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The smallest Hero
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Published: August 14, 2010
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~Every five years, at the time of the first snow storm of the winter, a lone Wolf will travel down from the Restless forests and into the Peaceful meadows. The Wolf wrecks havoc, destroys every nest it finds and slaugthers those animals that haven't found a good enough place to hide, then leaves as suddenly as it came, and won't be seen for the next half of a decade.
And every time the animals of the meadows will choose the bravest warrior to challenge the beast, believeing and hoping that one year the messanger Bullfinch will fly to the Hiding Place bringing word of a great victory. Then the Peaceful meadows would finally truly be peaceful. ~

This one is probably the personal artwork I've spent the most time on in AGES, and my hand doesn't even hurt this time! : D I finally decided to mix around with the sensitivity-settings of my tablet, and behold; not having to constanly press the pen down as if trying to kill it miraculously relives the stress on my wrist. Who would have thought... ^^'

Photoshop CS4 || Wacom intuos3 tablet || 3800x2950 px
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L-L-artsHobbyist General Artist
This is simply amazing. The hero looks fearless as he walks towards the incredibly large beast! Very epic detailed piece!
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ItinerantDjuradhanHobbyist Traditional Artist
This. This is the Masterpiece I saw all those years ago. This is the masterpiece that visually sings my ballad better than I ever could. A timeless ideal, masterfully portrayed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Very, very well done!
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pup-fuStudent Traditional Artist
High quality art :O
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Words hardly describe what I feel when I see this. I came across this image many years ago, and I luved it ever since. The image of this teeny tiny rabbit hero go on to challenge what appears to be a behemoth of a monster who clearly has many kills under his belt (literally and figuratively) What with those bone and fur motifs of animals much bigger than a rabbit. The way that the wind symbolizes the unsurmountable odds that are pushing against the rabbit fiercely, threatening to blow him away like his feather from his cloak. Yet he is remaining unswayed, standing his ground perfectly as he approaches out of the shelter of the trees; the symbolism is perfected by how his ears are the only part of him that's affected by the wind as he approaches the snowy haze that's symbolic of the hazy loss of death, showing that he very well knows of the odds that are stacking against him more than that the monster's previous challengers, but he's resolute, showing true bravery and heroism. The fact that the rabbit looks so short proportionally and looks round also suggests an almost infantile state compared to his opponent, a youth taking on a veteran.

I can't help but be reminded of David and Goliath, a young boy going to challenge a warlord giant without hesitation. Enthralling. The bird (and presumably companion to the rabbit) also adds to the affect of D&G as it the Israelites stayed behind to watch what would come. The bird also reminds me of a Wiglaf to the rabbits Beowulf, who would stay behind while Beowulf went against unbeatable foes as well (Interestingly enough, the dragon in the epic of Beowulf, the last enemy Beowulf would fight in that epic, would be slain by a mere dagger, similar to the one that the bun is holding. XD) The last comparison I'll draw is probably how this pic also symbolizes your own resolution to take on such a monster of a piece with your own two hands XD (or do you have four, you must! XD) *reads description* Oops, probably should've read that before spewing all the above hooha :D

The more readily evident aspects of this image's glory also shines brightly :D The details are mesmerizing and painful to even think about drawing XD The bunny also is so extremely adorable :love: Especially his round lil fluff butt XD I'd glomp all three of the subjects in an instant, deadly or not :lol: One thing that I think might be something a lil off is the wolf's proportions in his arms: His left one especially looks a lil short. I can't help but feel that this was deliberate however, so maybe I'm just spewing smoke ^^; It's perfect :D The only problem I have is that this was uploaded in 2010, and it has yet to get a DD :jawdrop: And that it's not in my favorites


Okay, one problem fixed, now about that DD >:3
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
This picture you've done looks very nice and interesting. :)
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Silver-AlopexHobbyist General Artist
You need to chec this guy, has take property of your work   wolficer.deviantart.com/art/Wo…
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yes you can achieve a lot like die in a heroic way
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Zenie250Student Artist
The smallest hero can achieve the greatest  things! thats what canto mind when i saw this and read the title. really beautiful art.
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mamawolfmomoProfessional General Artist
I love this on so many levels and for so many reasons.
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looks like David and goliath but as a girl
AngloFalcon's avatar
This picture kind of reminds me of David and Goliath! XD
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lad-zappyHobbyist Digital Artist
This is one of my absolute favorites. I've referenced this for years.
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ImagineRabbitStudent Digital Artist
this would make a great chapter book.  It has a good story to it.
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I found this on a desktop background site a year or two ago. Without any context provided i actually thought it was a Usagi Yojimbo tribute. Fantastic piece and great to finally see your other artwork.
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lassegormHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I didnt think there was a way out this really intrigued me I am headed right for the top no pressure just check it out
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I had reached my wits end this helped me get back on my feet miracles really do exist just think of all the possibilities
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Kieth-WolfeHobbyist Traditional Artist
a furry David and Goliath? :D
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Oooo wow, like Dawid and Goliat :D
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the idea that a giant wolf existed I love... this drawing is really epic and beautiful at the same time
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This has daily devation quality, I am surprised it does not have one yet! The amount of detail you have put into this is stunning, someday I hope to be able to draw like you.
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