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Hello Moon, old Friend

~ The little gryphon would sleep all days to be able to spend as much time as he could with his dearest friend, the moon. Unlike the animals in the forest, the moon wouldn't bother him with constant chitchatter and instead listen when little gryphon wished to speak. But most of the time they would just enjoy the scenery together, in silence. ~

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Love all of your work, but the griffins stole my heart ^^ Myself trying to work out my own griffin-pattern for clay sculptures.. Visit sometimes ;) 
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Lovely gryph! :D And the scenery, especially the moon, is fantastic! You've definitely got some skillz!
SSSWarriorcats101's avatar
Fly up to the moon dude!! the emination blue skys of the heavans await you! OHHH HOW IT WOULD BE LIKE TO FLY
karribou's avatar
I love the ears!
Null-Entity's avatar
Simply beautiful,
The-Skykian-Archives's avatar
What a cute little guy! x3

This is beautifully done, by the way.
DatDatori's avatar
Gorgeous colors and great story to go along with it. Simply lovely
CazziArt's avatar
i love this one by you it's great! :)
10animallover10's avatar
Amazing! great colors, lighting and background! So realistic yet magical like :3
PandaguyXD's avatar
It looks like one of those feathered dinosaurs. :P
AnnaRDunster's avatar
and what lovely scenery it is... all of this picture that is neither sky nor gryphon is my favorite ;) I dont have a problem with the sky or the gryphon at all but the foggy lake trees and the lovely orange grass and the birch tree coming up from the bank..... all wonderful!
Spookeys's avatar
This is beautiful, I absolutely love your creations and stories.
TheIceCubeCancer's avatar
It is very, very pretty. I really love the gryphon's eye. So sad and longing.
Auronyth's avatar
Spectacular in every way!
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Just for fun I had some old 3-d glasses on and wow does that sky just pop open with it. <3
I really like the bottom part of this painting, the colours, plants and rocks look very realistic and well done. However, I feel like it is the sky that doesn't make my eye completely pleased when I look at this image. I think the colours you've used there are too "neon" and screaming, and also the shapes of the clouds don't somehow fit in. The sky overall looks like it's not part of the rest of the image, so I'd recommend you to be more careful with those kind of things next time.
RedWingedFoxGirl's avatar
how did you make the smogde brush effect?
Lys-Antigone's avatar
This is really beautiful, but why did you make the bottom of the piece, the landscape, look as if it was daytime ?
KigaWeirdo's avatar
Aiivan ihana suomalainen korpimaisema yhdistettynä vähän itämaistyyliseen kuutamoon <3 Ja griippi itsessään on hyvin jännä otus, harvemmin näkee tuollaista! Tykkään kovasti.
absouuru's avatar
wahoo! D: thats gorgeous!!!!
....the landscape is faszinating!!! really amazing! Q__Q
great, great picture <3
wildfiredragons's avatar
i like the made it soo well...oh n everything else too
Dark-Vengeance912's avatar
The landscape looks like that of my homeland :)
Good work ^w^
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