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After a summer long hiatus finally got time to do more digital art. Characters are from the recently finished anime as listed in the title (Boku dake ga Inai Machi). Artwork took around 2 days to complete. This time with the shading i was a bit more lazy as i had to shade two objects rather than one therefore i spent less time on both. Constructive criticism or feedback would be appreciated. Nevertheless, enjoy! :)

Tools of the Trade:
-Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet
-Photoshop CS5
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So cute and the character likeness is through the roof!
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Satoru and Kayo are so wonderful together. The ending really broke heart that I really can't accept. So I'm thankful for those that actually do fan-arts of these two being together or write stories on fanfics about Satoru and Kayo have a happy ending together.
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Ah, was recommended by a friend to watch it, better get on it soon :O
Very nice artwork ^^
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Yeah i would recommend this to everyone, it's pretty good. Thanks :)
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how pretty!!!!
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ur welcome!;D
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this is beautiful :'3
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oh my gosh I totally thought this was a screen shot. OWO

Really nice digital work. I'm often lazy with digital. I have CS4 only. :/
Watched the series, it was amazing. I'm hoping for season 2. 

you totally got the position and character expressions right. They look so peaceful.
Does the butterfly mean something bad is going to happen? O.O ... XD
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Thanks, yeah i'm fairly lazy too with digital cuz during hot days, my computer overheats real fast. Eh, imo i don't think whether using CS2 or CS6 should be a deterrent in drawing something digitally (unless you want to draw something tens of thousands of pixels big then CS6 would probably be the better option). Yeah it was pretty good, which was one of the two current season ones that i thoroughly enjoyed. 

Everytime i draw fanart i try to draw new poses that's related to the characters, so i go through google images to see which ones aren't taken haha. Nah i just chucked it in for the lols haha :)
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I find it hard to make new poses. I tend to observe more. 
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once you figure out how anatomy works you pretty much experiment with that until you get a new cool looking pose.
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