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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 26, 2014, 12:43 PM

Alright guys, I said I'd make a new journal update when the print drive for the first book of "Stand Still. Stay Silent" is live, and here it is:
Untitled-1 by MinnaSundberg

And ere's a link to the campaign if the image link doesn't work: liiiink to the print drive. Join in you all!. The campaign's been up and running since Sunday evening, and it's actually already well over the funding goal. Which means while it's still a crowdfunding campaign it's now also basically a normal (but more fun) preorder thingie.

Anyway, it'll stay open and keep on going until the whole month is up, so you guys still have time to buy yourself a copy + possibly some extra goodies. There's also some stretch goals coming up ahead, like extra content in the book and free bookmarks for backers. We've already reached the first stretch goal, so the book will have 3 extra pages of comic that I won't publish online!

Supwr big thanks to everyone who's backed or is planning to do so! =^__^= And also those who help spreading the word. If enough people buy the book I'll be able to keep doing the comic full time (4-5 pages per week) next year too!

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 11:07 AM

Well what the heck, looks like I haven't poked my nose into this place for over a year. Maybe I should slowly get into the habit of uploading stuff here again, huh? A ton has happened since I last logged in, which is probably why DA kinda fell off my radar for a while. Basically this went down in my life since last year:

-I managed to graduate from university with a bachelor's degree in graphic design, hooray!

-Finished "A Redtail's Dream" (that comic I've previously been posting here). That's 556 pages of comic, made in about 2 years!

-Moved away from home and to Sweden pretty much right after graduating. So I'm living on my own and being an "adult" for the first time ever.

-Since people wanted a book version of "A Redtail's Dream" I ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo  last autumn to pay for the printing of it. It went incredibly well, about 1200 copies of the book were preordered via that AAGH! O_O

-Started my new and ongoing webcomic "Stand Still. Stay Silent" not too long after the print drive (so less than a year ago) and also started working on getting the aRTD book ready for print.

-During the first few months of this year I got the book printed (2000 copies in total), then spent like a month packing and shipping out the 1000+ books to the campaign backers. It was a crazy ordeal, I was so stressed out the whole spring! But all went well and everyone got their books, yay! Also drawing and updating SSSS during the whole time, of course.

Aaaand right now I'm pretty much a full time webcomic artist, living off the profits from selling the leftover aRTD books (btw I still have a couple hundred left, but I'm taking a break from selling them for a while). I'm currently updating "Stand Still. Stay Silent" at a pace of 5 pages every week, and in fact we're soon approaching a point where I can start getting book 1 of that ready.  


So yup, that's what's happened. Good things, basically, and lots and lots of work. I-I think I might be a professional artist now?

Anyway, I'll try to remember to upload stuff here again. :3