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They say...
Mom says our hearts started to beat
at the same time,
That we uttered our first words
in unison,
And our first steps were coordinated
like a waltz.
Dad says I cried when you were
feeling hungry,
That you asked for water when I was
feeling thirsty,
And our mouths opened at the same time
for a yawn.
The doctor says you had a fever when
I was ill,
That my stomach ached when
you had appendicitis,
And our allergies always happened
at the same time,
The teacher says I knew the answers
to your homework,
That your drawing was an illustration
of what I wrote,
And we copied in tests with just
one look
(Mom says go up there and talk)
And I say
We never needed to copy in the tests,
That our stories were always the same,
And we did our homework together.
Our allergies were one and the same,
That we had appendicitis on the same week,
And we always got sick on the same day.
We felt sleepy at the same time,
That we were thirsty and of course
hungry together.
We weren’t walking we were dancing,
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
A beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day
and I don’t know why.
Of course the sky is blue,
and the sun’s in the sky.
But the sky being blue
Sometimes makes me so…
So blue!
And I can’t even say
I’m thinking of you.
But it’s such a beautiful day!
And I think now I know why!
It’s not because the sky is blue
Or there’s candy cotton clouds in the sky…
It’s such a beautiful day…
Because I’m happy.
In my own
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 2 0
Influence Map 2015 by MinnaSD Influence Map 2015 :iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
Obvious Secrets
When you look at her
You know what she did
It’s written all over her face
Clear on those rosy cheeks.
The hands behind her back
match her big innocent eyes
and the sweet treacherous grin.
A cherub who knows no sin.
And once you ask what she did
She’ll bat her eyes
Giggle, smile and speak:
“I’d never steal a cookie!”
Unaware of the chocolate
smeared all over her cheek.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
Things That Fit in the Palm of My Hand
In the palms of my hands there is everything.
Roads from one side to the other,
Mountains, hills and red spots.
They carry my life.
They carry my love.
And if I could…
If I wanted in my hands I would carry
A whole country, a whole continent.
Maybe the world or even the Universe.
But, my love, there is nothing I wish more
than to carry your hand in mine.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 4 3
100TC - 52. Christmas
Merry Christmas I am told
And I am waiting to be cold.
But it’s hot everyday,
Even when it rains!
And if Christmas is so close,
How come it’s spring?
Shouldn’t it be fall?
And are you telling me Santa will bring
All the gifts here?
He must be wearing shorts
And drinking cold beer.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 0 0
When I die I'll be Music
With so much beauty in the world
Couldn’t I have been born
As anything but this flawed being
That I am?
In a world of waterfall and trees
Wolves, foxes, squirrels and fawns,
With buzzing wasps and bees,
Flying doves and silent swans
Why ain’t I one of these?
If I float in the universe alongside galaxies,
Comets and stars,
Not too far from black holes
And even closer to Mars,
Why ain’t I from one of those?
When I’m surrounded by the arias,
The poetry and the paintings,
By the sculptures and the buildings,
The songs and the plays,
Why ain’t I one of these makings?
When I die I’ll be music.
What about you?
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
100TC - 94. Brokenhearted (or Chris' Lament)
The problem is not that I’m alone,
That there’s no one to welcome me home
Or that the bed is empty in the morning
in the evening and dawn.
The issue is not the meals for one,
The evenings in on my own,
That there aren’t calls from anyone
and no reason to have a phone.
The question is not that I’m lonely
in this one bedroom apartment.
That there’s nothing to make it homey,
except for what I can’t have anymore.
The question is you once were here
and you were my one and only.
The question is you showed me more
and had me longing for what I hadn’t before.
The issue is my heart longs for you
and my body misses your touch.
The issue is I’d love to hate you
but I can no longer hold a grudge.
The problem is I fell in love
and made a terrible mistake.
The problem is I am not above
of feeling this heartache.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
100TC - 19. Home
I once thought I could only be
happy on the other side of the horizon.
Where the grass was greener
and the seas were so much bluer.
Wherever I was…
I wanted to be somewhere else.
Whoever I was with…
they were never the right one.
Whenever I saw the snow,
had snowball fights and
made snowmen,
I wished for the white sand
and to take a swim
on tropical beaches.
Happiness was harder
and harder each day.
The horizon was further
and further away.
(It’s just an
imaginary line
and you can never
never ever
reach it.)
I realized I can be happy anywhere.
If I call it home.
The grass sometimes is tall
and the sea if far away.
But there’s no place like home
and no one quite like myself.
I miss the snow.
The water here is freezing.
But happiness is so easy.
And the horizon is just a line.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 2 2
100TC - 50. 5 a.m.
Most days
5 a.m. is when I’m asleep
And you’re awake.
Later I’m awake
And you’re asleep.
Some times
5 a.m. is “your 10 p.m.”.
When I wake up and it’s night.
It’s when there’s no work
And I’m awake till the morning light.
Some day
5 a.m. is when we meet.
On the street, by your door.
We forget all those screens
And it’s like never before.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 2 4
100TC - 39. Autumn
Season of gold,
with leaves falling down,
naked trees,
stories to be told,
memories of summer
fading with the cold.
Season of silver,
of rainy days…
some rays of sun.
Murmuring of a river
down my street.
Wet socks make me shiver.
Season of red,
the beauty of vintage,
dark grapes for wine.
Lazy morning in bed,
reading my favourite book
as if I’ve never have.
Season of brown,
of aromatic land,
carpets made of leaves,
muddy ground.
I drink coffee in silence
Listening to the sounds.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 4 2
100TC - 42. Young
juvenile heart dreams
a midsummer night’s ball
in her brand new dress
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 1 0
Do you see me?
Do you see me as I see you?
Do you notice how I stare?
I see you look over your shoulder.
Do you notice I’m always there?
I see you look out the window
Checking on the weather.
Will you wear your long coat?
Or maybe your favourite sweater?
I see you leave the house,
Dashing down the street.
You’re late for work, aren’t you?
Did you oversleep?
I see you wrinkle your nose
When you ride the train
And that guy is way to close.
I’ll make sure he won’t do it again.
I see you get to work,
And for hours I won’t see you.
I stay in a bar waiting
Doing my best not to feel blue.
I see you leave work.
You are not alone.
I watch you laugh and talk.
I don’t like that friendly tone.
I see you take the train,
Do you see me as I see you?
You run home under the rain.
Do you see me as I see you?
I see your silhouette against the light.
You don’t see me but I see you.
You are naked on my mind
And for me this is nothing new.
I see the lights going out.
My cloc
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 3 0
Sometimes I am the rain.
Silver, quiet and sweet.
Washing away the pain
When lovers fail to meet.
Sometimes I am death.
Silent.     Painful.     Brave.
The memory of the ephemeral,
Of the eternity of the grave.
Sometimes I am love.
Strong and vibrant and wild.
Living in the beauty of a rose
Or the hug of a child.
Most times I am human.
In love.
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 5 2
quando ele parte
parte também o coração,
agora mais pequeno
que a soma das partes
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 2 3
Sunset Haiku
the afternoon sun
sets the forest on fire
the birds fly away
:iconminnasd:MinnaSD 3 2



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I don't even know how long it's been since my last journal. Hopefully, there won't be such a big gap between this one and the next. If you've read my previous journals you might know that last August I moved from Portugal back to Brazil, the country where I was born but had left when I was but three. So, I have returned 20 years later and it's been hard. Not horrible, but a bit hard. Still, I have a job and I have my own room again. I've settled at this new house for about a month and finally it's feeling like home and I my creative juices seem to be flowing again.
That makes everything easier! The fact I really like my job helps too, of course. Teaching ESL is something I never thought I'd like as much as I do. Main goal is still to write, write, write. I have two projects right now, one with IntriguingBeast and another solo one that seems to be going well. Hopefully, the solo's first draft will be wrapped up in mid March.
It feels good to be active again even if it doesn't show here.
Missed you all guys.

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