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Published: August 25, 2014
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Hi duders! I haven't uploaded anything to DA in a million years, yeow! Oh, correction, one year.  But a lot can happen in a year, and basically what's happened is that I finished A Redtail's Dream and now have a new webcomic up and running, called "Stand Still. Stay Silent". And this is portrait of the main cast that's also like a year old, but aren't they cute?

Anyway, I'm updating 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) and we're currently nearing the end of chapter 3. So the story is still way, way in the beginning of its run, we haven't even met all the characters in the picture. But you can jump in and read it for free over here, liiiiink.<---

Be warned that there's some slight monster attack gore stuff going on in the newest pages if you're very young and scared of stuff like that, ahah. But welcome to the bunch if you feel like reading some kinda cute postapocalyptic comic in a Nordic setting. :3
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
Dr-Aim's avatar
Dr-AimStudent General Artist
they all look so cute !
haustr's avatar
Looking forward to meet the last three!
veinne's avatar
veinne Photographer
aRTD and SSSS are literally the only two webcomics I regularly read.
Kieroni101's avatar
Kieroni101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tada! I love the crew so far! 
Lithe-Tokay's avatar
So hyped waiting for the entire cast to be introduced.
CrazyGobb's avatar
CrazyGobbHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Great work ! :D
MadcapMarquess's avatar
MadcapMarquessHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't wait to meet the other characters (especially the captain and Braidy. They seem like buckets of fabulous~)
StrivetobeDust's avatar
Wow, Started reading the comic a few weeks back and love it (read Redtail's Dream too. Heart ) Didn't know you had a DA account. Glad I found it. Hug 
Epiklandia's avatar
EpiklandiaProfessional Digital Artist
Cute Post-Apocalyptic! That sums up SSSS! I love it! You're a cool cat, Minna Sundberg!
Retku's avatar
RetkuProfessional Artist
So far what I have read your comic it's pretty interesting and sometimes fun. I like how it has finally started to show it's darker side of the story, but I really liked beginning too. Character are awesome and you kinda start to know them a pit, so it's going to be fun to see what path lies ahead for them and what kind of adventures they get into.

Great job!:w00t: Hyviä jaksamisia työn suhteen. :D

wr4ith0's avatar
wr4ith0Hobbyist General Artist
For anyone wondering, yes it's completely awesome.
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ladyburrfootHobbyist Artist
Hello!!!! So glad to see you again!
DarknessInferno15's avatar
DarknessInferno15Hobbyist Artist
It really is nice to see you pick up DA again. Oh, and im loving SSSS so far btw. Even if I don't comment much on comic pages. :D
Falcolf's avatar
FalcolfProfessional General Artist
People, if you haven't read A Redtail's Dream or Stay Still, Stay Silent, you need to like right now. They're both bloody fantastic and awesome. :D 
LennyThynn's avatar
LennyThynnStudent General Artist
I'd thought you'd abandoned the place, hahaha XD Nice to see semi-activity on here, too!~

Also, may I just say that I've always loved the way you use textures in your artwork? It makes it look that much more natural and nice to look at :) Decadent, haha.
Lollymote's avatar
LollymoteHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art style blends really really nicely with SSSS's theme. ^^
Felixcani's avatar
FelixcaniHobbyist Digital Artist
SSSS!!!!!!!! <3
CthulhuZuzu's avatar
CthulhuZuzuHobbyist Digital Artist
I loved your previous webcomic and I'm most certainly loving the first. Your style looks amazing!
AnuOjat's avatar
AnuOjatHobbyist General Artist
Eka sarjis oli hieno ja super söpö... ja se jäi poies.

Sitten tuli ketun tarina joka oli USKOMATON laadussaan :D Jonkun pitä tehdä (hyvä) leffa :)

Tämä tarina... i dunno tuli kettutarinan hamoja ikävä :P
UselessPoet's avatar
This comic is currently tied for my absolute favorite webcomic of all time, no exaggeration.  The art is gorgeous, the characters are nuanced and fascinating people (and also very funny), the world-building is just fantastic, the pacing is perfect, and as soon as I see each new update, I immediately say, "Oh, boy!  ...Oh, shit."  I care about Tuuri and Lalli and Emil so much!

Thank you for this comic, Minna.  :heart:
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TheTrooperHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice to see that you are still here! :D
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