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Minnowsplash (BIO COMPLETE- NOTE ME TO RP WITH HER by Minnowbean666 Minnowsplash (BIO COMPLETE- NOTE ME TO RP WITH HER by Minnowbean666
Minnowsplash is mine.(Main warriorsona)
The base belongs to their respected owner.

:"Don't touch me. "

{name} Minnowsplash.
{previous & future names} Minnowkit, Minnowpaw.
{name origin} When she was born, she looked a lot like her grandmother, Minnowwhisker. She was given the prefix "Minnow". The suffix "Splash" came from her deceased sister, Splashpaw, who drowned during leafbare.
{nicknames} Minnow, Min, MinMin.

{gender} female
{pronouns} she/her
{sexuality} Bisexual.
{Purity} Virginity remains intact.
{age} 28 moons.
{date of birth} April 4th.
{place of origin} Riverclan. 
{rank} Medicine cat.
{previous ranks} Kit, medicine cat apprentice.
{Past clan(s)} Riverclan, Cloudedclan(CPI), Fallowclan(CPI),Sageclan(CPI), Crystalclan(CPI).
{Past ranks}- Medicine cat in all of them.
{Current clan} - Darkclan.(Facebook)
{Rank now}- Medicine cat.
PHYSICAL ⎯ ❧ Minnowsplash is a slender, solid gray she-cat with piercing blue eyes.
★ ★ ★

{eyes} Piercing blue.
{shape} I think Almond.
{size} Average.

{fur} Silver.

{length} It's on the medium side.
{texture} Soft.

{scars & oddities} No scars or Oddities.
{build} Small and slender.
{height & weight} 7.4 in/ 7.6 lbs.

{gait} Normal.
{scent} A mixture of herbs, with a strong scent of mint.
{voice} Alex Vause off of Orange Is the New Black.
{accent & dialect}^^^

PSYCHOLOGICAL ⎯ This cat has a calm and quiet exterior, that's slightly cold and harsh. This she-cat has quite the sharp tongue and intelligent, wise mind. She is a rather stubborn thing, that puts others in front of herself and hesitates about most things. She is a loyal, trustworthy, and brutally honest thing. Aside from her harshness, Minnowsplash is rather caring and somewhat kind. For some reason, she is a bit...motherly. At first, she comes across rough around the edges and cold, but be patient, she'll warm up eventually! This cat is very patient and not much of a talker. If you want to talk to her, I don't suggest small talk. That bores Minnowsplash. She also has trust issues and she loves to be organized. On some days, Minnowsplash is oddly cheery and energetic. As you get to know Minnow, you'll see her sweet and loving side and she'll become more talkative. This cat is a sympathetic, observing, mysterious, mellow, collective, reliable, independent, considerate, feisty, mature, responsible, strong-minded, reserved, peaceful, relaxed, respectful, moody, easygoing, and sometimes anxious. This cat has a hard time opening up to others, so don't expect to get very close to Minnowsplash. Her guard is normally up and she's usually alert. Also, to know if she likes you(romantically), her left eye will twitch. She is also pretty sarcastic.I will say Minnowsplash is quite comical and a little bit of a teaser. Minnowsplash is highly intelligent and won't take bullshit from anyone. (Will update more)

★ ★ ★

{defining traits} Patience and Intelligence.

{positive traits} + Calm, + Motherly, + Patient, + Loving.
{negative traits} - Moody,- Cold, - Distant, - Shallow.
{habits} She has a bad habit at snapping at others for no apparent reason.

{quirks} Putting others before herself.
{pet peeves & likes} Pet peeves- Being asked a bunch of questions./ Likes- Being left alone, peace, quiet, hazel eyes, helping others, discovering new herbs, stargazing, and watching the sunrise.
{fears & dreams} Fears- Thunderstorms, water, and spiders./ Dreams- To be the best medicine cat out there, duh.
{talents} Is healing a talent?

{strengths} Intelligence, decent fighting skills, excellent climbing skills, small body, which is an advantage towards bigger opponents, and quick reflexes.
{weaknesses} Poor hunting skills, socializing,

offense ⎯ 5 / 10
defense ⎯ 7 / 10
hunting ⎯ 5/ 10
fishing ⎯ 10 / 10
swimming ⎯ 10 / 10 ( but Due to her fear of water, she no longer swims!)

climbing ⎯ 8 / 10
jumping ⎯ 5/ 10
running ⎯ 7/ 10
stalking ⎯ 4 / 10

navigating ⎯ 7/ 10
medical knowledge ⎯ 10 / 10

parental knowledge ⎯ 4 / 10
sight ⎯ 6/ 10
hearing ⎯ 6 / 10
taste ⎯ 6 / 10
touch ⎯ 6/ 10
scent ⎯ 6 / 10
strength ⎯ 4 / 10
flexibility ⎯ 7/ 10
balance ⎯ 6 / 10
accuracy ⎯ 6 / 10
speed ⎯ 5/ 10
endurance ⎯ 6 / 10
intellect ⎯ 5 / 10
agility ⎯ 6/ 10
sensibility ⎯ 5 / 10
leadership ⎯ 4 / 10
charisma ⎯ 4 / 10
control ⎯ 9 / 10
memory ⎯ 9/ 10
eagerness ⎯ 9/ 10

{disorders} Depression.
{addictions} No addictions noted.

{beliefs} She believes in Starclan and the Dark Forest.

{Advocate personality type. INFJ. TO LEARN MORE, CLICK THIS LINK… }

Kithood- Minnowkit was born in Riverclan. She has a loving mother and a strong father, plus an energetic sister! However, unlike most kits, Minnowkit spent most of her time watching the medicine cat or listening to the elder's stories. She didn't have an interest in fighting and occasionally, she'd help the medicine cat sort herbs. Minnowkit would also spend time with her sister and mother. She had a stronger bond with them more than she had with her father, who was the deputy of Riverclan. Her kithood was rather peaceful, so there's not much to say anymore. Unlike her sister, Minnowkit wasn't favorited by her father.So, she kept her distance from him.

Apprenticeship- Finally, she's an apprentice! But not just any apprentice...Minnowpaw was the Medicine cat's apprentice! Her sister, Splashpaw, was given to Runningbreeze. She learned a lot being a medicine cat apprentice and grew a strong bond with Moltedleaf, who acted as a 'father'figure in a way.Unlike her kithood, which was peaceful, Minnowpaw had one tragic thing happen during her apprenticeship. It started on a leafbare afternoon, Minnowpaw and Splashpaw were playing on the frozen river. Minnowpaw was given freetime, which she used to be around her sister. The ice broke beneath Splashpaw's paws, causing her to go under. Minnowpaw did jump in after her, but she never could save her sister. After that tragedy, Minnowpaw grew a fear of water, whether it's frozen or not.

Medcatship- Now she's a full medicine cat. She suggested the suffix :"Splash", in honor of her sister. Starclan granted the suggestion. She was now a full fledged medicine cat. During her medcatship, another tragedy happened. Two tragedies actually. Her mentor, Moltedleaf, passed away due to a heart attack and her father, Darkclaw, was killed by a windclan warrior. She spent most moons as the Riverclan medicine cat, till she heard about a new clan named :"Fallowclan." So, Minnowsplash left Riverclan and joined Cloudedclan as their new Medicine cat. After a while, Minnowsplash moved onto Fallowclan, which didn't last long. Finally, she has came across Sageclan and hopes that this clan will be her forever home. However, Sageclan came to an end and she went onto Crystalclan. She stayed there for a while, till she moved onto Darkclan(Facebook group).
★ ★ ★
{relationship status} Single.

{crush} None.
{suitors} None.
{Love interests}- None.
{lover} None.
{ex-lovers} N/A.
{parents} Greyfrost (Mother- alive)/ Darkclaw(Father-deceased- Killed by a windclan cat.)
{siblings} Splashpaw (Sister- deceased- drowned)
{Mentor(s)}- Moltedleaf. (Deceased)
{Apprentice(s)} Milkfur (Current Riverclan Medicine cat. Currently open for another apprentice.
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