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Fairbanks Aurora, II

This is a shot of a beautiful aurora from the Steese Highway, in the mountains north of Fairbanks, Alaska.
A bit dark, but I only had a 30" exposure to work with!

Stunning and amazing every time they come out. Sometimes its too snowy or cloudy to see them, but they're usually there.
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10/1 second
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15 mm
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Mar 6, 2005, 1:07:34 AM
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ashleigh38's avatar
That is awesome!!! I live in BC, Canada and they are rare. I know the feeling of limitation with a camera!
bug-in-my-eye's avatar
beautiful. I don't have a good enough camera to capture the aurora.

Usually it's too cold for me to want to be outside to watch it :]
seaowls's avatar
Mama-chan's avatar
I love the sights here. I've lived in alaska all my life but I never get tired of the sights.

Too bad the people arent anything amazing.
Ro0ster's avatar
woow o.o great!!
catatonicheart's avatar
love auroras. i wish i've seen one.
great shot!
theNameless9's avatar
wtf?! :D Looks so unreal and beautiful... Arrr, if I don't see aurora's in the next time, I'll get mad and drive extra to hammerfest (most northern city in norway) or somehow more to the north ^^
Raider92's avatar
Awesome. There is nothing more to add. Just awesome!
Karakas's avatar
Beautiful shot, lovely colours :)
slsovs's avatar
Wow, so beautiful!
LunaLupine's avatar
Great shot! I need to go aurora hunting once it warms up a bit. I haven't done any really this winter.
mnfinnkidd's avatar
great capture...tree silhuottes, auroras, and the stars in the background...
Drothgord's avatar
Wow this is magical!
majesticnocturne's avatar
waiting for the day that Aurora moving to Latitude 31.2....
LovelyBones87's avatar
This is amazing! I live in Fairbanks and I dont think I have ever seen the northern lights like this. They are normally more green...Awesome photo
16stepper's avatar
thanks! i have a ton more aurora shots to upload. where exactly do you live?
16stepper's avatar
I'm in the Phoenix, AZ, area. I don't think we ever have the pleasure of seeing the aurora, but we make up for it by only seeing snow for 15 minutes every 10 years or so.
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