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Epic battle


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Made with Photoshop :) 

Did a redraw of a painting I created in 2015! Hope you like it! :happybounce: 
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This is a good composition. I'd like to talk for a few minutes to everyone else why I find this great.

So a lot of times a weakness in composition is putting the characters in the right places, but here there's a logical flow between them. You're eyes first go towards the wolf....'s butt. He stands out because he's a dark figure in a bright setting. And even better, he has those lightning streaks that lead the eyes through the image. From him, he points over to the dragon, and the dragon's someone we look at too.

Even better, is the dragon is inherently interesting due to the amount of contrast simply on her body. There's a bunch of light at top, with a bunch of dark spots at the bottom. Thus creating a duality, and she also at first seems to be like a mountain.

The next part is obviously the angle. With a slight tilt to everything, this creates a diagonal effect on the characters, and diagonal lines are gimmes for dynamic views. These help create sweeping landscapes, and are the same as the s-curve, except instead of a smooth and peaceful feeling, the diagonal lines make for a harsher, more adventurous feeling.

But enough about light and lines. Color is an important part because most of this image is actually mostly duochromatic, being blue and green. And to be honest, I wouldn't be too surprised if most of the "blues" are actually green. These cool colors work, but especially so since this allows for the hotter colors of the dragon to stand out quite a bit more.

There's other elements like the wings bringing flow, but this rant is already long enough.

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This is not an even fight, the dragon eats the wolf. But also epic drawing, I love it.
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Very impressive to say the least.

Although I do the wolf's lightening eye power (Is he supposed to have Silver Eye Power's like Ruby Rose to some extent) are enough to kill the dragon.

Let alone stun it to where the wolf can get away if the Dragon is just too powerful.

Aside from that. Not much else needs to be said.

God bless you and I do hope you have a far better life than me.

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I absolutely love this! :love:

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I'm very happy to hear that! <3

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Give me feels of Monster Hunter or Dark Souls, i always love those Games, Amazing!
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Thank you kindly!! :)

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This is the coolest

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Thanks a lot! :D

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It looks awesome! and that dragon looks menacingly cool!:cool dj:

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Glad you like it! :la:

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that looks awesome!

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I can't help but feel like the wolf is outmatched in this battle. Love the coloring and the dragon is awesome. Thank you for sharing!
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Maybe... Maybe not, he's a magic wolf after all :D Very happy to hear you like it!! :)

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I love it!!Tard wow Is the wolf a magical wolf? I can see there are some fancy lightning-like streaks next to it.

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Very happy to hear!! Yeah you're seeing right, he has some electric magic! :)

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