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Haunted: Haise Sasaki X Male!Ghoul!Twin!Reader

New Tokyo Ghoul story! In this one, the reader is the full blooded ghoul twin brother of Kaneki who eats other ghouls instead of humans and doesn't know that Haise is Kaneki when he meets him. One more thing, where Kaneki was black haired before he became white haired, you will be white haired (In the mentions) and then become black haired due to your inner pain. Enjoy. I don't own the image above and the song belongs to Evanescence.
"No please, have mercy on me. Please! AHH!!!"
*Chomp, gulp*
Those were the last words of a male ghoul before he was devoured by a stronger ghoul. A lone black messy haired ghoul who was bare foot and was wearing handcuffs ate in peace while his tail kagunes flicked in the air. Alas, the sad reality is that you eat other ghouls since it was ghoul from the Aogiri that took your beloved older twin brother awa
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 173 20
Virgin Killer Sweater - Saihara by Re-Anko Virgin Killer Sweater - Saihara :iconre-anko:Re-Anko 62 6
NDRV3 Cast x Anxious!Reader (Here for you part 1)
WARNING: Spoilers! If you don't have this game and/or don't want to get spoiled, then don't read it!
(f/n) = first name
(l/n) = last name
(f/t) = Favorite talent
(b/t) = Best talent
(c/n) = Name of crush
You are (F/n) (L/n), the SHSL ((f/t) or (b/t)). You were stuck in a killing game at the Gifted Inmates Academy along with 16 other SHSL students. As long as you heard that you have to kill eachother by Monokuma and the Monocubs, you were afraid at first because of the fear of being killed and dying. But you were reassured by your classmates. They were so kind and friendly towards you and also towards
:iconprincessromy96:PrincessRomy96 29 11
Narcoleptic!Nyo!Russia x Male!Reader
Narcoleptic!Nyo!Russia x Male!Reader
Sorry if it's short too!

You walked into the living room of your girlfriend's house. "Anya?" You questioned as you saw the light sandy biege blonde in the chair, sleeping. You chuckled at her cute form and kneeled down to her. "Hey- Anya." You lightly snapped your fingers making the Russian female wake up. "H-huh?" She mumbled, her droopy eyes opened.
"Oh- Sunflower I'm sorry. You can forgive me, da?" She said sweetly as a soft, sweet smile formed her lips. "Of course~" You cooed and kissed her cheek. Anya is very narcoleptic so you moved in with her so that she doesn't hurt herself. "Would you like something to eat, babe?" You asked, walking towards the kitchen. She huffed cutely and turned her head to look at you.
"I can get something to eat, sunflower." She suggested. You shook your head. "Nope- I'm not letting a beautiful lady do something like that." You said as you opened the fridge. You heard her chuckle and sigh. "Fine. I would
:iconaph-awesomeness:Aph-Awesomeness 45 5
Hair Clips and A Confession
This is yuri. Don't read if you're not fond of the genre.
Pairing: Fem!England x Reader

"Hey Alice!" Amelia yelled over at her British sister who seemed to be taking an interest of staring at you. Startled, Alice almost fell down from her seat. "What the....what gives Amelia?! Can't you be silent for the meantime? I'm concentrating here, just so you know..." she huffs and crosses her arms across her chest. "You're checking out (name) aren't you?"
"W-What? No I am seriously not doing that!" Alice blushes a bright pink and yelled at her younger sister. Amelia just laughs and pokes her cheek. "Yeah, like I'd believe that. You're seriously blushing" and her smirk was soon replaced with a loud yelp when the British girl grabbed her digit and bit it. "D-dude...ouch that hurts! I-I was just horsing around with you for a bit, it was that harmless! And besides, I was about to tell you a surefire way to win her heart but sorry, I guess I'll just have t
:icontsukipurinsesu:tsukipurinsesu 43 9
China X Male!Dragon!Reader
“(M/n), are you sure you’re the last dragon, aru?” Yao asked as he softly stroked the younger males head, being careful to avoid the horns on his head. The man nodded slowly and sighed.
“I’m not sure, but that’s my guess. I haven’t seen any others for a long time. None since the Edo period in Japan.” (M/n) replied, leaning back into Yao’s chest. He had been so lonely before, he couldn’t befriend anyone because they wouldn’t be able to handle his existence. He wasn’t lonely now that the Chinese man had taken him in.
“I haven’t seen any, though dragons never show themselves to humans. You’re the first I’ve seen, aru.” Yao wrapped his arms around (M/n), smiling a bit. He couldn’t help but smile back. But there was something that bugged him beyond sanity. He was a dragon, a creature that would most likely live on for hundreds of years. Yao was a mortal that would die as he got older
:iconchatoeto:ChaToeto 289 28
Rochu Stupidness 1 by Animaple Rochu Stupidness 1 :iconanimaple:Animaple 235 76 Pokimono - Tatsu by SweetDuke Pokimono - Tatsu :iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 136 124
Pyrrha x Male reader! Beauty and the Beast 7
Feels in this one... ONTO THE READ
(y/n): W-what do you mean?! You handed me the note! Silver and Lilly were with me when you did.
Pyrrha: I was with Jaune and the others last night.
Jaune then walks out of his room.
Pyrrha: Jaune, I was with you, Nora, and Ren last night right?
Jaune: Uh yeah, why do you ask.
Pyrrha: See (y/n), I was with them.
(y/n): This makes no sense...
You walk into your room and wake Lilly and Silver up... They come with you to the door, where Jaune and Pyrrha were standing.  
Jaune: Does anyone wanna explain what's going on?
(y/n): Silver, didn't Pyrrha give me a note last night?
Silver: Yeah, you did.
Pyrrha: But how? I was with them last night, we verified that.
(y/n): ... This isn't good... You wrote the first note though right?
Pyrrha: (y/n), I haven't written any notes...
You stood there in shock... Someone seemed to be out to get you...
(y/n): I don't think we're safe...
Pyrrha: What do you-
(y/n): My team... Coal's in the hospital, and I'm getting n
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 59 23
Rogue Cheney x Male!Reader Pt 2
                                Rogue Cheney x Male!Reader Pt 2
         Rogue and the others got to their guild before you did. When you knocked on the door, they opened it right away.
         Your eyes lowered as you laughed gently,"Wow, it's like you guys were expecting me."
         They all started to laugh nervously.
         "What? No, we just had a hunch you'd be here," Sting said awkwardly.
         You rolled your eyes as you smirked, then you gaze fell upon Rogue how was just standing there awkwardly.
         You smiled at him and handed Frosch back to him,"Here, I brought Frosch home."
         Rogue blushed and took Frosh from you,"T-thank you."
         "No problem," you said as you turned aroun
:iconk-chann:K-chann 33 2
Rogue Cheney x Male!Reader Pt 1
                                 Rogue Cheney x Male!Reader Pt 1
           A/n: This takes place in the episode when Frosch gets lost.  
     About you, you're in Fairy Tail, you were there when all the Tenrou shit happened. You also know Rogue because one time during the games you went to go get something to eat. Rogue was there as well with Frosch getting something, you started talking to Rogue which surprised him. You guys got along and talked more. Rogue then started getting feelings for you as the days went. Frosch likes you a lot, he thinks you're a really good person.  Also you're nineteen. Anyways onward to the actual story...
     You were out doing some shopping because you had nothing better to do.
     You sighed,"I'm so bored."
     As you kept walking past the vendors you saw Rogue, Sting,
:iconk-chann:K-chann 75 11
He Saved Me. Deadpool x Abused!Reader 4/4 END
Wade had stayed next to you for the next three days, only bothering to get food and water for you. You didn’t respond to anything except for sustenance and bathroom breaks. Not a word was said past your lips in between bouts of silence and crying. He was breaking down inside, unable to help you break free of this semi-catatonic stage. Natasha had stayed the first day, thinking being around a woman would help. It did nothing to you. So she left, and Wade was sitting around in a depressed state. He tried jokes, serious conversations, obvious statements... not a single response!
Growling, the mercenary stood up and glanced at your curled up body. “Dammit, (F/N)... Why didn’t you tell me about this?” he snapped, crossing his arms with a huff. He didn’t know that during your state, your mind had been contemplating a lot of things. Suicide being the main point. It’d be easy to slice your wrists in the bathroom, or climb out the window to jump in traffic...
:iconkisaralawliet:KisaraLawliet 107 6
I can't believe Natsu X Male!Reader
I Can't Believe Natsu X Male!Reader
Warning This contains yaoi/boy love
Story Starts
You loved when your pink haired boyfriend would hold you and warp his arms around you. Most people would think that Natsu could never act like this but you were the only person he acts like this for. He doesn't like an idiot as much when he around you and he doesn't start useless fights because he knows how much you hate violence.
Its has been 3 months since you started dating the fire dragon slayer or at least told everyone in Fairy Tail. Gray looked mad because Natsu finally had something Gray could never steal from him. That made Natsu extremely happy. Erza looked happy for both of us and knock are heads against Armour. Lucy congratulated us but she looked sad a bit too. Juvia was happy because everyone in fairy tail told me that gray had a thing for me.
I was shocked that everyone just accepted that me and Natsu were dating but It should be expected from the Fairy Tail family.
Time Skip * one Week
:iconjordan565:jordan565 173 53
CreepyPasta x Child! Reader {Chapter 1}
You screamed your older sister's name. You got cut off by the crash. That was the last thing you ever remembered from that incident before everything went black. When you opened your eyes, you were in the hospital with dried blood on your legs. You were on a hospital bed with wheels currently being moved by a nurse who looked worried but gave you a smile to tell you everything was fine. You had a special see-through mask over your mouth and nose called a nebulizer connected to some tubes and you had stitches on your arms, legs, and some on your face. Your voices was broken and weak, and you couldn't talk anymore. You closed your eyes again, going into a deep sleep. Of course, this was months ago and now you were an orphan that was always wondering the world. You always went into the woods to play with the birds and animals but one day you found this mansion inside the forest one day, and wondered in.
 "Hello?" you called. You saw a person pass by that had a a tan jacket, jeans, an
:iconeletricspark:EletricSpark 404 138
Seven Mintues In Heaven- ShadowXReader
You heard your name being called by Sonic. "___?" the blue hedgehog
looked at you. "Its your turn." You put your hand in the hat and pull
out a fake Chaos Emerald. "Oh great Mister Emo...where's Shadow?" You
asked looking around. "He already in the closet" Rouge said pointing
and giggling. "Well get in there! You have seven mintues!" Sonic
shoved you in there and locked the door.
You opened your (e/c) eyes to see whiteness in your face. You looked
up to see the red eyes of Shadow. You fell in his chest fur. "Are you
done sleeping...?" The tone in his voice was a little dissapointing
to you because you have delevolped a crush on him, even with his dark
pass. "Y-yes sorry" You get up out of his arms and look around the
small closet. "Can I have my emerald back?" You give it to him. Lord
know what happens if you get on his bad side. "So...what do we do?"
You asked. "Wait untill we can get out of this damn closet..."
You frown and sigh "Yeah..." Shadow looked at you in a seriously "You
:iconshocky-shiver:Shocky-Shiver 415 180
Shadow X Female Human!Reader: My Immortal Hero
_____ _____ was your name, you loved to draw, read and write stories, but you longed to go out on a real adventure. Unfortunately, that would never happen, you're too frail, and your father is afraid that you'll get hurt and die. So because you could never experience a real adventure, you are stuck reading and writing about them. Sometimes you think that you are stuck in a bubble that wouldn't pop.
The only reason for this over protectiveness was because you were slowly dying. Not dying like you had your heart broken and you’re sad, dying literally. Technically, you weren't suppose to live past your sixth birthday, but now you’re (your age) year of age. Although the “you won’t live to see your 20th birthday” still hangs over your head, haunting you every moment of your short life. It irks at your mind, making you que
:iconpontiac1968:Pontiac1968 402 2,476

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