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  • Eating: everything! :D
  • Drinking: Water!
But unfortunatly i cant share any pictures. :( 

BUT I am very happy that i have pulled trough and worked my butt of to get this done! I illustrated almost every night, when my little one was asleep. As I am a stay at home mom, i am currently having no breaks until my little one is in bed. And the nights a rough as well. If i am lucky i get 5-6 hours of sleep at night. 
If its a bad night, i get 2 hours twice with a 3 hours playdate with my little one who wont sleep. Yay :D 
But at least she is laughing all night and not crying. (Thinking positive is the key!) 

Anyway, I am off to write another childrensbook since my little one is so into books and stuff. :) 

Hugs to you all!! I hope I will be back here soon! :) 
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August 18, 2017


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