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Water Tutorial

Finally, I uploaded this one here too, now you guys won't have to dig through my webpage for it anymore. Of course, ifyou find the layout irritating or difficult, then you can still use the one over there instead. It's basically the exact same thing , but without the fancy, dark framing device.

Even if I use PhotoshopCS4 myself,the tutorial is not program-specific (as my tutorials never are) and all you really need is a round paint brush with adjustable opacity-levels, a couple of layers and optionally some sort of smudge brush.
It is exected that you are at least somewhat familiar with whatever program you're using, as there's no "and this is how you make a new layer"-type of advice in the tutorial. That would kind of nullify the non-program-specific thing I've got going on here.

But hey, have fun!


Man, I've fallen in love with that font, Century Gothic. It's so...round and geometrical. Not the easiest to read, but sooo pretty.
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This is really, really helpful! Thanks!
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Thanks for this!
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Thank you, good tutorial
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Thank you for sharing this! Water has always been intimidating for me to try and tackle in art, so this will help me try out some new techniques!
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This is very helpfull. Thank you. :)
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This is lovely! Thank you so much, I REALLY needed this. Also, the end results are absolutely gorgeous!
Side note - Century Gothic is actually one of the easiest fonts to read (according to science Meow :3 ), so good choice!
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This is going to make drawing the lakeside village I have in mind sooooo much easier! Thank you! This tutorial is going to be a godsend, I know it is.
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Great tutorial, thanks!
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wonderful tutorial :D
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Tthis is a great tutorial!
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So useful! Thank youuuu!
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Thank you for sharing, I especially like the Rain Tutorial.  :)
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I love that font, too. I use it all the time to make something look fancy XD
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Didn't read it yet, but just by looking at it I can say it is helpful (at least for me). Thanks! :D
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Fantastic, thanks!
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This helps a lot, thanks!
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Nice tutorial! 
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This kept helping me for years.Thank you.
And i really love your style.
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