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Chikadeesong the hella sadbean by Minnowbean666 Chikadeesong the hella sadbean by Minnowbean666
Meet Chikadeesong! She's a really depressed cat who just wants love.
Pls love her

:"I just want to be loved.."

{name} Chikadeesong.
{name meaning} "Chikadee" comes from her grandmother, Chikadeewing. "Song" comes from her being somewhat sociable.
{nicknames} Chika, Chikadee, and Sadbean.

{gender} Molly. 
{pronouns} She/Her.
{sexuality} Bisexual with no preference.
{age} 26 moons.
{purity} Intact.

{rank} Medicine cat.
{previous ranks} Kit, medicine cat apprentice.
{clan} Thunderclan. (Canon)
{previous clans} N/A.

PHYSICAL ⎯ ❧ Dark blueish grey she-cat with darker blue-grey Siamese points and dark, soft blue eyes. Her fur is unusually soft to the touch and always well-groomed.

★ ★ ★

{eyes} Dark, soft blue.
{shape} Almond. 
{size} Average. 

{fur} Dark blueish grey with dark blue grey Siamese points.
{length}  Medium.
{texture} Soft and well-groomed.

{scars} None.
{oddities} None.
{build} Slender and delicately petite.
{height} She's smaller than most she-cat's.
{weight} Average.
{scent} Morning rain, catmint, and lavender.
{voice} Her voice is just like Fluttershy's off of MLP.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ⎯ ❧ Chikadeesong is known to be a very sad, depressed cat who is usually quiet and reserved. Aside from her sadness though, Chikadeesong is really sweet and caring. She tends to put others before herself and would sacrifice her own happiness for someone. Chikadeesong is known to be anxious, emotionally unstable, and shy. Cats cherish her kindness though and her intelligence. This cat also gets easily attached to people she loves and to show her love for someone, she will often gift them with either a colorful rock/feather, a shiny object, or an insect that she caught. This cat is in awe with birds and just loves to watch them fly. Chikadeesong is pretty terrified of the dark and thunderstorms, if she's alone, she will often cry and/or whine. Basically, Chikadeesong is a sadbean who is still sweet, loving, and compassionate. She does have really low self-esteem. . Chikadeesong did have a bad past, one thatshe doesn't like talking about(Her father ignore her and her mother died two moons after she was born. Her sister died whenever they were apprentices, because Chikadeesong thought it'd be a great idea to play on the river. But it broke under Birdpaw's weight and she went under.) Chikadeesong is an awe of kits and wants some of her own, but tends to think that she would be a horrible mother. She is a really good listener and just loves it when people vent to her. She adores helping others with their problems. She's basically the 'mom' in her groups friends. Gaining her friendship and trust is a bit difficult, because she honestly thinks that they'll leave/forget her the second she becomes attached to them. She is also pretty motherly and gentle, but she can be harsh, if provoked. Although rare, Chikadeesong does have some aggression to her. If someone picks on her or another that she loves, Chikadeesong will be very cold and come off hostile. She's not much of a fighter, in fact, cats describe her as a coward. She avoids conflict and tries to come off as a peacekeeper.

★ ★ ★

{defining traits} Her sadness, motherly attitude, and intelligence.

{positive traits} + Intelligent + Caring
{negative traits} - Emotionally unstable - Depressed.
{habits} Putting others before herself/sacrificing her happiness for someone.

{quirks} She scrunches up her nose when she's angry and she often gifts others things to show her affection/likeness towards them. 
{pet peeves} People who talk with their mouth full, people who interrupt, and know-it-alls/attention hogs. 
{likes} Helping others through their problems, herbs, collecting things, giving gifts to others, being loved on, the taste of mice, newleaf, stargazing, those who listen, keeping peace, quiet, kits, discovering new herbs, being able to tell others about herbs, healing, the scent of morning rain, and the sound of another person laughing. 
{dislikes} Rudeness, being disrespected, those who don't listen, thunderstorms, being near the river, rivalry, being interrupted, messy areas, getting dirty, being discriminated, aggressive personalities, crowded areas, 
{turn ons} xxx
{turn offs}xxx
{talents} xxx

{strengths} xxx
{weaknesses} xxx

{disorders} She has been diagnosed with a severe case of depression.
{addictions} xxx

{beliefs} xxx

{mbti personality type} xxx

PERSONAL ⎯ ❧ write history paragraph here

★ ★ ★ {relationship status} xxx

{crush} xxx
{suitors} xxx
{lover} xxx
{ex-lovers} xxx
{parents} xxx
{siblings} xxx
{friends} xxx
{acquaintances} xxx
{rivals} xxx
{enemies} xxx

★ ★ ★ ♚ ★ ★ ★


(c) trickyfish
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(lol he is my sea clan wrrior oc ) +GREAT JOB SHE IS AMAZIN
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