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Hey guys,

I'm super excited for this!!  Some of my Dinosaur sketches will be featured at the Photonic Playground Art Gallery in Santa Ana, CA from July 2nd to August 6th.  You can find the address and times at the link below :)…

For those interested in buying some artwork, Hi-Res prints will be available in sizes ranging from 8.5x11 to 13x19 and a few will be framed at 24x36.  The artwork is also available for purchase online here -->…

Two of my buddies from Blizzard are headlining this show with me.  Damarcus Holbrook and Kevin Lee, both are artists that have worked on numerous games and recently helped ship Legion, the latest expansion for WOW!

Hope to see some of you guys there :)

Some robot related news :)

3rd Party TF company, GCreations is producing a Dinobot-esque combiner based on an old fan piece I did years ago.  I've always thought that the G1 Dinobots being such a great themed set should have had a gestalt mode.  Apparently Gcreation had the same feelings on the matter and have been producing parts of their Shuraking set for a few months now.  I'm going to make a new drawing of Shuraking for them in the next few months.  Fans can buy the toy online and BBTS is my favorite place to get stuff like this -->…

My fanart and their 3D prototype shot. 

Also, Mecha Zero Sion is the last of the official skin work that I did for League of Legends.  The skins team and support depts. took a fairly simple idea and made it into a dream come true.  I did the super early concepts and worked with Sam Thompson on the final concept and proxy model.  The rest of the skins crew took over after this early stage and made it into the BEAST you see today!  I get giddy chills seeing his ult transform him into a futuristic locomotive and I hope that you LoL players feel the same :)

GL HF guys!
-Minoh Kim
Hey guys,

Check out the latest League of Legends skins promotion event.  PROJECT!!  I'm proud to have worked on the model for Project Yi :)

Official Project Site
Hey guys,

The Firecracker Jinx skin that I modeled is now available in League of Legends.  This is one part of the Lunar Revel event that celebrates the Chinese New Year :)

League of Legends - Firecracker Jinx skin by MinohKim

I hope you guys like it!

Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn are available.  Hope you guys like 'em :)…

Shameless promotion -->…
I am excite :)
I feel extremely lucky to have been asked to do this and I'm happy that the art community is starting to get excited about it.  I buy pretty much anything that Ramos works on, so I'm kinda giddy that he's working on the project :)…

Hello folks,

Lucky me!  I've been asked to do a few sketches for a new anatomy book.  The cool thing is that I get to draw the anatomy in my own style.  So far there are about 60 artists involved and we are each making male and female orthos.

Masters of Anatomy

Check it out,
Dat animation, Batman and Joker :)

I have been notified by a Deviant member, that one of my artworks is being used in a T-Shirt campaign without my knowledge or permission.  The T-Shirt creator has simply flipped and removed my signature from the art.

I have contacted Teespring and shown them the artwork that they have on their T-Shirt is mine.

Update:  They have taken down the shirt as of this afternoon 8/2/13

Please be aware of this company's behavior and contact them if you find your work being used for their profit.

-Minoh Kim
In keeping with the community spirit and the Christmas season. I would like to know if any of you DA folks had any questions about my work process or anything related to my art?

I love to share knowledge :)
Skyfall was Super Turbo Awesome! :)
Hello world!