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Seal Kiss

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Just a sweet little watercolor illustration for chapter 3. ^_^

I guess this is the last thing I'll post that has a connection to chap three, and after this we'll move on completely to the next one.

Ugh, I need to buy new blue color buttons for my watercolor set, both of the ones I've got now are down to their last 5% or so, and have kind of turned all waxy from pressure and stuff. But they're so expensive! I was at the art supply store a couple of weeks ago, and they're like 15€ per tiny little piece! I was so dumbfounded by the price that I didn't even buy one and just grabbed the ink nibs I came in for in the first place. o_o (Those things wear down in like 15 comic pages, so I had to stock up for the summer.)

Ink, watercolors, A3 watercolor paper


To read the comic, take a visit to the official site. ~<3

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So cute and nice :) and the water's "surface" is wonderful :)
AldebaranJewel's avatar
Aww, so cute. =^.^=
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I love the mixed perspective :heart:
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These must be peaceful Lands, where such peaceful Creatures can survive. Wonderfull peace of Art! :)
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So sweet and beautiful! I love your colors and background! :D
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So cute! And I love the way you've drawn the water, especially the distinction of the "edge" at the surface. :)
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Awww cute <3

I've been following this comic for quite a while now, and so far, I'd definitely call it my favourite :)
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The little boy dosent realize the horrors that await him in the next hour.
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That is so sweet!
Love the work on the water and the reflections! It looks stunning! :love:
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Just out of curiousity, but what kind of water colours do you use? I'm a fan of water colours myself, but all I have are the cheap thingies you find in your local supermarket. They are usable, but I might consider investing in better equipment (it's a curse of the artist really: art supplies are so freakin' expensive.)

On a picture related note, I think this is adorable. I loved Ville as a seal. : > I think I'm gonna miss him like that, but at the same time, I'll be eager to see what else he transforms into. :la:
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The brand I've been using is called Schmincke, and I can definitely recommend it. Thankfully super-expensive stuff usually also lasts pretty long, I've had the same set for like five years or something. o_o

I'm just glad he's finally got some legs again. x>
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That is pretty long. Though, I have this weird, cheap thingy, that I got years ago. Though I must say, last year, I bought a simple, new one... but the colours I use often empty quite quickly.
But thanks, I'll see if I can find something similar in the art store~

Tehehe. But now he's got to worry about those antlers. x3
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You are great. This is lovely.
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Okay... That is most definitely the cutest thing I've seen for ages....

Now I have to go do something manly! ;-)
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YAYAYAYAY! I absolutely adore this picture! Thank you for uploading it!
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what a wonderful image!
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AAAAAAAWE...... so adorable!!!!!!!!
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Good seal-doggy! ^__^ This chapter was a blast to read.
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On the bright side, watercolours last forever? :D
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