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Finally finished something and uploaded it today.  Been ages!  I got lots in the pipeline, just need the time and ambition to finish a few.  We'll see if this is the start of a trend for me.  I'm hoping yes.  
Finally got a couple TFs I've had in the wings for a while done.  I have a bad habit of starting stuff and not finishing it before I move to the next thing.  Hopefully this will be the start of me getting some old projects finished and published for you all.
Been a good 8 months since I last posted something.  So much for being more active.  Few things in the pipeline, and a bit more free time now than I've had the past few months.  That coupled with finding the trick to cranking these out a little faster than I have been, hopefully means I'll have more soon.  

As always, comments, questions, and critiques are always welcome.  Thanks for the feed back and thanks for checking things out and/or following me here.
So I've never really used this site anywhere near it's potential.  And on top of that I haven't uploaded anything here for ages.  I finally put my foot down and sad, damnit!  I will finish something!  I have quite a few things in the pipeline, I just get them going, then lose interest, or move to the next thing.  Hopefully I'll get a few more finished and uploaded here.

What I'm into, in case you give a shit.  I, for some reason, enjoy TG and TF.  For me it's something about the process of it.  Watching someone turn into someone, or something else.  As you can see I've drawn several sequences (with my, meh, ability to draw people).  I have several other in the works.  I also like writing stories, especially ones which I can put a few photos/drawings to.

I'm always open to critiques, comments, or suggestions.  I would love to do some commission work, though not really up on how to go about doing that.  So for now if you have an idea of something to do, pass it my way and I can see what I can come up with.