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'Legacy' book cover

A commissioned work of art, the book cover for Hugo Jackson's book "Legacy". Here is the link to the official page of the book.

All characters (c) Hugo Jackson
Artwork (c) me
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© 2010 - 2022 MinnaSundberg
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You sold me on this book with this art alone! Fantastic work! Now, off to read...
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I am in awe of your beautiful artwork. The scenery and details are incredible omg.
ShanaFlame's avatar
This is very beautiful :D
Wydra-abr-draumar's avatar
I love the characters! The artwork is really beautiful! ^.^
WolfmanDingo's avatar
beautiful piece! It makes me curious about the story, which i'm sure it what the author was aiming for with this work. Well accomplished on both ends!
SulaMoon's avatar
This is a beautiful composition!
Grayphus's avatar
Great work! Beautiful outfit! Nice details!!!
I fall in love!
Hemlock-Sholers's avatar
I love the raccoon
Aceling's avatar
Amazing! The atmosphere is beautiful. :D
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This book must be the closest I've found to what I myself am writing =^_^=
I would much like to buy a copy of it, but all I could find was kindle edition. Is it not sold as an actual book, only digital?
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It's only digital thus far, yes (I'm the author, by the way). But you can download it to read for your PC with Kindle's free program, or an iPhone/iPad if you have one, heh.

I'd much prefer to have a real print edition available, but it's quite an expense at the moment. Soon, though, I hope.
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Ah, if it is possible to read on a computer I'll at least be able too =)
I don't have kindle, as I always buy physical books.
Though I'm used to reading full books on the computer. Often help my friend proof read her books (She has yet to be published, still waiting for answer from the first company she tried. Their supposed deadline for answers is 10 weeks, it's been only half that.)
But if it hadn't been for the government supporting literature, we wouldn't have much hope, even if the story is good.

I hope you'll get it out on the shelf some day =^_^=
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Ah! Didn't realize that the Kindle had computer program app like the Nook. This is good as I can get your book Solaris. After reading your three sneak preview chapters, I'm very very interested in your book.
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Nice background.
RipItUpGenki's avatar
awesome, love the expressions and the buildigns in the background!
maximusfox's avatar
beautifully done!The characters are interesting. Ill go check out his book
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"Legacy" theme song.
aedifico's avatar
Awesome stuff, especially the city in the background and the plant silhouettes in the foreground. :)
SasheraDesigns's avatar
ahhh such a beautiful piece of artwork!
id love to take a bit of a look at the book itself if thats gonna be the cover for it x3 superb job :3
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awesome i love it!!!!
wmtkd7's avatar
i love how you use color
What?? Hugo Jackson... not... Hugh Jackman? lol c'mon!
just kidding... anyway I love this and seeing it makes me want to read about this book! looks fascinating! I guess you accomplished your task if you can draw readers to the book just by making awesome cover art!
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