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Yay, I just have seen that my Fire and Ice silk scarf
 silk scarf Fire and Ice Angel by MinkuLul
got a Daily Deviation!
Yay, thank you!
Yay, thank you, thank you, thank you :)

I love doing commissions, if you are interested just send me a note! Here are the basic descriptions of what you can get:

:bulletpurple: PENCIL A4
   :bulletyellow:  character + simple background 15 USD
Arm-adillo contest by MinkuLul catching ligh by MinkuLul Mirin - for Uneide by MinkuLul

   :bulletyellow:  character + detailed background 20 USD
sonno by MinkuLul  
+5 USD for additional character

   :bulletyellow:  landscape or architectural environment/ interior (without small characters in the background) 15 USD
Elder path by MinkuLul Essam by MinkuLul un po' di magia by MinkuLul
+5 USD for additional group of characters in the landscape

:bulletpurple: watercolor A4
   :bulletyellow:  character + simple background 20 USD

   :bulletyellow:  character + detailed background 30 USD
+10 USD for additional character
Storm - commission for drawnbymadness by MinkuLul

   :bulletyellow:  landscape or architectural environment/ interior (without small characters in the background) 30 USD
rooftops by MinkuLul hallway of stained glass 2 by MinkuLul The underwater empire by MinkuLul
+5 USD for additional group of characters in the landscape

:bulletpurple: after receiving payment and a description I will send you 2 sketches from which you may choose one you like the most or note me about details that need to be changed.
Sketches: 2 From The Top - underwater empire by MinkuLul 1 From The Bottom - underwater empire by MinkuLul final version: The underwater empire by MinkuLul

I can do every type of a landscape or a architecture and that's my greatest passion! I love to work from a description or from reference pictures, but please just pick a part of you story that I will be working on!

Normally I draw/paint characters in my own style (which evolved from anime to something more realistic) but I will gladly do anime style (I miss it so much!) I can try furries and I have no problems with nudity or yaoi/yuri ;) I will not do mecha or machines.


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 12, 2013, 4:32 AM
I'm hosting a giveaway contest on my fanpage on facebook here:

Please fell free to join! The prize is a silk scarf of your choice, hand-painted by me  I will gladly ship, no matter where the winer lives


1.  You need a facebook accout! Go to my fanpage here:  fanpage and LIKE IT!

2. On your facebook share one of the pictures of silk scarfs form the gallery !! WINTER GIVEAWAY !! here:… you'll have a chance to win the scarf you've picked (remember to mark it as a 'public')

3. Get at least 5 "like it" under the picture that you'd shared

4. On fanpage BARWNA comment under this picture…"READY"!

Giveaway will end on 10th February, at midnight! Results on 14th February! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

And here's some of the scarves you could win:
Silk Scarf MOUNTAINS SUNSET hand painted by MinkuLul Silk scarf SPRING HORSES - hand painted by MinkuLul Silk scarf - BIRDS - hand painted by MinkuLul Silk scarf IRIS - hand painted - commision by MinkuLul

If you haven't visited it yet, just drop by!
There's so many incredible talented souls there, you can spend hours going through all jewelery and laces and photos and...!
Just visit, you'll see ;)

YAY, C'e anche ULAOLA!! Ci sono molti talenti gente li! Va' e veda!
Yay, c'e anche il mio piccolo negozio con tanti errori di ortografia;) Ti prego di visitare il mio negozio:…
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Firstly, I wanna everyone to go and check :iconmeshya:!! There's a lot of gorgeous works!

Secondly go and check :iconanewia: her works are wonderful!

SILK MADNESS HAS BEGUN :) Not only for me (as I love painting watercolors, so silk is soooo great to paint on!) but also for... my little Gi the rabbit. She's in love with the smell of silk-paints and every time I paint she runs in circles around my legs and sniffing and standing on her hinge legs for better view :) She's already tried to chew my own scarf - I think it turned out to slick for her teeth because theres no mark (luckily for her!!)
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Zapraszam serdecznie na nowootwartą stonę - to moja autorska galeria ręcznie malowanych ubrań, tkanin oraz jedwabiu! Będę niezmiernie wdzięczna za dzielenie się stroną na fb czy kliknięcie przycisku "lubię to!".
Kto pomógł, proszę wpisać się w commentach pod journalem, będą rysunkowe nagrody :)
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I would love to know which size of clothes do you dA users wear!
There's a little poll at my home site… (just wait a few seconds and it will upload)

For everyone who votes (be sure to let me know in a comment below) there will be a drawing! yes - cutie of your choice: cutie animal or your OC as an SD :D

It will also be greatly appreciated if you take time and write me if there's anything you would like to see on my next custom blouse! (I was asked for a black unicorn, cor!)

ALSO: wanna see my original work as an landscape architect? It's on my other account! Go to pestkaogrodowa
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My last job (I survived a whole year) was a disaster... well as it often happens my boss was a disaster. I returned home stressed and unhappy and soooo tired... as for now on I am my boss :) hope there will be plenty gardens to desing and draw. I hope I can return at least few notes/comments to you guys, I know I missed much... but I am here, finnaly with clear mind and (yes!) free time :D
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some 100 illustrations more and maybe you can read the plot... like a comic...
hell yeah, 100 more to go!
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check it out! Wonderful pic from :D:D:D

thank you I love it!
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primavera :D
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Lots and lots of huggs to everybody

Many good things have happened lately :D I'm going to start new studies, more connected with desing and architecture, can't wait for new school year to start XD
Now I'm living with my family in the country side with no internet connection, have go by bus for more than an hour to get my hands on PC ;( but I hope I will back here in september, when I move on again :D
happy holidays, and take care!! :*
Since my last visit here 3 months pass... I am sorry for not commenting all that wonderful works you ppl do, I am sorry for not making any that could be posted here. You see, I've started drawing course, which literally become a curse... just because of the time it's consuming. Still, wanna to say, I am looking at your wonderful galleries and fantastic pictures, as often as I can... I hope I will eventually find time to comment and to response... meanwhile, I will stay just as a silent-observer ;)
Hugs for ALL !!! :hug:

great people:…
Studies have begun. ;P

:heart: Awww... I love every and each of them :heart:

From: :iconuneide: :… a postcard with… and a beautiful picture and yet another mascot :heart:
From: :iconpolar15: :…
From: :iconspiritwyvern: :…
From: :iconvanyel-chan: :…
From: :iconpanatheist: :…
From: :iconroxxy-chan: :…
From : :iconthessalygreywords: a plushie :heart:
From: :iconidemo:…
Unfortunatly, my holiday-days are over, now I must study hard to pass a chemistry exam (kind of my life depend on this one ^^; )
I must say there is no better thing that sailing, especially on the north, where winds are strong XD... yay, I feal almost like a sailor :P in the next year I will surely make a "driving-licence" for boats XD and will become a real sailor (a see-wolf, I hope) I met a lot of wonderful people on this trip, make a few great new friends... unfortunatelly, the guy I was dreaming about... uhm... @_@ ^^; long story short: he was passed by a another girl *_* man... that was strange, she was so... insolent... ?_? man, so childish... well, we were close together for a few days, and then she came up, just like a crazy bulldozer (or cat in the spring time if you know what I mean) but everyone should get what they want, shouldn't they? Hm... I don't mind, but still... WAiii... ;_; sad. He was so cute for that few days...!! (OK, enough of being lenient, wah, I hate, HATE her PissOffModeOn)
I hope there will be a lot of pictures from that trip, I will give a link ASAP (waii!! We have seen a wild horses yay, I huged one of them :heart:)
Now I will start to practice on my flute (poor neighbours, I live in a block) I love singing around the firebone but have really bad voice... so flute would be perfect :D Other people played on guitars and 3 on the violins :love::heart: It was beautiful
OHH!! And I have tasted a craw-fish :yay: alwas wanted to.
From the happier news: I passed FCE for A :w00t!: yeah... I wish it would be Advance Examin... but I will pass that one too!! XD

Soo... now back to work, to drawing (I will soon start another drawing lessons - architecture only... :heart: I love drawing places!!) and start to dream about another wonderful holidays... *is dreaming*
I will try to catch on the messages ASAP! XD

Still on the nort of Poland, on the lakes... lol, I have no sea-sicknes... and I have fun of my life :w00t!: never thought sailing would be so great :heart:
Anyway, I am still unable to comment or read notes, this is the first time in seven days that we came to a real port... ealier there was only forests and wild places (never thought there are so much uncivilized places in Poland XD )
Hug to you all, and everybody, please hold your thumbs for me, because I met a wonderful guy here.... :P awww.... (went crazy, near falling in love)

still out of town, still out of internet connection ^^; but finally I have A LOT of time for art!! XD gah... would be nice to have scanner and the computer it the same place ... ;_; (Pai was scanned much ealier)... well... be prepared for a big art-attack in the near future! XD
Hugs to you all, sorry for not commenting... ;_; :hug::hug:

Icons XD :heart:… :heart: