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Hah, oddest thing I've submitted to the anthro-category here on DA. Bunch of sheep on a war path... well, maybe not on a war path, they're just defending their own territory after all.

(Yup yup, It's the picture I've been using as my website layout for the last couple of months.)
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Bottom Right Wolf:  "Oh, my goddess, the food's trying to fight back!"
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I like how that one sheep at the bottom isn't an anthro, of course he isn't exactly a normal sheep either
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Moral of the story:
Technology & numbers > Brute force.
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This is really something, fantastic work!
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Oh sweet baby jesus
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thats the fearless sheep who fight for Jesus Christ the Shephard
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Ok this is fantastic it looks like a Warhammer scene. God keep looking at it and it just gets better. One of the sheep is rabid and on a leash it's like they are trying to beat the wolves at their own game!
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In Australia there everything can fit into three categories, dangerous, poisonous, and sheep.  This is what happens when Australian sheep escape the deathtrap that is their homeland.
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I-Is that...A chainsaw? :O_o:
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I always said that sheeps are dangerous
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This pic is glorious!
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i like the "sheepdog" haha
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Hahaha awesome, I love it
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whose the prey now bitches
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I notice a sheep with what looks like a metal tophat holding a pistol.

Sheep dueling, anyone?
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Okay boys, now it's true survival. *lights cigar and sits in big ass leather chair with a flapper girl in my lap* let the games begin.
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Gurnika unleashed...Picasso would approve :)
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Haha there's a leashed dogsheep in the corner. The more I look at this picture the more I notice.
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That's a lot of sheep. Did those wolves visit Wales or something?
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