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Yellow teeth, Yellow eyes

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Mrs earwax-god. Yes, this is her.

Glurgh, I definitely shouldn't had spent my valuable test-reading time painting this, but a sudden urge to draw some nasty, yellowish fangs eliminated all my concentration. I damn you, Inspiration, you never come when I need you the most, but days like these... *sigh*

I wouldn't be too surprised if I failed the frigging math-test: derivatas and logaritms. My head is still spinning. X_x

I decided to be a nice person for once and create a couple of wallpaper sized versions, since so many were wishing for them.


I couldn't make any bigger ones, though, since the original picture isn't very large itself.

~6h|| PS CS3
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demihimeHobbyist General Artist
What an ominous and intimidating creature~! Those fangs and tendrils are wonderful~!
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BlazingFireBugHobbyist General Artist
Amazing work! Brilliant! I am in love with this!
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N0b1eRebe1 General Artist
Its Parallax!
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Ha! nice indeed, I like her hairdressing. hypno swirls and curls, I just can't help it.
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This is so cool.
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vagepaulHobbyist Artist
e free ting you make is verry butiful!!
i like a lot of your painting"s
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Vert freaky~! But very nice!
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Terrific job making use of such simple colors... it's wonderful.
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SethSquallHobbyist General Artist
Super awesome. Well done!
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BouAshHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it, love it, love it ! 
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Very "great old ones" esqe. Loving it.
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Creepy, fantastic and very original! I like it!
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123arskasProfessional Interface Designer
Oh my GOSH !!!!! Thats Awsum
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nyllynHobbyist General Artist
Oh, dear monkey brains this is amazing.
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A1r2i3e4l5's avatar
This is absolutely outstanding!!!! Beyond wickedly bitchin'!!!!!! Excellent job!!!!!!
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ZaliethStudent General Artist
Amazing! I love the detail to the teeth :)
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NomadderProfessional Artist
I saw this back when I joined DA (or when you submitted it, whichever came first, hehe) and I loved it, but don't think I ever commented (only just now breaking through and posting on here).
I hope you realize creating this was far of far greater importance than any math test!! :D
Really love the style... twisting, ethereal yet all-to-corporeal (so to speak).
This is a long favorite of mine!
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So very wonderful n evil.... simply love it :3
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Reminds me of the Jabberwocky from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland I love it
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that's suppose 2b a dragon right?
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hey everybody who reads this comment please got to my gallery and comment on my drawing they probably wont be quite the level but thats why I want u to comment so that I can continue to improve on every thing
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Excellent work! :D
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redflowerbloomingHobbyist General Artist
...awesome!!! :D
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