Still Water
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So, I haven't posted anything here on deviantart for years, eh? It's really mostly because ever since I've managed to become a full time comic artist (working on my own comic) I have done almost no illustration work, just comic pages. But I've recently started livestreaming art on Twitch and am spending at least a few hours each week on illustrations, so I might as well post what I finish over here too. Hey, only takes a few minutes, can't hurt right? Anyway, enjoy this gross underwater mutant!

Also if you want to see me draw live, you can do so over at www.twitch.tv/hummingfluff on Saturdays.
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DesigningLua|Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool image, I really love your monsters. This one looks so interesting.
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NixieSeal's avatar
NixieSeal|Professional Digital Artist
This is actually really gorgeous!
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wolfian's avatar
Ha, aw, kitty trying to tell them but they aren't listening! XD
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Xquid's avatar
Xquid|Professional Digital Artist
Just! Cross! Anywhere else!
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Noxmoony's avatar
Noxmoony|Professional Filmographer
Oh man I'm so happy to see you back!! This is truly marvelous, such amazing details and I love your painting style >w<
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MinnaSundberg's avatar
MinnaSundberg|Student Digital Artist
Aw, thank you! I'm glad to be back, and to find out people still follow me here. >.<
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Noxmoony's avatar
Noxmoony|Professional Filmographer
You're so welcome! Ofcourse, there's many of us who's loved your works from years back...so it's truly amazing to have you back Kao emoji  (kitty smile-01)  
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LPHogan's avatar
WHO the heck gave Mikkel a weapon?1 :o!

Love this... such an idyllic setting... right until you look closer... then you remember where we are... :-)

... gotta love this comic!
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EverTrue23's avatar
EverTrue23|Hobbyist General Artist
This thing is terrifying and wonderfully done!! I love it!! The kitty is a good touch lol
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the lighting in this one - and all the characters are so individual, even mostly just standing around like this! Looks like kitty there is doing its best impression of the catfishtrollthing, and nobody seems to notice :noes:
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tinulir's avatar
tinulir| Digital Artist
The way you draw nature is always so beautiful, I love all the tiny details like the stems of the lilypads and those two little birds! I often have to stop reading the comic just to spend some time looking at the scenery, it's so lovely and makes me want to work really hard at drawing too!
And the monster is spectacular, all those teeth, it looks like something you'd find at the bottom of the ocean! It looks so perfectly adapted for its environment. And I also love the expressiveness of the way you draw your characters- they're always so distinctly themselves.
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TheArtistJ|Professional General Artist
I love this!! You are amazing a environments, I wanna better at that.
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Piiec's avatar
PiiecEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Hey cool! They've come up with a new mask? Looks pretty good on Reynir.
 (Also, capes are bad for heroes. ;P)
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STLOrca's avatar
Big Damn Heroes!
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bonbon3272|Professional Digital Artist
oh snap!! That's super creeepeeeee!!! RUN!!!

Nice work. Love this!
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Nexumorphic's avatar
Sharp, yet dull vibrance of the colors of the illustration is very well done. The poses of the characters are also quite animated; you can easily feel the precariousness of their situation they found themselves in. Great job!
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Treyos's avatar
Treyos|Hobbyist Writer
A glimpse at the future reunion?
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tarorae's avatar
tarorae|Professional General Artist
I've missed your posts! Congratulations on going full time! You definitely deserve it!
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Daekai's avatar
Daekai|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!
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Cliotna's avatar
Cliotna|Student Traditional Artist
Don't be so mean, he looks fluffy and adorable. :D (and I really like Emils cape)
I'll try to catch the next livestream.
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Sierramaddin's avatar
Sierramaddin|Hobbyist Artist
love the comic stand still. stay silent
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Looking4Work's avatar
Very cool. Love your use of shadows; it makes it very realistic, and all the more spooky because of that.
I especially like the look on the face of the masked girl at the far left; she knows there's something out there, she just doesn't know it's closer than they'd like.
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seionara's avatar
seionara|Hobbyist General Artist
He. Reynir is very much male despite his braidy appendage.
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Looking4Work's avatar
Sorry. I'm not familiar with the characters.
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