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The Skyshapers

~Together they shape the sky by night, bringing forth at least a fraction of the light that was lost by sunset. The Winged One will light the path, show the way for the Starpainter. Not a single corner of that deep blue canvas that is the night sky will be left unpainted. ~

Whew, what a pain in my sittin-muscles this one was, I feel like I'll never get a hang on drawing linearts comfortably.
WIP-pictures for the painting progress (and some close-ups) can be found -here-

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This was maybe too in our classroom.....maybe.... :heart: .___.
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simply beatifull !
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this is beyond awesome i really like all teh pretty colors!!
ChosenDefect's avatar
Really imaginative stuff here. :D Love what you do so keep it up. :heart:
Btw, any chance I could interest you in doing some work on a Navajo mythology comic? Note me if you're interested in more details.
artununos-k2's avatar
Gorgeous picture - well worth the effort I'd say :D
hoofandsnort's avatar
wow. such great flow and depth to this piece.
The delicacy and simplicity of the bird really draws my eye, and the attention to detail in the hair, fur, and stars is beautiful.
very nicely done!
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is that referenced from princess mononoke? it looks like it :)
Manjaro-Wolf's avatar
This is amazing. Great work on the perspective and details.
enigmaticscribble's avatar
This is epic and confusing at the same time. The hair gives it a enhanced type of a abstract feel. Super epic fantasy/lucid dream. It's awesome.
xXTheDrearyShadowXx's avatar
Totally astonishing!! How did you learn all those awesome techniques?
greymuzzles's avatar
What a wonderful creature design...and wonderfuly drawn too, might I add.
MaRIkaN-AyUmI's avatar
That's the light!
Kipporah's avatar
Wow, the composition is great! The tail leads you right into the piece and then the antllers point the way back out again but with a short, interesting pause to view the bird real quick. The details are breathtaking, thank you very much!
Ozkumeti's avatar
I love the story with it. <3
Nashiil's avatar
Amazing work!
Aceling's avatar
Amazing, brilliant, exquisite. I can't believe the amount of detail in this piece. :O:D
Raaidd's avatar
omg this is awesome! :D
Sayo-nara's avatar
waaah SO beautiful :O
Friduble's avatar
Your artwork is so beautiful (: I love your colour choices
norppamus's avatar
Tää on ihan fantastisen upea :) !
Bluemoonrunner's avatar
wow... @_@..... I am dazzled by this. Though the tail is a little long for me. But it is still very much amazing.
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