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Various elements - tutorial

I -finally- made a new tutorial for you guys, whee. *does a little dance*

I'ts based on some of the wishes I've gotten so far from people, but since there still are a lot of those unfilfilled, I guess I'll be doing more of these little three-in-one tutorials. Although, the fur-tutorial has been on my list for so long, I think I'll do that one next.
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Beautiful!!! Minna do you want to print frame and ship your art working together?

Love to speak with you sometime if possible. email info is



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This will be very helpful in the future as a reference. Great work!
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Thanks very much for sharing :)
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I love this! Just used your lightning tutorial to get started, I think I might do the other 2 elements later this week. Thanks for helping out, this really motivates me.
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i love you ;3;
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Awesome Tut.
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Duuuude this will be so precious for my comic! Thanks lots!
very helpful unfortunately my wacom tablet is in a fit and being moody. i cant wait to try it when I fix my drivers!
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Very useful. Thank you!
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Brilliant tutorial!
Helps greatly :) Thanks.
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Hi !
I'm sorry if I disturb you, but with friends we're updating our Website and we search for tutorials and this one already help me (…).
I wanna know if I can use your to our website for our members ? It's a french website and I had to translate yours, but it's not a problem, we'll credit you if you're fine with it ? C:
And if I could have the .psd to translate it ? Thanks in advance, kisses :heart:
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this is sooooooo helpful! thankyou so much!
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I love the fire :love:
Thanks! Love the snow. It'll be great for chistmas scenes!
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Fantastic work! Thanks so much!
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Lovely and dreamy :heart:
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Awesome and very useful !
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This helps a lot since I always have trouble trying to do proper snow or fire like scenes. Thank you very much.
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