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Kookie (Warrior OC) by Minnowbean666 Kookie (Warrior OC) by Minnowbean666
Kookie is mine.

:"I'm strong enough to take care of myself."

{name} Kookie. 
{previous names} Kookie.
{name meaning} There is no true meaning. 
{nicknames} Kook and KoKo.

{gender} Female. 
{pronouns} She/her.
{sexuality} Heterosexual.
{age} 20 moons old.
{purity} Intact. 

{rank} Rogue.
{previous ranks} Rogue.
{Clan} No clan.
{Previous clans) None.

PHYSICAL ⎯ ❧ Kookie is a slender, caramel brown she-cat with darker brown stripes/spots and black paws. She has hazel colored eyes.

★ ★ ★

{shape} Almond. 
{size} Average. 

{fur} Caramel brown, with darker brown stripes/spots and black paws. 
{length} Short. 
{texture} Very soft.

{scars} No scars.
{oddities} No oddities. 
{build} Slender and petite. 
{height} 8inches.
{weight} 70lbs.
{scent} Lavender, soot, and morning rain.
{voice actor/actress} The actress for Fluttershy from MLP.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ⎯ ❧ There's a lot to say about Kookie, but the two traits most people enjoy the most are that she's generous and faithful. Of course she's also sharing, modest and amusing, but they're in shorter supply, especially considering they're mixed with being sarcastic  as well.Her generosity though, this is what she's most popular for. Friends tend to count on this and her gentle nature whenever they need cheering up.Nobody's perfect of course and Kookie has a fair share of lesser days too. Her blunt nature and hostile nature don't make for the greatest company, both personally and for others.
Fortunately her faithfulness usually softens the worst of it. This she-cat is most admired by her confidence and encouraging ways. She's a rather shy, soft-spoken she-cat who doesn't really share words at first. As you get to know her, though, Kookie will be talkative as ever and simply won't shut up, unless told to. Speaking of, she's pretty obedient, unless the order makes her uncomfortable. Being a rogue, you can guess that Kookie is hostile and skeptical towards clan cats. They don't really fancy her. Also, Kookie is motherly, especially towards kits. She won't admit it, but Kookie is very family-orientated. Her lesser traits involve her being feisty, stubborn, stiff, and outspoken(She will say whatever is on her mind- Whether it's good or not.) (More to come!)

★ ★ ★

{defining traits} Her generosity.

{positive traits} + Motherly + Gentle
{negative traits} - Stiff - Feisty
{habits} Putting others before herself. 

{quirks} Thrives in hot weather, hates cold weather.
{pet peeves} Others that snoop, dirtiness, walking into spider webs, and laziness.
{likes} xxx
{turn ons} xxx
{turn offs}xxx
{talents} xxx

{strengths} xxx
{weaknesses} xxx

{disorders} xxx
{addictions} xxx

{beliefs} xxx

{mbti personality type} xxx

PERSONAL ⎯ ❧ write history paragraph here

★ ★ ★ {relationship status} xxx

{crush} xxx
{suitors} xxx
{lover} xxx
{ex-lovers} xxx
{parents} xxx
{siblings} xxx
{friends} xxx
{acquaintances} xxx
{rivals} xxx
{enemies} xxx

★ ★ ★ ♚ ★ ★ ★


(c) trickyfish
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