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Uploading at 6am because I've been dressed and ready for work for nearly 2 hours, with nothing else to do. Total insomnia. I'd use that time to draw, but my brain is not into higher level processing right now. Soon I'm gonna turn into Tyler Durden.

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Photoshop cs4
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dat lighting amazing
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Ahaha, this is a funny character. Love the Adidas shoes. x]
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I find myself burning in envy when I find artists like you, who can play with lighting so well; I love the pink-to-blue grading, and you make it look natural; that's something I was never able to achieve. And it's amazing how the clothes and guitar invoke simplicity, yet when you look at his face, it's so subtly detailed. It's awesome!
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Thanks! :) The lighting is my favorite part. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull it off, but I ended up surprising myself.
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nice I'm lovin the shading. I know what ya mean I usually don't start working on anything until I have been up or 18+ hours :}
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Soon I'm gonna turn into Tyler Durden.
Do you even own a gun? Or for that matter, an anarchist organization?
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Soon, but not quite yet. I haven't met my Marla Singer equivalent to send me into the prerequisite tailspin. And I'm only on week 2 of not sleeping. I turn to support groups after 3 weeks. ;)
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...I ment finally :D

turning into Tylor is not the worst
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You have a point, Tyler did know how to seize the moment. ;)
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fianlly a new piece - it works, exellent! :)
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