing. When we‘re not fucking she either fucks something else or she experiments with her powers. And I don‘t mean mess around with them, she actually tries out new things I‘ve never attempted before. For one thing, she became fascinated how our bodies could just create clothing. Once I had managed to master that ability, I hadn‘t put much thought into it. It fulfilled the purpose to bring my extraordinary sense of fashion into reality, so I never thought further. Spared me the trouble to turn plants, animals or people into clothes. Well, admitted, I sometimes turned people anyway, but only when they wronged me or for very special pieces to grant my dresses more significance. Since she got powers, she had tried to produce other objects than clothing from her skin, but hasn‘t yet succeeded. She‘s still having trouble to accept that the mass of our bodies can grow indefinitely. She doesn‘t believe that matter can simply be created from nothing and vanish into nothing, even though that‘s evident. I don‘t care what physics should make possible and what not. I believe what I can see and fuck. 

Vicka behaves very differently outside our house. At home, she‘s playful and thoughtful and sometimes acts like a professor who has just discovered a new branch of science. For example she observes tissue of various states of her body beneath a microscope, dismantles absorbed objects to check their chemical structure or scans her brain activity with a funny headgear whenever she transforms something organic. A lot of people had to foot the bill to provide that equipment. Because outside the house, Vicka acts like a goddess among vermin. She‘s far more bossy and intolerant than I am. For one, she demands from the town to be treaded like a renaissance princess. People literally have to bow when she‘s around. She‘s always wearing elegant dresses which seperate themselves from the latex everyone else is cladded with. Some of her attires look purely magical. That one time she just made water constantly pour out her upper torso, conjuring up a flowing and splashing dress. 

13516268425ed2f703 Cfake-1 by minor-alterations

Even though I try to convince her to tone it down a bit with the maltreating of our citizens, she just always reminds me of our agreement. I enjoy my powers through fashion, transforming and sexual pleasure while Vicka mostly relishes hers by devaluing and tormenting others. This isn‘t just her immense ego, but also a domination fetish of hers. She said that there‘s a gap as wide as worlds between us and the humans and that she would love to emphasise that difference through superiority. I called her Nazi, she called me a snowflake and told me to shut the fuck up. I guess that‘s how things are now. 

Selena-Gomez selena-gomez-03-314f0d82-ecc5-102e-a8 by minor-alterations

Because of Vicka, we had to open the Motel at the outskirts again, just to keep Luvalu‘s population persistent. Every night one of us two has to fly there and transform those locked up in the rooms into sexy, sex-obsessed lesbians who decide to stay here. The logistical stuff will be hell. We got our smartest girls working on all the paperwork like keeping the tax payments of those who disappeared flowing or pretending to the outside world that nothing had changed. I don‘t really know how all that stuff works, I just ordered them to keep this town‘s secret undiscovered and they‘re really putting all their effort into it. Like, how could they any different? 

Luvalu is terrified of Vicka. Some are still afraid of me as well, but compared to her, I appear like an angel. When you do something what she could judge as even the slightest provocation, you‘re done! If you don‘t bow in time, you end up as a worm she can squish beneath her heels. Still better than spending eternity as an inanimate object. She does that all the other times. Like when someone is in her way. We once turned around a corner and bumped into a polite girl who honestly apologised. I laughed it off and said that it was no problem, but Vicka gestured and turned her into dog poop. I sighed and told her that she is too trigger-happy. As an answer, another random pedestrian transformed into a little clapping monkey toy. So I better shut up the next time. 

In general I leave other people‘s thoughts alone. Only when I wanna know something I take a peek. And should I come across someone who calls me a self-obsessed bitch or whatever in his or her mind, I just switch that opinion. But not Vicka. She hates bad thoughts about her. Admitted, she doesn‘t make it easy for people to like her. The current trend is that whenever Vicka is around, they just force themselves to think positive thoughts like ‘Isn‘t the weather lovely today‘, ‘It‘s such a bliss to live in this town‘, ‘We really deserve to be treated like this‘ or ‘Vicka is so amazing, she even stands above Debbie.‘  They‘re allowed to moan their transformed friends and family members, though. But it‘s advised to believe that they had it coming. If they blame Vicka for their grief, the same fate will hit them. 

Another issue about which we argue a lot is how she takes those perversions and power fantasies into bed. I assumed that her craving for dicks had vanished since I popped up in her life again, but guess what! She began to switch the gender of our girls again, turning them into huge, bulky guys with cocks as thick and long as guitar necks. I made clear that Vicka would need to have her fun with them alone. She didn‘t want me around for that project of hers anyway. In the neighbouring house, she has collected a bigger harem for herself, you see. A harem consisting of all sorts of naked people she can order around or on whom she can live out her impish dreams. I hear her shouting commands from the other house. “Eat her out! Jump against that wall! Orgasm! Drink it up! You will never speak again!“ There are worse things she demands, things I won‘t write in here. When Vicka is not present, her harem has to stand completely still and upright until she returns. Like undressed mannequins who can only move their eyelids to blink. So when Vicka eventually returns, its kinda a relief for them. That is until she opens her mouth.

But towards me, Vicka is the kindest, sweetest and hottest thing. Yes, what she does is horrible, but I never can stay mad at her for long. When she notices that I‘m pissed, she finds another creative way to fuck those concerns away. To elaborate: 

Once she elongated all her ten fingers. One of those fingers became a bed. The second a tentacle with which she coiled my waist and hoisted me on it. Her middle finger went... well, you know where ;) and evolved a hand of its own in there. Pinky and ring finger turned into hoses which sprayed champagne nonstop on our naked skins. Her remaining five fingers thickened on their tips. They practically inflated. They formed distinct features which developed into body parts. Shapes I instantly recognised to be those of myself. My current face appeared on those five statures‘ heads. Those were my curves, my breasts and my beautiful smile which gazed at me with inpatient sexual creed. Vicka had transformed her fingers into five replications of me, who all lunched at me and buried the original deep beneath their champagne soaked flesh. Vicka herself didn‘t join. She had grown herself a second pair of arms and did some research in a biology book while pleasuring me five times at once in the background. 

Another time she transformed herself into a latex leggings to escape an argument with me. As you might have already guessed, I don‘t wear latex that often myself. It‘s too tight for my taste and that‘s not really comfortable with my extremely sensitive skin. Fortunately I can make others wear it for me. Because it‘s amazing to look at. Anyway, this harsh tearing on the skin isn‘t really present when your girlfriend has morphed herself into latex pants and keeps your legs moist and stimulated by licking your skin beneath with an omnipresent tongue-like inside. 

Mirror16 by minor-alterations

And just this morning she woke me up by transforming into yummy smelling breakfast. A part of her had literally turned into odour particles. That of chocolate croissants and freshly grounded coffee. A tray full of delicacies just laid on Vicka‘s side of the bed. Guessing that she had one of her servants bring me a fresh start for the day, I didn‘t even consider that this meal was her. As I tried to lift the coffee cup, the black liquid suddenly squirted into my face. Both ends of the croissant stretched and turned into arms which embraced my shoulders. The scorched lines on the toast realigned to sketch out Vicka‘s smiling and oddly moving face. The orange juice rose from its glass in form of a pillar and turned into a shaft. Yeah, I was fucked by my breakfast this morning. The peanut butter turned out to be Juli who had compressed herself into a small bowl of Nutella. I joined their weirdo game and morphed my hole into a doughnut, my breasts into two massive fried eggs, my fingers into sausages and my hair into flowing milk. In the end the bed was spilled with all sorts of fluids, with us in the middle as a wobbling something of merged hot drinks and juices. We were still hungry afterwards. 

I gotta ask her how the hell she had managed to turn into a smell. Because turning into air is yet a skill I have to learn. Shouldn‘t be that difficult, though. Until now I was able to turn invisible by adopting the colours of my surroundings, but there had always been a telltale gleam. But if I‘m air... well. 

See ya later, 

Your Debbie

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(Serleena, TF, multiple inanimate, absorption, tentacle, dark)

SHIT! Massive plot twist.

23735099 775214649340808 7321643449709494272 N by minor-alterations

Crap. I did something I cannot undo. But how could I have foreseen what happened? It worked out perfectly the last time around. I should have trained more! Stupid shit happens if I‘m not in full control of my powers. Everything needs to be considered first. 

Vicka and I spend the afternoon in Debbie‘s Paradise. Got massaged, played some arcade, received handjobs by employees with the bodies of celebrities and ate lobster from naked girls‘ backs. Pretty average day. I told Vicka about yesterday, about the frog I had absorbed and how I subsequently spend the day as a primitive little insectivore. How we basically switched minds. Vicka found that far less disturbing than me. In fact, she demanded to be absorbed at once! “Please, Debbie!“ she begged. “I wanna be part of you. I could be inside you, all the time! You could create as many copies of me as you wish. Please consider it!“ 

She did have a point. Frogs are made of pretty much the same elements as humans. So why should it not go down as smoothly with people? My main concern was that I couldn‘t care less about absorbing all memories of someone else. Actually I didn‘t even care about the skin beneath Vicka‘s latex clothes which had swollen red and burnt like hell. “I can‘t risk you,“ I told her. “What if you‘re coming out changed? Or when I fail to throw you out completely? I don‘t want to train some bitch into a new best friend.“ 

“Then try it on someone unimportant first,“ she suggested. “I know you. You‘re curious, too. Eventually you have to try it.“

“And obtain all memories from someone I don‘t even like? I‘m still too unexperienced with this power. What if I myself change when having someone else inside?“ 

“But how would you ever know if-“

“Shut up, Vicka,“ I commanded and silent she went. “No means no. It‘s not save. Now I want to watch a movie. Follow.“ She still didn‘t know her place. That‘s the price for preferring people to mindless slaves. What happened could have been prevented if I had known my place as well. But I had given in. 

Some superhero movie was just shown when we got to the cinema. I shouted “Go home“ into the hall and the audience rushed out. Remember that guy who I employed to take care of the cinema? Turns out he had actually gathered over two thousand movies. Too bad that Men In Black 2 wasn‘t among his collection. I punished him just slightly by turning him into an eight year old girl who could barely hold the broom to clean the theatre. Since yesterday night, when I discovered a new fetish of mine, that movie wouldn‘t go out of my head, so an unlucky bimbo who randomly passed by had to pay the price.  At least she‘ll spend the next few thousand years enjoying the pleasures of an immense orgasm, in the form of a Blu-Ray, that is. 

I know what you‘re thinking. Is the second Men in Black not only the worst of the bunch but also a pretty terrible film overall? Well, yeah, plot-wise certainly. But here‘s the thing: I‘ve since been fascinated with the movie‘s villain Serleena. Those of you who have seen it surely remember that sexy shapeshifting alien in black leather. Her deal was that she consisted of sheer infinite tiny serpentine tentacles which could mould her into any form. She could sprout those finger-thin, green-skinned creatures from any spot of her body.

 2018-05-01 22 59 33 by minor-alterations  2015-12-13 20 46 15 by minor-alterations

She could replicate them by branching them off, multiplying and spreading her reach.

2018-05-01 23 01 39 by minor-alterations

She could ensnare her victims and hold them in place. 

  2018-05-01 23 09 17 by minor-alterations
  2018-05-01 23 13 07 by minor-alterations


If you think this is gross, then you‘re a perfectly functioning human being. But she was my first powerful woman crush and her arrogant attitude only added to it. I‘m sure that her demonstration of power and dominance helped my decision to turn female. 

I think my own shapeshifting abilities have reached a point where I can mimic Serleena‘s powers. Not only would I realise another sexual fantasy of mine, but it would also be a neat way to embrace my recent obsession with all things long, boneless, flexible and slippery. So while we  watched the movie (or rather I because Vicka was on her knees with her face in my crotch), I exercised. Extending the first tendril from my fingertip turned out to be no issue whatsoever. It spread forwards until it touched the silver screen. Consisting of pure soft muscle, moving it around like a whip or a bending it in wavy lines admittedly required to get used to, but I got the hang of it before the intro was over. I‘m used to much greater feats. The branching of those tendrils turned out more challenging. They initially didn‘t multiply as smooth as shown in the gifs. I actually have to concentrate on where I want them to split. Luckily I‘m a fast learner. I develop a feeling of a new power quite promptly, so near the ending of the movie it actually looked exactly like above. 

Yeah, those things are indeed really cool. I think I‘m gonna use them frequently. Like whenever I wanna pull something towards me. Or as an unique way to pleasure myself. I think I could even penetrate all of Luvalu at once with them. Let‘s try that next Saturday! 

When the movie ended, I allowed Vicka to talk again. I also gave her a tentacle fetish like mine so she wouldn‘t be grossed out whenever I‘ll coil her. After all the licking and blowing, she complained that her mouth was dry, so I breastfed her some Coke. Since I‘ve absorbed any conceivable kind of drink, I‘ve basically become a living spigot. I should work at a bar. 

Out on the streets, I messed a bit around with my latest favourite. Sprouting a great mass of branched tentacles from my finger, I was able to stop a moving car by entwining it completely. I mentally commanded the driver to leave her vehicle in order not to injure her. Still originating from only my index finger, I could lift the several tons weighing car with a surprising ease. The tendrils hoisted it like a balloon high into the air. I would have needed to turn myself extremely bulky, like Hulk-level, to lift such a weight. But since those tentacles are genuine muscle, their combined strength do the job probably even smoother. Have I just casually found a way to be super strong? Damn, I love my powers! 

Vicka loved them, too. When I absorbed the car through those tentacles, she applauded and cheered. Because I had already hugged it in a way, the massive vehicle just fluently sunk into the green until I only held a ball of slimy tendrils in the air. “I wish you would absorb me as well,“ she began again. “I would accept any outcome! Even if you accidentally devour me. I would have at least made a good meal to you.“ 

“And who would take on my crotch then? You‘ve become so experienced, exchanging you would take weeks. Moreover, you are my friend, Vicka. It wouldn‘t feel right.“

“Juli has become an natural, too. She even tastes better. And she has more ways to pleasure you. I‘m just human, Debbie. I‘m just as good as anyone could be. But if I‘m inside you, one with your essence, I could pleasure you from within! Ever thought about that? I could fuck you without even being physical. All the time! And you could release me whenever you want a friend.“

She really knew how to wrap me around her finger. Her offer suddenly sounded thoroughly intriguing. There was a chance that Vicka would keep her consciousness after her absorption. Those frogs I released back into the lake didn‘t appear changed as well. And there really isn‘t that much of a difference between animals and humans. So what could go wrong, right? Well...

“You‘re sure you wanna go through with this?“ I asked. 

Vicka nodded. “I wanna be one with you. I love you, Debbie. You‘re a goddess to me. Please let me be a part of you.“ 

I sighed. “Well, I only saw the frog‘s memories after I wanted to know them, so I guess I could block yours from invading my mind.“ 

“Is that a yes?“ Tears formed in her eyes while I reconsidered. 

“If you insist. But I guarantee for nothing.“ Moments like these, when I cause so much joy for someone, I can‘t help myself and rejoice as well. In those instances I feel loved more than usual. My empathic abilities tingle when they witness happiness. It‘s actually the most addictive sensation. “So where should we do it?“ 

“I‘m ok with right here,“ Vicka said. At that moment we stood at the east end of the main shopping street. The Paradise is located near there as well. “Come on, no second thoughts.“ Vicka hugged me. She literally pressed herself against me. As if she‘d try to squeeze herself through my skin without my help. Some section of my brain said goodbye to her, I recall. It must have sensed that something would inevitable go wrong. 

“Ready?“ I asked and started a countdown. “Three, two, one-“. And gone she was. It didn‘t even take a second. Organic matter is so fluidly absorbable that she instantly became part of my body and vanished inside it. Standing alone on the street, I realised that I had just eaten a person. Well, I‘ve eaten many people before, but those had been transformed into actual food. Not that my conscience picked me. Humans eat animals all the time, so why shouldn‘t I as the superior being have the right to eat humans? Or maybe I should just go vegan. 

So what had happened to Vicka? Well, I‘m not sure, to be honest. What I can say for sure is that it didn‘t work out as planned. I did not receive my friend‘s memories. I did not feel as if I had observed her life. Actually, I couldn‘t feel her at all. Nothing about her. Vicka was just gone. I had devoured my friend. And all I could suddenly feel was ugly, bleak guilt. 

I just stood there for some minutes and gazed into my own remorse. Why do I always go big with new abilities first instead of training them? Stupid shit like this are direct outcomes of such naivety. I really really liked Vicka. Not just as a tool, but also as a friend to spend time with. There are so few people in my life who‘re actually important to me. I have issues to empathise or socialise with easily controllable creatures. I‘ve tried to leave their minds untouched so they could be genuinely themselves, but all of them become so fucking annoying with their boring lives, their casual do-gooder behaviour and their mundane stories. In the end, I can‘t stand their bullshit anymore and turn them into something more interesting, and may they become merely servants who start treating me like the shimmering divinity that I am. 

Mirror14 by minor-alterations

The Paradise should lend me some comfort after my friend‘s demise. So I headed back. I could have flown there, but I didn‘t feel like transforming in that moment. Walking has something mediative and I needed to think about my mistake. Even though I had no idea what that mistake would cause in all actuality. 

About halfway there, something inside began to feel funny. As if I had one drink to many and now all that poison laid like a stone in my stomach. It wanted out. Something wanted out. I couldn‘t tell what it was. It could have been the car I absorbed, as well as the vibrator which had simply vanished in my pussy last week. The longer I focused on that worsening sensation, the stronger it demanded to be released. Fighting it turned out to be hopeless after a while. So I stopped and gagged. I was feeling sick. As if I had to throw up. At least I think this was what throwing up feels like. Next, my body reacted without the consent of my mind. It spew out something big. Something big and naked. Something that resembled my friend. 

She had the face of Vicka. The hair, the skin colour, the size. But the rest laid on the road like a limb rubber puppet. One arm was stretched over five feet. The other had more resemblance to the arm of an infant. Her wobbly body laid prone, but her breasts were unusually squashed beneath her weight, deliquescing them like omelettes on the concrete. The entire structure of Vicka‘s flabby body reminded more of that of a squid. No chance that she had a firm spine, the way her torso winded. And when she first tried to stand up, her wobbly limbs moved like those of tube men. 

I helped her on her feet and could already feel how her body stiffened rather swiftly. Her baby arm grew to normal proportions while her stretched one kept dangling from my shoulder. “What happened?“ she asked, with her voice sounding like it came from a hungry throat of an horrifying monster. She harrumphed and spoke on with her usual voice. “Did it work? I feel funny.“

I hugged her. “I already thought you were gone for good! We shouldn‘t have done this. Look at you. Your body is all fucked up!“ 

But Vicka kept looking into my eyes. It felt like a punch in the guts. Even though I hadn‘t actually intended to command her to look at herself, she still should had been obligated to. Yet she didn‘t. Vicka remained unaffected. Nobody had ever disobeyed me before. At that point I began to worry. “Vicka, slap yourself!“ 

But all she did was to look as confused I me. “I... don‘t want to.“ 

I couldn‘t handle her disregard. “JUMP!“ I yelled. 

“Why?“ she asked. “Hey, what‘s happening?“ I was screaming commands at her. ‘Lie on the ground, masturbate, kiss my breasts, wet yourself‘. My anger rose with every failed attempt to control her. On her side, it was her smile which rose. “You fucked with my mind,“ she eventually interrupted me. “Turned me into your slut. Your latex wearing sextoy.“ 

Vicka had somehow regained her full consciousness and free will. I could no longer drill into her mind. I couldn‘t even read her thoughts. My influence bounced off her body like a ball on a stone wall. “Stop it! You‘re making me feel bad.“ 

But Vicka just laughed. “Oh, I‘m not blaming you. Obeying your commands was just... fuck, it always felt so fulfilling. Better than sex. You gave me a purpose in life. You give people purpose. You can‘t know it, you haven‘t experienced how it feels to be under your control. It‘s just... pure love. Pure dedication. Like it‘s our destiny to serve you!“ 

“Wait.“ She looked completely human by now. “So you still love me?“ 

“Well of course. I think your old commands are still stuck in my mind. I don‘t care. Seems like you can‘t put any new ones in there, though. And I somehow don‘t have the urge to wear rubber anymore, too. Guess I can block your changes to an extend. And moreover-“  Vicka stretched out her arm. Literally. It elongated and did not stop to extend. Utterly shocked I watched how her hand pressed the doorbell of a house on the other side of the street. “Holy FUCK!“ 

“How the hell is this possible?“ I downright turned red with anger and confusion. Those are my powers! Nobody else can have MY powers. At least she hadn‘t stolen them, for I could still morph my hand into a boxing glove which I almost used on her. I mean how does she dare? She‘s merely human. 

“Looks like something of you had transferred over to me. At least the best parts. I‘m curious-“. The door was opened by a brunette wearing a short latex disco dress. Mia had once been a man, I found out in her mind, but spend the current days mostly with beauty products or trying out knew sexy clothes. And that showed. She looked absolutely phenomenal. When she noticed Vicka‘s rubberlike arm reaching over the street, she presumed that I had turned into my friend and opened the door further. 

“Come in, Debbie,“ Mia yelled. “I‘m just having an orgy in here. It would be an honour if you would join.“ 

But before I could refuse, Vicka slung her arm around the girl like a constrictor around its prey. Four windings in number. She did it with such a disturbing ease that my worries only intensified. I had required years to stretch and control my body like she so casually managed to do. Tightening her grip, Vicka pulled Mia closer by contracting her arm back. She had the widest, most wicked grin on her face. Mia‘s grin, however, slowly faded. She began to suspect that it wasn‘t me who just held her in place in front of us. I drilled into her thoughts to find out if she was afraid, but found something more bothersome. I heard Vicka‘s voice inside Mia‘s head!

‘Oh, hey Debbie‘ Vicka thought. ‘In here, too?‘ 

‘You can enter minds?‘ I sent back. 

‘Well, not yours. I‘ve just tried. But hers. I can do much more with her. Mia, bark like a dog.‘ And she did as she was ordered to. The girl woofed like a watchdog at a burglar. ‘Stop. Now bite your lip.‘ I had to intervene when Mia snapped her lower lip bloody. But no matter how often I made her mouth instantly heal, she would only stop chomping as I mentally ordered her to. But Vicka was far from done. ‘Mia, love me!‘ Thus her fear was converted into dedicated devotion. I became a bit jealous when Mia leaned forwards, still wrapped in Vicka‘s arms, and kissed my girlfriend, with Vicka‘s extended tongue gliding deep down that random woman's throat. ‘Don‘t gag‘ I heard her think in Mia‘s mind. Her struggle became painful to witness. If I hadn‘t gifted that girl the capability to breath with her gullet plugged, she would have suffocated. Not that Vicka could have cared. She loved to be in the centre of attention for once. 

Eventually Vicka released Mia from her grip and pushed her back on the road. “How‘s this not your favourite ability? This feels so powerful. I basically own her now. Hey Mia, from now on you have to say ‘I‘m worthless‘ every ten seconds.“ 

“I‘m worthless.“ At that moment, Mia didn‘t believe that herself, but I‘m sure she would have after the first few weeks of constantly repeating that same statement. 

My attempt to sooth Vicka failed again. She kept on playing with ridiculous commands which benefitted nobody. “You can only eat leftovers from other people‘s garbage bins,“ she set in stone for example. “You will walk on all fours. You‘re not able to sit down anymore. Yeah, you‘ll live like a stray from now on.“ When I control someone, it‘s only for my advantage. There is always a reason for my commands. But Vicka merely seemed to be out for the humiliation. Her impish grin and glistening eyes revealed how much she enjoyed tormenting that girl. That became crystal-clear when she said: “And you will hate doing all that. You will feel nothing rewarding or positive when following these rules.“ 

Damn! Not five minutes with powers and Vicka already viewed herself miles above humanity. Her mischievous and indifferent attitude had been more than obvious before, but now she proved to be a perverted sadomasochist. Well, give someone power and you‘ll see his true face. “Is this really necessary?“ I asked and got interrupted by an ‘I‘m worthless‘ from Mia. 

Vicka chuckled and shook her head, as if she couldn‘t believe my question. “Just because you‘re scared to live out your own dominance fantasies doesn‘t mean that I have to restrain myself, too. Because in secret, you love tormenting people just as well. You‘re a hypocrite, Debs. At least I admit that I love to be evil.“ Down at her feet, Mia‘s hair fell out. Her dress merged into a permanent part of her body as her entire skin from the neck down morphed into red latex. Her breasts deflated until they were as flat as a plank while all beauty seemed to be sucked from the girl‘s face. Vicka kicked her in the butt and Mia galloped down the road on all fours, telling the world how worthless she was. I felt really bad for her. 

“Now what about that orgy she mentioned?“ My heart made a jump as Vicka swiftly transformed into a sparrow and fluttered towards the door. Even myself couldn‘t have morphed quicker. She had somehow obtained not only my powers, but also my skills I acquired during all the years of hard training. She just skipped the practice. She became a natural from the first moment. Therefore it was more effortless for Vicka to transform into a bird and fly those few feet over the street than to walk there. She transformed back into herself in the doorframe, but now wearing a luxurious golden glitter dress that was more appropriate for Oscar Night. She lent the gown just a moment of attention, acknowledging the incredible feats her body was now capable to accomplish. I stretched one leg, rose it over the street, placed my foot next to her and pulled the rest of myself into the house. The moans and screams of pleasure made it unmistakably clear that the orgy took place in the living room. 

“Vicka, wait!“ 

But her finger already elongated and turned green, turned into a green tentacle and coiled around the door handle. “You know what? These things are handy.“ She didn‘t just open the door. She absorbed it! Behind it, the sight of a dozen partly in latex dressed girls was disclosed to us. Most of them were too busy fingerfucking or licking another to notice our presence. Bottles of empty body oils laid all across the living room, with their contents glistening on the girls‘ skins and making them slip whenever they tried to grab hold of breasts or waists. Their sweat had soaked their hair into vines and their reek was animalistic. They had been here for a while. 

Vicka rubbed her hands. “Mmmh... so much to choose from.“ I thought she meant whose mind to take over first. But she flicked her finger at the blonde laying nearest to us. Within a second, the girl shrunk, flattened and changed colour. A black latex leggings now laid in her place, on top a brunette. With a second snap of Vicka‘s finger, the shocked brunette turned into a leather choker. My girlfriend found that wildly amusing, the way she clapped her hands. “Ok, this is definitely my favourite power.“ Without a gesture, a third girl became translucent, began dripping and then splashed over her sex partner in the form of a gush of water. 

“Vicka, these girls haven‘t done anything to deserve this! At least give them everlasting pleasures or something.“ 

“You and your excuses all the time. You enjoy it just as much. I read your blog. It makes you feel superior. You‘re only granting them those pleasures because you don‘t want your watchers to see you as the monster that you are. You don‘t fool anyone with that.“ Another participant of the orgy turned into a nose ring. “Ever thought about that people don‘t sympathise with you, no matter what? They want you to embrace your powers. They want you to be naughty. They want someone like me!“ And another beauty would spend her life as a towel. Vicka didn‘t even look. By then every girl had noticed what was going on. Some tried to flee, but two tentacles spread from Vicka‘s nipples, branched out into hundreds of tendrils and ensnarled those who dared to leave the party. “We‘re goddesses among them, Debbie. You said it yourself. We have a right to do whatever we want. Their morals don‘t apply to us.“ The two girls she had entangled adopted a gelatinous consistency, one red the other green, then shrunk into gummy candies. One of Vicka‘s tentacles brought them to her mouth, were she placed the two sorry girls on her tongue, closed her trap, grinned and swallowed. 

“Stop that immediately!“ I yelled into her face. “The town will be deserted if you keep going like that. People are a resource!“ 

“We‘ll just take in new ones,“ Vicka casually shrugged off. “It‘s a transit village.“ 

“Someone will notice people just disappearing.“

“Well, then we‘ll transform those, too.“ A girl who had almost made it behind the couch to hide turned into stone. Oddly enough, I couldn‘t mentally connect to her. I couldn‘t enter any of Vicka‘s victims minds. Still my empathic abilities received their fear and desperation to move. Otherwise I could have given them eternal orgasms to compensate their fates at least a little. I was utterly powerless. Even when I tried to pull Vicka out by force, she just transformed her arm into water so that my hand had nothing to grip onto. “Oh, come on Debbie. Among all people, you should really know that nothing can stop me. You do whatever you want. And I do whatever I want. Could we agree on that? You can depict me in your blog in whatever gruesome way you wish, but don‘t get on my nerves.“ One girl became a toothbrush. Another the paste for it. 

I decided according to instinct. Swaying my hand, the remaining three girls turned into precious necklaces. Vicka would have forced them into something more humiliating, and with my method they could at least spend eternity enjoying never ending sexual bliss. And if worn, they could also see the outside world once in a while. “I don‘t want to argue with you,“ I said. “What happened, happened. I‘m not gonna try to stop you or fight you or anything. I admit, it was selfish of me to think that everyone should have as much fun as possible while trying to refuse your right to do just that. But I like it here. I want to keep a low profile. If we have too much fun, things could get pretty hairy around here.“

Vicka hesitated to respond, then looked to the ceiling and nodded. “Yeah yeah, I know. I‘ve always been the smarter one. Let‘s just say you let me do whatever I want and I let you do whatever you want. No bitching. I‘ll try to respect your wishes, but my desires always come first.“ 

“Deal,“ I said and we shook on our agreement. “So we‘re still a couple?“ 

“Are you kidding? This is the most fucking awesome thing ever! Imagine all the crazy sex will we have. We could fuck each other from different borders of town. I still love you, Debbie. I could never imagine to be with someone else.“ 

“Actually, this could mean a lot of fun,“ I acknowledged. “I‘m gonna get used to be with someone I can‘t control. But I‘m up for the challenge.“ 

“You will learn to love me eventually,“ Vicka said and approached a huge potted palm tree in a corner. “Maybe it‘ll help if I adjust my body for you.“ The palm contracted into a slim, rectangular shape, became silver and turned into a full-length mirror standing upright in a pot. “If I had been you I would have turned organic matter into my shit all the time. Oh, right. I am like you. But who do I want to be?“ 

First she transformed into me. “Nah, would only confuse people. But I don‘t want to look ordinary beautiful like every other girl around here. You know what? I‘m just gonna look like a celebrity. But whom should I pick?“ 

After a long changeover show, Vicka settled on her: 

Mirror15 by minor-alterations

Yeah, I think I‘m done absorbing people for now. Now I gotta take care of those frogs... 

See ya later, 

Your Debbie

My next post:

Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #10 (18+  TF, stretching, melting, slime, forced TF, weird sex, all around craziness)

I take back all my initial complains about Vicka having obtained powers. After just three days, I‘m utterly obsessed with her. It hadn‘t been an accident after all. Vicka is a blessing to my world. Her love for me has only intensified and we‘re starting to relate as equals, with a genuine friendship. It‘s weird not having the control over someone so close to me. Sometimes it‘s as frustrating as playing a video game with broken controls. On the other hand, not knowing what she‘s going to do next puts an excitement into our relationship that I didn‘t know I desperately longed for. Something new and adventurous. Yes, this entry is going to be batshit crazy. 
Vicka is supremely creative with how she uses her powers in bed. Her ideas exceed the borders of my imagination. First of all, we wil

Minor Seductions (by MrInternetMan)
Marvel at what… has created! All my thanks I could possibly give go to him. 

Welcome to Minor Alterations. These are my powerful and magical characters. They all have their own stories, abilities, personalities and moral codexes. The only thing they share are their sexual orientation. 

Left Bottom: Debbie Turner, a young shapeshifter who can do anything with her body she imagines. She can be a plane or a fly, a gigantic skyscraper or a tiny dot on a sheet of paper, she can be air or water, can turn parts of her into objects and makes strands of her hair into additional limbs. Her power to completely control and alter the minds of others grants her the privilege to live like a queen. Having grown up as a spoiled child who could simply order the adults around to fulfill her every desire, Debbie has always gotten what she wanted what made her excessively selfish, narcissistic and inconsiderate. Despite using her powers mostly for sex and funny games, she also loves to transform people into the opposite gender, animals or inanimate objects what gives her the feeling to stand above them. Regardless of her deeds, however, Debbie is a very joyful girl who's happy when others are happy after she has had her fun. She moved back into her sleepy Australian home town to finally discover her origins, after new powers had emerged in her and seem to grow at a rapid pace. 

Right Bottom: Agent Ruby Walker. Different than my other characters, this beautiful redhead does have no powers. Ruby is a young FBI agent who had overestimated the suspenseful work at an intelligence organization. Tied to a desk and stacks of paperwork all day, her life lacks all joy or prospects for something more fulfilling. Until her case, the seductive shapeshifting mischief demon Demonica pays her a nightly visit and introduces her to a life of transformations, magic, glamour and ecstasy. Falling in love head over heels, they both find aspects in another which they had long sought. Ruby has a very sharp mind and continuously figures mysteries out before someone can explain them to her. Determined and ambitious, she always tries her best and has a high sense of justice. She often questions the doings of her more hedonistic shapeshifting girlfriend, but usually gives in, in order to indulge herself in incredible pleasures. 

Upper Right: Blue Calby and Jodie Buckle. Together with her sister Kate, Jodie grabbed herself a backpack and started a pilgrimage through the prairies of France, on the 800km long path Via Podiensis. The magical adventure they found there began with meeting a girl with vibrantly blue hair, a latex leggings and a joyful smile which never seemed to fade. Blue was her name, and soon it became apparent that she possessed magical abilities which equalled those of God. With the most joyful attitude, Blue performs wonders wherever she goes. Her abilities have yet to show limitations. Despite being able to achieving pretty much anything she wishes, she's still very considerate and cares about others. The fact that Jodie and Kate can see her powers convinces her that the sisters are reality benders as well and begins teaching them magical abilities along the way. But Blue has locked away her past to a dark place and it is coming to get them all. 

Upper Left: Yuki and Vicky. Those extremely powerful, sex-thriven creatures are made of shiny liquid metal. With bodies as flexible as water, they can become anything they want, slosh around, merge, fuse, become one or even turn into a lake of silver liquid. They can take the appearance of anyone and anything, enter every crack, flow through the thinnest pipes and spread their liquid over entire cities by extending their mass to ocean like proportions. Excessively more godlike as they look, their essence can control biomass and is therefore able to control, convert or transform people. Their plan to take over the world is having every reason to succeed. 

Middle Bottom: Margo Proudfoot. A spoiled young witch who has specialized in the craft of permanently transforming people into inanimate objects. The only thing which seems to amuse her is to bring desperation and suffering to others. Margo is pure evil and loves it. As a complete psycho- and sociopath, she even torments and oppresses her own non-magical sister because she is the only person who can be turned back after the transformation. To everyone's misery, Margo's magical abilities are growing, allowing her to mind control others, teleport, shift reality around her and turn into anything herself. 

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(TF, mind control, absorption, tentacle)


Mirror12 by minor-alterations

I love my new absorption powers!

Somehow I‘ve always known that the range of my abilities wouldn‘t stop with shapeshifting and mind control. Just through trying something new I‘ve discovered an entire new branch of possibilities. Turned out that my body isn‘t only an omnifarious essence with infinite potential, but also an all-consuming sponge that sucks up matter as if there would be a whole universe‘s free space within me. Seriously, no clue where the stuff I absorb actually ends up. Maybe in some sort of pocket dimension or it is shrunk to microscopic proportions or it stops existing entirely or it lands straight in your mother‘s butt, I don‘t know. But I don‘t care as long as I have my fun with it. 

Laying the breakfast table has become fun since then. Not necessarily in the kitchen, I first stretch out my arm about ten feet. That‘s the length which our table once had. Actually I don‘t need to contort my body to eject absorbed things of any size; it just speeds up the process. So my extended arm then turns into wood for a second and sweats out the large table with a noisy plop. Imagine it as if the table would be an inflatable pool toy. That‘s how it kinda looks like. Then I eject some plates and glasses out of my palms. They are always the same dishes, because I have only absorbed them once. However, once those objects become part of my body, I can apparently create as many copies as I want. I filled a bathtub with countless identical lipsticks, as you can see in the picture above. Originally I owned only one of those. 

After some training I managed to tell my body when to digest organic material and when to absorb it. The better word for it would probably be ‘saving‘ objects, for this power is like storing blueprints in a 3D-printer. So before I consume food, I ‘save‘ it by touch. Because then I can forever recreate that meal without having to order someone to prepare it for me. Whenever I have appetite, I just create a bite of pizza, chicken nuggets, a lollipop, a brownie or whatever inside my mouth. I just need to have absorbed it once. This is so fucking awesome, I do it all day. My body never has the urge to eat, therefore has no feeling of satiety. It‘s all about having something in my mouth. My tongue has five times as much taste buds than yours, equals five times the treat. 

Mirror13 by minor-alterations

So then I dispense some orange juice, pastries, scrambled eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, toasties or fruits on the breakfast table, all inside bowls. I also love to squeeze milk out of my nipples or have Vicka suck on them whenever she‘s hungry. Juli‘s composition turns into milk chocolate when we exchange our fluids through my breasts. “From now on you can only take in liquid through my nipples,“ I eventually commanded them. Although I have to remember to breastfeed them once every day now, it‘s both really pleasurable and awesome that they‘re even more dependent on me. 

So today I‘ve gone on what I like to call a ‘scavenger hunt‘. The intend was to absorb as many different objects as possible. Because then I‘ll have those always available, of each number I desire. First I transformed into a birdie and flew to our grocery store. Its one of the only stores in town where people still need to pay. Most other shops give away their things for free. Give and take has become the new economic system here.

Speaking of, things are great in Luvalu. I have tried to think of  more enjoyable fellow citizens but lack the imagination. For example, when I entered the store, a young woman who had once been seventy years old approached the point of sale, with a trolley filled with all sorts of fast-food. She wore a blue latex tube top and a short black latex skirt which didn‘t even fully cover her groin. Most of the local girls reveal it uncovered or have cut a slit into their leggings so they don‘t have to pull down their clothes every time. The cashier, a blonde who wore a purple latex catsuit with a corset made off crushing hard rubber, scanned the groceries with one hand while starting to masturbate with the other. “That's a very pretty gleam on your top,“ she complimented her customer. 

“Thanks. I polished and oiled it only yesterday. I‘m thinking about cutting a hole in it to reveal my cleavage. But I‘m probably just going to collect one with a hole already in it.“

“Can‘t have enough latex,“ the employee said while furiously keeping fingering herself at her customer‘s sight. “Thank God Debbie introduced a true sense of fashion to the town. I‘ve already ordered a second drawer.“ 

The girl wearing the blue tank top bended over the cash register and passionately kissed the cashier without further ado. They kept sticking together like this for a while, almost falling on the counter, tossing most of the groceries to the floor. Even though such love stories occur every second in every building these days, I can never look away. It‘s just too hot and entertaining. “You‘re not bad,“ the customer said after pulling away. “Wanna fuck?“ 

“I would love to when my shift is over. But you can lick me beneath the counter if you don‘t mind. You would need to share the space with another girl, but she slept in an hour ago.“ Thus the tube-top girl climbed over and disappeared beneath the table. The casher called up the next bombshell in the line, consisting of young women who looked like supermodels who had started their own tiny make-out session while waiting. 

Sex has become as casual as saying hello. Some see it even as impolite not to offer intercourse. With their collective addiction to sexual pleasure and with dozens of girls to choose from at any moment of the day, this town begins to feel like watching a ridiculous porn movie. ‘Slut town‘ it would probably be called, where the inhabitants are all sexy, horny, latex wearing lesbians who can‘t endure an afternoon without sticking their tongues into something. It would star famous models as well as celebrities and would have the thinnest plot in porn history. It‘s a blast to live here, so everyone agrees. 

With little but sex in their minds, they can also behave really immature at times. A girl in the vegetable section had some fun with an extra large cucumber when I got there. I would have left her alone if she hadn‘t put it back in the shelf when she was done. I walked up to her and said: “You could at least buy it when you already fucked it.“ 

Her eyes went big as she realised to whom she was talking to. “Sorry Debbie. But you made us like that. It‘s not my fault.“

“Actually, yeah it is.“ I think she wanted to object, but her tongue had already morphed into a stiff dick. That‘s a better rod to put inside someone than valuable vegetable. With the nonsense she had stated, it isn‘t sad about her trap I guess. I was feeling naughty at that moment and in addition told her: “ This floor is dirty. Lick it clean with your new tongue.“ She‘s still busy. 

For emergency purposes, the people here had put up hammocks all throughout the city. During the first week they hadn‘t been much used, but they replaced the bed as the usual place where the action happens as soon as I had absorbed a hammock made of silver silk and contributed over two-thousand copies. It took an entire afternoon to press those out my body. In the end, it was worth it. They‘re hanging everywhere, even between homes and the shelves in the stores. I think I‘m gonna do actual beds next, but I haven‘t found a proper one yet. 

Walking through the aisles I touched every product that I thought would be useful to have an infinite amount of. Absorb, release. Absorb, release. Absorb, release. Over and over. I could feel every product becoming a small part of me. It‘s not like they‘re stored at an specific spot beneath my skin. More like they‘re turned to liquid and their essence now flows through mine. While I was on it, I made sure to restock the gaps in the shelves. My fingertips acted as some funny sort of dispenser which sprayed goods. Every manufacturer‘s wet-dream. And the candy shelves were the most affected. My hand ended up grabbing deep into every Jelly Belly jar and ensured a supply for eternity. I stuffed everything my tongue loves into a basket and pressed it through my chest. I had to refill it twice.

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Yet the actual absorption process still isn‘t as smooth as I wished. Five seconds to press a bottle of cold beer through my palm. Ten seconds to absorb a bag of ice cubes. Twenty to ingest a Nespresso machine. And I had to literally hug a grill to force that thing through my skin. It‘s supposed to go touch and gone. Well, I guess more training will get me to that point eventually. Without training I would still need several attempts to control someone or hours to transform him. Powers are like beautiful flowers which require love, care, time and devotion to flourish. I‘ve only discovered the seedling. And I can water it by slurping up more stuff. 

After adopting what felt like half the store, I turned into a bee and flew back outside. I love being that tiny at times. Just the thought that something that teeny can be immensely powerful is amusing and intriguing. Also people start behaving differently when they know I‘m around, either because they desire something or because they fear that I‘ll transform them. Nobody is going to suspect a puny little buzzy bee to be their queen. 

My own working bees had been really busy and dedicated to keep Luvalu a secret. We established several outposts along the only street going in and out of the town. They alert another when one spots an oncoming car. It‘s their job to redirect the vehicles on a bumpy trail running around the town and make sure they enter the town under no circumstances. Should foreigners somehow manage to get in anyway, the civil defence siren alerts my army of bitches, obligating them all to capture the intruder and lock him away in the police‘s cell so I can convert him into one of us later. It‘s pretty fool-proof. Soon I gonna take care about all the missing person reports. But a quick visit at Australia‘s main police headquarters should settle that annoying issue. 

As I buzzed through the town, moans and screams of sexual highs sounded from sidewalks, alleys, flats and gardens. Some didn‘t even care to seek out a cushy place to lie down and fingered each other against walls or bended over engine hoods. Further down the main road, an entire horde of them had gathered on the hard, hot asphalt, rolling over another, kissing and licking whatever body part their lips could touch, their hands deeply submerged in their latex pants, changing partners every few seconds while a fire hydrant splashed them wet and slippery. They were all so very very happy. My empathic senses have never perceived so overwhelmingly much elation and contentment at a single place. I literally felt unable to block their combined high spirits. Their emotions and brain waves were just too frantic and forceful. Just by taking away their sexual restraints, I‘ve turned them into the most happy people imaginable. Pure joy wherever my tiny bee wings brought me. Not one negative vibe anywhere. It‘s paradise. 

 I also fucked around, but in my own way. Buzzing around a picnic, annoying the hell out of a couple. Stinging those who waved at me. Flying from flower to flower while converting their pollen into sweet tasty honey. Turning other girls into bees to share waggle dances with them. I even let myself get eaten by a frog, just because I was curious how that felt like. I cannot recommend it. In its stomach I absorbed the frog, what went down surprisingly swift, considering its size compared to mine. Apparently the relation doesn‘t matter. That‘s the first revelation I found odd. The second was even weirder. I kid you not, but I suddenly had the impression to know everything about that frog. Pictures flashed up in my mind as I focused on that sensation. They didn‘t came at all once, but rather seeped into my mind as I was requesting to know specifics about that little amphibian. When I enquired to know about its birth, I saw memories of a tadpole hatching from a gelatinous egg. Not unlike I would read a person‘s memories. Or when I wished to know where the frog‘s pond was, visions of the waterhole, which is located six minutes away from town, answered my question. That poor little thing had jumped all the way into the centre after getting lost, after being hunted by a bird of prey. Apparently when I absorb something alive, I absorb their minds as well. 

At that moment I had no idea how right I was. I found out a few moments later while I rested and cleaned my wings on a fencepost. That frog wouldn‘t get out of my head. The longer I focused on the animal, the more I became convinced to have actually lived its short life. Well, don‘t understand it wrong, I didn‘t have the impression to have lived two lives. It‘s more like I had been watching the frog‘s one like a silent observer since its birth. I knew everything it had ever done. Knew how it behaved and reacted. Knew how it was living as a frog. So I dared the bold decision to dig deeper and transformed into him. 

From then on I remember little to nothing. I woke up at night, still resting in the form of the animal. My location had changed. Instead of laying on the fencepost I swam on the surface of a little backyard pond. I could only vaguely remember how I got there. What I could recall can‘t really be compared to memories. Rather instinctive reflexes and primitive responses to my surroundings. Accompanied by a permanent thrive to hunt for food. 

I think I‘ve spend the day as an actual frog! 

Quickly I transformed back into a teenage girl, willed a joint out of my palm and let everything flow through my mind again while getting sky high. How crazy can it get, right? Not only do I absorb bodies and minds, I also pick up their nature and personality. Morphing my body into animals is one thing, but now I can actually be that animal. With all their animalistic behaviour. As if my mind would temporarily go on vacation. Until something causes me to return. This could have also ended fatal, when I think about it. The frog would have never considered to turn back into me. So why did I return nevertheless? 

Unfortunately I had lost the girls who I transformed into bees and who I had intended to turn back. I hope for them that bee sex is as pleasurable as human sex, otherwise they will have serious issues with their addictions. But the least I could do was to fly down to the waterhole to release the frog. I gave him a twin to play with. 

The star-studded sky hung beautifully above the desert. Only the chirping crickets dared to break the silence. I let them continue their shrill music and decided to stay at the lengthy bathing lake for a while. Sometimes I just want to have nobody around. I guess I‘m the only of my kind, so I‘m always feeling a little lonely somewhere. Living like a goddess compensates that, though. The gap between the humans and me is so ridiculously wide that this dominance makes up for any feeling of solitude which lights up now and then. If I only knew what I am and where I came from. The answer has got to be here. Somewhere here in Luvalu. 

To get my mind off it, I began transforming around without plan. As a fish I swam through the lake and turned some others into fish sticks. Afterwards a shark hunted them but didn‘t actually eat any. Then I turned into a Mosasaur. You know, those big-ass, marine prehistoric dinosaurs who could swallow a car whole? It‘s not very lady-like to dig dinos but transforming into those monsters can be incredibly thrilling. But I could barely swim around, so I made my massive body collapse into water, what caused the lake to spill over. Being nothing but water always feels so incredibly weightless. It has its very own unique feel of unrestricted freedom. Abandoning my entire mass, I concentrated my essence into a single drop which crawled onto a branch which hung into the lake. Moments ago I had been the largest predator the world has ever created, now I was just a single drop of water. But the drop hardened into a tiny diamond and lengthened to form a crystal snake which slithered up the branches. The tree seemed to come to life as well, as its twigs carefully embraced the serpent, extended and put it on the sand. Four scanty limbs sprouted from the diamond snake, four becoming taloned legs, two translucent wings. Flapping them, the crystal dragon took off and grew into a considerable size even before it reached the crown of the tree. Sailing over the lake, the beast spew a surge of fire over the surface. The flames reached over the shore and set an area of dry bushes and withered grass ablaze. The creature which had since now only existent in legends and fantasy, turned into a gorgeous girl far above the soil, with her silky brown hair waving as she fell and her naked, fertile body nosediving. At impact, cartoon physics appeared to apply for her. Instead of smashing her head, the girl first became flat like a pancake and bounced back up into her astonishing shape. The flames were already spreading, but the young woman didn‘t worry. She grabbed inside her vulva and drew out a thick, long fire hose. A stream of harsh water shot onto the flames and ended the threat. But the girl didn‘t intend to shove the hose back into her hole, so instead it morphed into an extended tentacle of an octopus. The flexible way it moved through the air along with its softness felt somewhat intriguing. That branch of porn had seemed so alienated and bizarre before, but she had also never looked deeper into it. When she took its end into her mouth, her tummy tickled, causing her to chuckle. It was kinda gross at first, but that also made it enticing somehow. 

Whenever I discover a new fetish, I don‘t shy away from it. For most of you it will appear absolutely weird and creepy, but I‘ll give tentacles a chance. For someone who can literally sprout herself countless of those wobbly boneless things, the opportunities arise at least. Also now that there‘re no dicks in town anymore, the girls here will have to find an alternative for their fingers fairly soon. So I walked back to the shore and laid down into shallow water. Each of my legs split into four stripes as if they‘d be cut like vegetables. Those eight strips then morphed into slick, round and dark blue tendrils. They had no suction cups but were extremely smooth and slippery. In the moonlight they gleamed like oiled latex. Did I really have a choice now? 

I let them coil around my torso and morphed my arms into eight more tentacles. This is not going to shift into a hentai now, but I experimented with some really freaky stuff down there at the lake. Not that I regret anything! I think I‘ve found a new kink that‘s as freaky and out there as I am. Maybe I‘m a tentacle monster from space and don‘t know that yet. Would explain a lot! 

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See ya later,

Your Debbie

My next post: 

Blog of a shapeshifting mind-controller #9 (Serleena, TF, multiple inanimate, absorption, tentacle, dark)
SHIT! Massive plot twist.

Crap. I did something I cannot undo. But how could I have foreseen what happened? It worked out perfectly the last time around. I should have trained more! Stupid shit happens if I‘m not in full control of my powers. Everything needs to be considered first. 
Vicka and I spend the afternoon in Debbie‘s Paradise. Got massaged, played some arcade, received handjobs by employees with the bodies of celebrities and ate lobster from naked girls‘ backs. Pretty average day. I told Vicka about yesterday, about the frog I had absorbed and how I subsequently spend the day as a primitive little insectivore. How we basically switched minds. Vicka found that far less disturbing than me. In fact, she demanded to be absorbed at once! “Please, Debbie!“ she begged. “I wanna be part of you. I could be inside

Blog of a shapeshifting mind controller #8
Even though I'm not into all that tentacle hentai at all, I can't deny that I still have a thing for it. My first crush, what introduced me to all things sexual, had been Serleena from Men in Black 2. Sounds totally weird and ridiculous, but what she could do with her tentacles was (and still is) very hot. What do you think about it? Wanna read more about it or nay? 
Alright Netflix... Umbrella Academy saved you my subscription in the last minute. It's like Wes Anderson made a X-Men series. Loved every minute. 


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About my interests, or what my stories are mostly about (in descending order):

1. Girls with superpowers/magic: Abilities of all kinds, from transformation to teleportation to creation or even omnipotence. The more powerful they are the better. The theme is female power, in a sense that the characters really love their abilities and use them whenever they can.

2. Power abuse: The powerful girls in my stories don't restrain themselves. Except for maybe two stories (Demonica and Via Podiensis) my stories mainly focus on girls with terrible, sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. In other words they don't give a shit about others and do whatever they want without regrets. Forced object transformations are a recurring motif. I want to apologize to anyone who might think that's my overall few on women, but "Bad Girls" are just another fetish. Via Podiensis on the other hand focuses on true, realistic girls with real emotions and grounded morals.

3. Rubber/Latex clothing: Hold on a second! This might appear like a kinky theme at first glance, but my interest in it is based of another foundation. My stories never intend to objectify or sexualize women by them wearing latex. Therefore nudity and sex scenes rarely occur. They wear it because they know it's publicly disreputable and provocative, but they wanna radiate a strong confidence and indifference to other's opinions. It's like the quote "A lion doesn't care what the sheep think", they see it as a way to demonstrate their power and superiority. So this point is more about female self-confidence than it is about anything else.


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