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A mesolithic fantasy.
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great stuff!!!!!!
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love this...i can literally feel the cold and hear the waves. I imagine duck billed platypus type creatures living here :)
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wow it's great! reminds of morrowind somehow :D
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Stuff like this should be getting more exposure than it is, frankly. It's got a perfectly realised sunrise-behind-the-mountainside vibe (though it's obviously not a mountain), and the igloos (wanna call them igloos b/c I'm not sure what they really are; let me know someone!) are nicely designed and imaginative. Like others have said, textures are spot-on. Man I'm hoping one day I can be capable of this stuff, and I've gotta practice my ass off to get there. Keep doing your thing, man. Your stuff's somethin' else.
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GeneralityHobbyist Digital Artist
I love these kinds of huts.
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This has a really heavy atmosphere for a landscape painting, very nicely done.
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Steven-Punter Traditional Artist
I love it, I can imagine who ever lives there being at the whim of the tides. I see them flooding up right over the structures while the guys inside potter about, safe from the water by the design of their homes . Just like crustaceans. Feels really natural but very different to our way of life, much more in touch with the natural world, adapted to it, and in rythm with it... love it
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JonWeekesStudent General Artist
This looks very influenced by myst!
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MarzoRamonProfessional Digital Artist
Beautifully done...fav´d!
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looks like a scene out of myst! great stuff
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MinnhagenProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! I loved Myst, I guess it shows...
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bunnypixieHobbyist Photographer
Reminds me of Myst when I played a while back! Great concept,Wonderful Picture! :hug:'s
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Phantom-JaselinStudent Traditional Artist
What are those? Clay igloos?
Anyway, I just want to say that you did another amazing job, you always seem able to capture the fanatasy and myth of an area and yet still keep it so real that you feel like your there. Like your a far off traveller stuck in some sort of wonderland. Frankly I'm almost jealous that your so talented. (and also, if someone ever made a story or comic based on your works, I'd come running to get it)
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I love it!!!! Beautiful color blending and a fantastic idea! When i first saw it, it reminded me of riven as it gives a sense of isolation and mystery in an unfamiliar world! :)
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wizillusionsHobbyist Writer
Again a fascinating work. :+fav:
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EMumfordStudent Digital Artist
Yet another amazing job here. The texture on the spheres there is simply stunning. I really like the clouds as well, from the color to how everything is arranged it really looks like a natural sky.

Very great work. B-)
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Yeah man. Spot on. This dude's just about flawless with his work.
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