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A Haunted Pony (part 2)
Novella opens the door and it lets out a loud, angry -CREEEAAAAK- as if to ward away its intruder.
“Well that’s not ominous or anything,” Novella mumbles sarcastically as she steps inside. She leaves the door open, enjoying the breeze.
The inside of the house looks just as broken as the outside. The floorboards creak with every step and more than a few are broken. A couch rests against the east wall, a cushion missing and box springs sprouting out like metal flowers. The arm of the couch looks like its been chewed on. The one light in the downstairs was broken and Novella had to maneuver her way around broken shards of the light bulb. Using her unicorn magic she removed one of her quills and notebooks from her pack. She begins to jot down the description of the downstairs. Novella is very thorough in her story telling, making sure to leave nothing out.
Novella makes her way upstairs. Her hooves sounding like thunder in the quiet of the house. There is a single bedroom
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FeatherFlight by MinkaPyroPanda FeatherFlight :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 0 Novella OC by MinkaPyroPanda Novella OC :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 0 Summer Fun-- Headshot by MinkaPyroPanda Summer Fun-- Headshot :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 0
A Haunted Pony (part 1)
The sunlight streams in through Novella’s upstairs loft, throwing sun rays in all different directions. A rooster caws loudly outside the window. Novella groans, shaking her head and hiding under her blanket at the invading morning.
“Five more minutes,” Novella grumbles.
The rooster caws again as if to tell her there isn’t time for five more minutes of sleepy bliss.
“Fine, fine I’m getting up.” The light blue mare crawls out of bed, making her way to the bathroom. Her wavy lavender hair really took a beating from all the night-time tossing and turning. It sticks out in all different directions.
“Holy Celestia! I look like mad scientist!” Novella’s green eyes widen with shock at the horrible look of her mane. She does a pretend evil scientist laugh and rubs her front hooves together evilly.
She laughs at herself and then goes about getting ready. She turns on the bath and runs her hair under the faucet. She shakes loose the exc
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Pokemon Pokedex Phone Case by MinkaPyroPanda Pokemon Pokedex Phone Case :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 1 2
Timber Wolf Attack
Green slime oozes from the timber wolves mouths. Their large wooden paws gouge into the earth as they stalk slowly forward. Sugar and Infinity stand outside the cart, one on each side to help protect the young pony children that cower in fear. Chiffon is quickly at work trying to fix the cart. Big Macintosh stands close at hand, helping out by lifting the cart high enough for Chiffon to wiggle under it. He keeps a wary eye on the pack of wolves.
The leader of the wolves, the biggest and ugliest of the strange creatures steps forward. It snarls hungrily at the tasty looking ponies. Glowing green eyes narrow as it readies itself for an attack.
“Chiffon you better hurry, these wolves don’t look like they plan on letting us leave here in one piece!” Sugar hisses at her brother.
“I’m going as fast as I can!” Chiffon whispers back. The sound of banging hooves can be heard from underneath the cart.
The lead wolf howls into the night sky and lunges forward.
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Headshot practice by MinkaPyroPanda Headshot practice :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 1 0
Mature content
Ahri's Summoning :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 3
Pony Practice- Complete by MinkaPyroPanda Pony Practice- Complete :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 3 0 Pony Practice- WIP(3) by MinkaPyroPanda Pony Practice- WIP(3) :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 0 Pony Practice-WP(2) by MinkaPyroPanda Pony Practice-WP(2) :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 2 0 Pony Practice- WIP by MinkaPyroPanda Pony Practice- WIP :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 1 0
My Asylum (Part 10)
Amanda awoke with a deep gasping breath, clutching at her throat. She could have sworn she had heard a chuckle in her room upon awakening. She glanced around nervously, even stealing a look underneath her bed, like a child looking under their bed for a monster. Her search provided nothing. She didn’t feel any better. She now knew why that creature had found her.
“It never left. The damn thing stayed! It knows where I am.” Amanda sobbed, her head falling to rest in between her cupped hands.
She knew she had to find a way to send the demon back to its own realm, back to hell. There was a sudden knock at the door. Amanda jumped, squeaking in fright. The door opened to Jane staring at Amanda with concern and confusion.
“Where have you been? It’s already almost lunchtime. You slept straight through breakfast.” Jane walked over to Amanda,cupping Amanda’s hands in her own, noticing her tear stained cheeks. “What’s wrong? What happened?
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MY OC-- Novella by MinkaPyroPanda MY OC-- Novella :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 1 6 Sam Gryffindor by MinkaPyroPanda Sam Gryffindor :iconminkapyropanda:MinkaPyroPanda 0 0


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FREEBIE: Wendy and the Tickle Monster :iconcheshirecaterling:CheshireCaterling 725 87
Job Offers: Writers Wanted!
This is a list of people looking to buy writing commissions.

To the Buyers:
Simply comment on this journal with the form below. We will no longer update the journal itself with forms; we'll simply put this journal in our watchers inbox every now and again.
You don't have to be a member of our group in order to post a form - it's open to everyone!
Contact Method:
Username: (Your dA username. Obviously, the writer will need to know who to contact.)
Type: (fan or original fiction; if fan-fiction, please clarify what fandom(s))
Description: (Give a brief description about what you're looking for.)
Pricing: (Price range, specify if points or paypal)
Deadline: (How long after the commission is accepted should it be completed)
Contact Method: (How should writers contact you? note? profile comment? on a specific journal? email?)
To the Writers:
Do not com
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Mermay2018 Day 1 by CartoonyStuff Mermay2018 Day 1 :iconcartoonystuff:CartoonyStuff 264 27 I Scream For Pennywise Ice Cream! by LennonBlack I Scream For Pennywise Ice Cream! :iconlennonblack:LennonBlack 28 29 Ready to know what the People know by Tabascofanatikerin Ready to know what the People know :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 87 19 Shamrock Shores by X-I-L2048 Shamrock Shores :iconx-i-l2048:X-I-L2048 12 2 Evening Kiddies by GreenRaptor15 Evening Kiddies :icongreenraptor15:GreenRaptor15 42 7 fresh water mer chibi by artofdroth fresh water mer chibi :iconartofdroth:artofdroth 37 6 Mogi's Dungeon ~ 10 by CeeAyBee
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Mogi's Dungeon ~ 10 :iconceeaybee:CeeAyBee 409 35



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Sasha Mann
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer. I love to write it is my passion. I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year (my first time) and plan on writing a horror/supernatural novel.

I'm also a fan of MLP- there I said it.

Coffee is really my only addiction. I definitely have to have it to last throughout the day lol

I'm a huge horror fan. The darker and creepier=the better. I'm always open to making friends so feel free to message/watch me :)

I'm also a huge geek :D

Horror Stamp by sequelle I'm creepy and proud of it 83 by Crazy-Daydreamer Support reading stamp by DeviantSith :thumb211859039: Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Stamp-I Am Writing a Novel by ikdomik Team Mystic - Stamp by DoctorSiggy Picarto Stamp by ScittyKitty
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Interview with the Vampire
  • Watching: My husband play Black Ops 3
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: Water
Well its been a crazy past few months. I can happily say that I'm now completely moved in to the new house! Things have been going great so far and I'm glad that everyone had gotten a little less busy.... for now.

I've still been writing, I just haven't had the chance to post anything on here for awhile. I've been focused on commissions more than anything so it takes up a lot of my time. I'm still writing other stories in my spare free time and I hope to have some new things uploaded before much longer.

I've recently begun doing tarot streams, as well as offering tarot readings. I don't really charge for them as of now, but the occasional donation is appreciate :) I hope everyone has been doing well!


I've decided to start an alternative  DA profile for my NSFW writings. If any of my over 18 watchers want the new profile- hit me up 



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