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Artist Avatar Challenge, Theda

By minnhsg
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"Theda was a goddess of death, who took responsibility to bring the dead into the underworld. She repeated a boring job day by day and existed as a fading shadow with no memory, no present, no idea what the future will be. Life in darkness would seem meaningless if Theda did not meet the soul of an artist who gave her a pamphlet and pencil and suggested her to create new memories by drawing any soul she meets. Since then, she finally had a new ideal passion: portraying the souls which led to the underworld by her. She drew and memorized the souls, among them had many artists who were willing to share with her more experiences in painting. Day after day, Theda kept more and more paintings, which contained new memories that made her sorrowful life become happier and more meaningful ..."

Theda is my original character that portray my attitude in Art in my real life. I used to be surrounded by things I didn't like and don't want to do. One day I met a person who guided me to the path of art industry. He showed me the drawing tablet and taught me how to draw, from sketch, line to coloring ... Gradually, I improved. I took drawing classes, improving myself by studying from real photos, studying anatomy, learning perspective ... When I made progress, I got my first commission, my first salary, my first project... They all comes from drawing.
This is just the beginning, and I think with my endeavors in art, there are many things still waiting for me to explore in the future.

Commission Open

(If you not commission me or anything you need to ask about commission, please do not send notes or messages! Thank you!)

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chouette coiffure !

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on getting the dd!

Yasuki-Konno's avatar

This is such a charming OC and backstory!

Art-wise I like how you used deep thick tones to create a sense of ominous dark while still having modicum of light & hope, also Theda's two-tone hair & lensed heterochromia is distinctively beautiful.

Story-wise I find it really touching how you incorporates your history of growth and evolving into Theda's, and, combined with the juxtaposition of extremes (death to life, despair to hope) really makes one motivated to be grateful of living right now and live it to the best. ○

Thanks So Much for sharing your story through this!

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love this drawing and her story

minnhsg's avatar
Thank you, glad you love them 😁
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minnhsg's avatar
Thank you 😍
LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

For My Personal Use Only
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Thank you sm 😍
So glad i have DD
LollipopJelly's avatar

wow.. great job with the lighting and mood.

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PktPictures's avatar

Congratulations on your semi win!

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Thank u sm 😍 , i thought i can't make it to the semi final
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Jesus Christ! You're good!

minnhsg's avatar
BrindledLight's avatar

Looks amazing! Realistic, yet stylish at the same time. The effects and shading are a nice touch without being too overdone, which is a testament to some awesome skill =)

minnhsg's avatar

Thank you sm ❤️

Mystically Gorgeous

Your welcome 🙏
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