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Some technical practice / stress-relief. I've been working on this off and on for a while, so it's not particularly coherent, but it was relaxing to work on. Getting render-happy is one of my weaknesses, skipping over solid structure to get to the fun detailing part. It's not a good habit to be in, but I figure it's more productive to do this than to veg out in front of the tv after work. Maybe?

I promise, my next image will be thoughtfully composed and constructed. Next time... Scout's honor. And while I'm making promises, next time I'll use reference so the pose looks natural. I posed her the way I personally would stand, but I have some weird anatomical things going on that look really uncomfortable for normal ppl. Excuses, excuses.

Wacom. CS4. Inspired by [link] Detail shots
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Your picture makes me happy! Lovely work.
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Gotta love her smile and pose.
I really enjoy the palette you chose as well, definitely feels like a nice summer day !
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Amazing details!
She really just made me smile!
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Stunning. Love the colours in this one.

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You're the artist so you'll see the flaws. I am on the outside and so I say 'nice'.
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We have old buildings where I live that have blue brick buildings like this one. I absolutely love to photograph people on them. Love her pose, btw and the the smile is great!
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In addition to being a gorgeously painted beauty,
the depth in this is so amazing! :heart:
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woah, so delicate and detailed!
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The colors and values are just brimming with life in this piece. The highlights are perfectly placed. My only nitpick would be her shoes, they look like they're floating ever so slightly, but then again, I don't know the exact form of the shoe.
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You're right about the shoes, I need to tweak that shadow so she doesn't look like she's hovering. :)
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super duper, there is a cool flavour to your pictures
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If I read your self-criticism twice and squint really hard for a long time at this picture, I think I can see the flaw you mention. By that time, however, I am also convinced I can fly. When I fall back to earth, I realized this is a really kickin' illo, and you oughta, you know, do this as a profession or whatnot.

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Thanks for the kind words :)
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wow...I am in awe..thats all i have to say ...this fantabulous! Yes the bricks wow///the cement wow!! The chicka yayyyy wow!
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I think it's in your head, doll. This looks very cohesive.
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May I ask you, are you still in school and is it your professors that are telling you what to look for and or critiquing your work in are telling you all the negatives? if so thats their job to do that, or maybe you're being so prolific you don't get the opportunity to see the good and your work until years later, if it's the latter try not to destroy your work in public. If you see the negatives in you work that is good for growth i understand. But please let me tell you what I see, though I know little about airbrushing I do know a lot about illustration and painting and design. I fill that you spent the proper amount of time on this painting, the tonality of the contrasting colors, primarily greens and Reds are on the money. The drawing of the figure the shifting of the weight to the left foot is good and the dips in the shoulders and hips has a good feeling of movement and I love the blue in the backlighting in all those breaks has a good feeling each one looks different, and the spots on the ground nicely laid out in a good design. I can go on and on. But what I'm trying to say is, if you see things that bother you, as a creative person that's good that causes you to pushes you to be better, but keep it to yourself or close friends, most people just wanna see good work and I think this is a good piece of work.
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Thank you so much for your thoughts. Definitely gave me lots of ideas to chew on. I'm self-taught, so I think sometimes I lose perspective with self-critique. I think I need to leave myself a little time after I write my thoughts on my work, and before I share them. I always have this weird emotional rollercoaster when I finish a piece. While I'm finishing it, I'm absolutely infatuated with my own image, then once it's done, I instantly fall out of love. And all I can see is the less-than perfect bits, and I feel ashamed for even liking it or creating it. And usually I end up doing my uploading and typing descriptions during that phase.

I think I'm having a weird artistic identity crisis, where I feel like I should advertise that I'm not a real artist. I need an art psychiatrist, hehe. I think from now on, I will let my art speak for itself, no need to list every nitpick before sending it out into the world.

Thanks again :heart:
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I love all the detail here, the yellow tones, the delicate detail and the overall fun, relaxed feel.
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