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Bone Cove

Another piece drawn during livestream on Twitch. Today's art stream will start in a little over a couple hours from me posting this (at 21.00 Eastern European time)  over here on my Twitch channel, so stop by if you want to see my process or just hang out with the chat.

Characters are from my webcomic "Stand Still. Stay Silent", you can read it over here:
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For some, the journey has ended, but for others it has just begun...
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Is that.. a dragon skele??? I love it
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The color is amazing <3
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gorgeous. love all the plants. 
Reynir has found his palm trees. His life is now complete.

*Minna, don't consider that an invitation to kill Reynir*
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omg Minna! Make more pictures of Sigrun on a Dress! she looks so kawaii!! PLEASE
DeepDark00-0's avatar
Okay, okay.

But how pretty is Sigrun in that dress?  Like, DANG. (and of course Reynir looks like a tourist.  That's basically his schtik by now I think). :D
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I really like the colors and the way you made the environment (water, shadows...). It gives a good impression of volume and space (for the overall scene). Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.
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I think my favorite part of this is that nobody pays any mind to the giant creepy creature skeleton, but Kitty and Emil are freaking out over a crab. (In fairness, the skeleton isn't pinching Emil's poor little toe.)

The palm trees on Reynir's shirt are a nice touch, too. And would that happen to be a palm tree in the extreme foreground that he's beaming at? Dreams do come true!
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these pieces are so imaginative
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ahh i love this! it's such a beautiful scenery. ;v;
D-E-W-P's avatar
Loving the colours and texture of the green stuff and water.
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I like how the scene is idyllic with one huge jarring anomaly - and no one really cares, it doesn't really register that there is a huge skeleton stretched across the beach. Mikkel and Sigrun are chatting calmly, Reynir is more interested in something up in the treeline, while Emil, Lalli and Cat are concerned by the grumpy crustacean. But giant skelly? Fuggedaboutit!
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*immediately spots skeleton they're walking past* Jurassic Park!
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Your scenery is always so magical!

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Love to see the characters hanging out and relaxing as one big family :-)
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beautiful work
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Beautiful color palette.
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Reynir finally gets to see some palm trees! :)

Also lol at Emil and the crab.
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Oh yes! Was wondering when (or if) you'd post this here so I could fave it :3 Love your art so much.
can't wait for the stream I've been waiting all day ;_;
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