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The Garden

By Minnhagen
This painting is an attempt to illustrate the eternal interplay between order and chaos. I wanted to highlight Human Experience; wild, dramatic and beautiful, within the context of a universal structure - an all-encompassing orderliness, stone-hard and timeless.
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Nice work, thanks for sharing it with us! ✨

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Incredible. I like how the angel statue looks.
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What a serene place. The canopy of leaves overhead and the flowers bursting with color provide a great contrast with the regal statues.
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Simply, jaw-dropping!
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It looks like the angel is balancing in the middle of the surrounding statues... That truly is a remarkable, philosphical piece. Wonderful!
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I absolutely love your work and you are amazing.
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Love the pose, like she's walking on a tightrope or just a line in idle peace.
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Greetings from South Africa! I'm very drawn to this artwork ... perhaps because I've recently created a labyrinth in my garden that boasts two Angel statues and I also have a water feature/pond containing Koi & Goldfish. You've done extremely well in achieving your goal ... there's a hushed, serenity to this painting that shuts out the chaotic world ... you've created a striking balance of stillness represented by the statues with movement in the background coming from the falling leaves of Autumn. You've captured a moment in time, forever framed in a secret garden. Beautiful & infinitely appealin. :)
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Hi! Your lovely painting has been featured on my poetry blog here:[link]

The way the stone angel seems to enthrone the small universe of the garden is very eloquent. Dramatic and calm, wild and structured, momentary and eternal all at once. :)
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it's wonderful, looks like real painting.
and... my first thought was "don't blink!" ))
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I love mystical :)
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This painting, so beautiful!
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This should get a DD.
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Not just a gorgeous piece but you worded/described it beautifully as well.
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It's beautiful O.O
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A truly marvelous place to explore.
A job very well done!
catforgiver's avatar
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beuatifulll !!!!!!!!
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Oh, wow! This is beautiful!!! I love it!!! All the colors and details are sooooo beautiful!!!! :D
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Amazing! The statues and everything!
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